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Who Sang it Better? BYLM


Who sang "Because You Loved Me" better?  

26 members have voted

  1. 1. Because You Loved Me

    • Makenzie Thomas
    • Khalea Lynne
    • Toneisha Harris

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Khalea tbh. As a whole MaKenzie>Khalea but that was one of my favorite performances from Khalea and probably my least favorite from MaKenzie. I love Toneisha too but her version didn't really go anywhere.

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1 minute ago, asheryusop said:

MaKenzie hands down. People kept saying that this is MaKenzie's weakest performance but personally, this is my favorite performance of hers in the Lives.

SAMEEE. And also her Vision of Love performance, those 2 performances were my favorites

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No doubt, QUEEN (and absolutely robbed) MaKenzie Thomas did it the best. She just slayed that performance especially that damn good ending wow. 


Toneisha and Khalea I think have very limited range in which is why I think this song isn't right for them. Also, this was one of their weakest (especially Toneisha)

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MaKenzie = Best version by far. And yes, this wasn't even anywhere near her best performance on the show.

Toneisha = Well done! Glad she was able to get to the finale. It was an easy listen and she did it  effortlessly.

Khalea = Honestly I think that if James had a better song or Khalea had a stronger opponent, she would've just been sent home... That was just fine.

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