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The Challenge: Reality Royalty Rankdown (Cycle XVI: All Rankers Must Post 4 Noms!)

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Poor men . What a rough go they have. Ranked lower than women on online rankings, how ever will we ever achieve to equality again?!

Me realizing 24 hours is up and I can't play the waiting game anymore: Laurel Stucky you are safe. I'd like to believe she should be good till top 300 anyways and I was gonna use it on a fun

Are you sure this isn’t happening because the twist flopped? 🙂 

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Robb Schreiber 




Robb was on 2 seasons of the challenge Battle of the Seasons and Rivals 2. Battle of the Season was where he made his mark as he was out early Rivals 2 so he is a fair cut at this point. Robb was on the iconic St Thomas team but that's mostly just because Marie is an icon although he did has some moments as well. They lasted for quite awhile in battle of the seasons making it all the way to episode 10 before losing to Dustin and Trishelle who are pretty great in their own rights. They did beat Alton and Nany earlier in the season in an elimination so that's pretty cool. In Rivals 2 he only lasted 3 episodes where he beat Tyrie and Dunbar in episode 1 but really who hasn't beaten Tyrie in a challenge like come on bro lol. Then in episode 3 him and Derek lost to Knight and Preston like ouch that's a hard one to live down to. Anyways I do remember Robb being kinda funny but like I said earlier it's a fair cut at this point in the game so out he goes from the rankdown now.


Saving Ashley Kelsey

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Brianna Julig 


Omgg I did not realize that Brianna Julig was still in the game. :dead: Brianna Julig made her The Challenge debut, and also only appearance, on Season 27’s Battle of the Bloodlines. She was partnered with her cousin, Jenna Compono. I remember Brianna not being much of a competitor and didn’t seem like her heart was really into this competition. Maybe she did this for Jenna to be on the season? I remember  whenever they were in some battles that the thad to do, Jenna would always compete in them - but never Brianna. :haha: They did do really well, making all the way to the final, finishing 3rd. I se that she had 6 daily wins? And she earned $12,500 - for coming in 3rd and finishing  the final challenge of the season. Brianana has never returned back on the show and likely never will  - but I wouldn’t mind if she were to come back. Very well done to her making it to the Top 100 here.


Saving: Georgia Harrison



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Tori Deal


Having gotten into the show during WOTW2 this is not a cut I expected to make. However, now that I've caught up on her previous seasons I am not as high on her as I originally was. Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti-Tori. But with Jessica and Kam was remaining nominees, I realized I wanted them both to be saved so Tori was the smartest cut for me to make (as I assume Dee will cut Sam and save Kam). Sorry this is my first drunk writeup in a while.

Tori got her start on Are You The One in season four. She made her way over to The Challenge in Dirty 30 and made quite a name for herself. She was a rookie, but she quickly proved herself as a strong competitor winning a few daily challenges and absolutely destroying Marie in elimination against her. Her best moment is when she hooked up with Kailah & Jenna and blindsided Camila and dragged her racist ass to filth. I loved watching Tori go up against the people I disliked and verbally destroy them. Hell, she even became anti-Aneesa and despite loving Aneesa, I was on Tori's side because I thought Aneesa was being a bit of a hater. Tori made it all the way to the finals as a rookie, but got beaten by Cara Maria and Camila. Fair enough as both are extremely strong competitors.

She returned two seasons later for Final Reckoning with her ex-boyfriend Derrick. She cheated on Derrick in Dirty 30 with Jordan. Though I am fan of Jordan and Tori's relationship, I also feel bad for Derrick and how she hurt him along the way. Though Derrick hasn't proved himself as a strong competitor, I thought Tori treated him terribly throughout the season. I felt bad for her since he was totally holding her back, but I mean she did cheat on him lol. His feelings of anger and resentment are totally valid and it did not excuse Tori being a dick to him. And as one of the biggest Da'Vonne stans in the world I obviously did not tolerate her going against her. Da'Vonne is allowed to make her own deals and she had no right to be pissed about Da'Vonne not following her and Shane's plan to target Angela & Faith, especially since Da'Vonne had a strong relationship with them. I don't give a sh*t if Da'Vonne not following the plan sent Tori into the elimination, if she was as good as she thinks she is it wouldn't have mattered 😘.

She took a season off again and returned for War of the Worlds 2. This is, by far, Tori's best season. She was a beacon of righteousness against the awfulness that was the Cara Cult. Tori proved herself as a challenge beast taking both Georgia and Jenny down in eliminations. Even though Cara and her whole alliance was terrified of facing elimination, Tori was not afraid and #dragged those bitchez in the process. I also found her engagement to Jordan to be really cute despite not being a romantic 🙈. Tori got totally robbed of the win by that dumbass purge and she deserved to be celebrating with the rest of Team UK in the end.

Most recently we saw Tori on Total Madness. I am not pro-Tori or anti-Tori this season. While I was rooting for her, I also found it hilarious how she was taken down by a barely interested Jenna. Jenna was busy getting abused by Zach and barely wanted to be there, but still destroyed the "strongest" girl in the cast lmao. Even as a Tori fan, I have to admit that's hilarious :dead:. Tori was also busy burning a lot of bridges (with Jordan not helping in the slightest of course). You can probably blame Final Reckoning on Derrick, so this was definitely Tori's roughest showing as a competitor.

We will be seeing Tori again in Double Agents and I have high hopes for her. It seems like she does well on every other season and I still believe she's one of the strongest girls in the game. Without Jordan, I think she'll do very well politically. I genuinely believe this season will be make or break for me as a member of the Tori fandom. I've been high on her for two seasons and low on her for two seasons. This upcoming cast has a lot of girls I'm rooting for. If I end up rooting for Tori, it's clear I'm solidly a fan. But if I can't get behind her once again, especially without Jordan, then maybe Tori is just someone I can situationally root for.


Save Jessica

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4 hours ago, Alex95 said:

I got Fessy and Nany. Idk if we'll do amazingly well, but at least I enjoy my team!

I got Brad and Aneesa.  😮 


3 hours ago, QueenKalie said:

I got Jordan and Day. 😂

Amazing! :dead: 

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Sam McGinn



Just jumping in because I don't want there to be any funny business. Sam only did Battle of the Seasons and I don't blame her for never playing again because despite winning, she had a truly awful team. Sam was a member of the dysfunctional Team San Diego with Zach, Frank, and Ashley. Sam was by far the weakest member of the team, so she had to endure loads of emotional, and sometimes even physical, abuse from Frank and Zach (though mainly Frank). I felt really bad for Sam the entire season because the way those men treated her was disgusting. Frankly, once Frank pushed Sam, I don't think he should've been allowed to continue on with the show, but I guess the producers disagreed. It was truly more horrifying than Tina's "punch" to Beth. Anyways, Sam wins in the end and we never see her again. I feel bad for her, but sympathy isn't stanning. I almost nominated/cut her like a million times but I had bigger fish or fodder to fry. Now against Kam, it's an easy decision.


Save Kam

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