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The Challenge: Reality Royalty Rankdown (Cycle XVI: All Rankers Must Post 4 Noms!)

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Cycle XVI honors the 25th season of The Challenge! For this cycle, each ranker will nominate teams of 4 publicly. First come, first serve. Randomizer will decide first two teams with kill cards. Rankers who are non-nominators of the two teams will vote to save a team. Other team is up for elimination, first three rankers (other than nominator) to cut will eliminate 3 competitors. The ranker's team eliminated chooses the next matchup. These matchups will continue until only one team is saved completely.


@*Wallace @1234567890 @Alex95 @Deeee @QueenKalie 


All rankers can now post their 4 nominations! Remember, first come, first serve. Nominations CANNOT be changed and are final once posted. Editing a nomination post will result in a penalty before the final ranking.

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