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American Idol Season 19 Spoilers - Presented By The Idol Pad

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Thank you so much @Blirel and @Bk1234 😊. Grace Nourbash is my daughter. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


I’ve decided to keep stuff pretty broad for the time being. I will reveal locations once I get them/ dates as in the past. I’ll continue to compile my doc but I don’t think new people auditioning shou

13 hours ago, Blirel said:

Drake McCain is all but confirmed. He has many mutual followers from the Ojai auditions and is commenting on these announcements posts. 

I have compiled a list of people who have confirmed their status of auditioning. Does anyone know if I can somehow pin a spoiler tweet for everyone who auditioned at the beginning of the thread like in the past or no? 

you can tag the OP, or message them :thumbs: @Idol Maniac 

for a spoiler, use a [ spoiler ] tag before the txt , with no spaces 

like this 

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