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Canada's Drag Race

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Tynomi appeared in a SuperBowl's commercial:      

What the f*ck is wrong with these judges? What did Jimbo do to them? I NEED THEM ALL TO F*CK OFF.

Next week’s lip sync song is

4 hours ago, *Lily said:

While I haven't really loved Rita on the show yet, I don't fault that with her, because she's obviously a super talented and legendary queen. I haven't been completely won over by her in some of the challenges so some of the wins I haven't necessarily agreed with. I just think the judging this season is... super off, lol. So many questionable moments. But like I say, nothing that is of Rita's fault, she's clearly sickening!


My thoughts exactly!

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3 hours ago, Drew said:

I just feel so connected to the majority of queens on this season. I look forward to every week! ❤️

Yes, to this! Especially for Rita, for me, as I finally feel seen on a show with such a huge platform - seeing someone who share 2 of your identity on a show like this is so important; really wish that would have been the case growing up.

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Rita's kind of like Divina de Campo for me. There's no denying she's been doing well and objectively deserves a spot in the finale based off what we've seen so far, but I just don't really connect with her like I do the others.

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01. Lemon - I love her. 

02. Priyanka - She wasn’t great this week but I’m finding her to be one of the most likeable characters. Not the strongest runways but I like her.

03. Scarlett - She deserves to have a challenge win by now. She did well this week and her runways are strong.

04. Jimbo - I’m finding her very one note but she is funny. Her runway this week was atrocious.

05. Rita - Last weeks win was not hers. Her fitting on the runway was worse than Lemon’s and I think she has the weakest runways out of the queens left.

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This Top 5 is so solid. Even Scarlett, the only one without a win right now, is a legit competitor.


1. Priyanka - I think we can all agree that this b*tch is a lipsync assassin! She absolutely killed the two lipsyncs she’s done and against two strong competitors. Plus her confessionals have had me rolling with laughter. I disagreed with her being in the bottom this week but it was worth it for that lipsync.

2. Jimbo - It’s Jimbo’s world and we are just living in it. She’s been robbed of so many high placements or wins that I’ve lost count. I didn’t love her runway this week but I understand her frustration in going off on Jeffrey.

3. Lemon - I’m glad she’s proved those b*tches wrong because she absolutely did not deserve to be in the bottom last week. She was by far the funniest in the commercial and should have won.

4. Rita Baga - I know I have her fourth but I adore her. Her runways are always polished and she’s been super consistent throughout the season. I think we’re headed for a Rita win, which I wouldn’t be mad about, even if I prefer three of the others to her.

5. Scarlet Bobo - I don’t dislike her but I do think she should have been in the bottom these last two weeks and she’s yet to stand out for me except for her last two runways.

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01. Rita Baga: Love her - I explained her importance before. And I am rooting for a Rita win!

02. Priyanka: I absolutely love her - she’s an icon.

03. Jimbo: Iconic. Even though, I agree with the judges on her runway, this week.

04. Lemon: Great week for Lemon but love the other three more.

05. Scarlett Bobo: Really like her but her consistent run on the show is nothing exciting; I was surprised that they loved her performance this week.

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1. Jimbo - Stan Jimbo!

2. Lemon - Queen of being unbothered!

3. Priyanka - She gives me major Katya vibes in confessionals aka she is SUPER sweet and charismatic and those TEETH. Love her too!

4. Rita Baga - Love her as well. She seems super down to earth and has been killing the runways (mostly)

5. Scarlett Bobo - I like her! Easily my least favorite left at this point though

6. The Judges - Bye

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I liked this pageant episode, and thought Lemon absolutely deserved her win!  the battle of the senior citizens was funny too.



1.  Priyanka - slay that lipsync, funny confessionals, most memorable

2.  Lemon 

3.  Jimbo

4.  Rita Baga

5.  Scarlett Bobo

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