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Idk who spends that much time hating on a judging panel. I noticed the fake voice but JBC is cute as can be, so I don't care. I agree with the general sentiment that Stacey has been the most overall judge though. 

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01. Rita Baga: my winner from the start - her win will mean so much to many individuals.

02. Priyanka - love her and would be happy with her winning too; her win will mean so much to many.

03. Scarlett Bobo - least deserving one but a good trajectory; wouldn’t be mad if she wins. 

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This is a pretty unexciting Top 3. :( I was rooting for Jimbo and Lemon so them being eliminated back-to-back is definitely a blow.


I guess I'm rooting for Scarlett in this scenario but I don't really care either way. I really like Priyanka but she reminds me of Shangela in S3. Fun personality but very unpolished. Rita is just meh.

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1. Rita - I feel like she has the polish and professionalism needed to take home Canada’s first DR crown. Not the most exciting contestant ever but she’s grown on me a lot and I think she would be the best winner out of the three.

2. Priyanka - I probably enjoy her slightly more than Rita overall, but I definitely agree with whoever said that she’s like Shangela from S3 - really fun to watch, entertaining, but messy and unpolished in a lot of areas. She should have been in the B2 over either Jimbo or Rita this week tbh. Still love her overall.

3. Scarlett - She’s good at what she does but I just don’t care for her all that much, or find her particularly funny or memorable. 

Jimbo and Lemon being cut back to back was rough for me, this has been a fantastic season overall but this isn’t the ideal top 3.

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