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Canada's Drag Race

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4 hours ago, Deeee said:

Still sad that delusional icon Kyne was eliminated!

IKR? She was so amusing and we have no villain anymore, just some whiners and fake drama.


This week was my fave ep so far though. I really liked the rap battle idea and I am starting to really connect with some of the girls. There are definitely still a lot that are very meh, but I'm starting to get them. Kind of. Priyanka and Lemon are separating themselves from the pack though. Rita and Jimbo I think are randomly hilarious.



1. Priyanka

2. Lemon


3. Rita Baga

4. Jimbo

5. Scarlett

6. Boa

7. Tynomi

8. Kiara

9. Ilona

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Tynomi appeared in a SuperBowl's commercial:      

What the f*ck is wrong with these judges? What did Jimbo do to them? I NEED THEM ALL TO F*CK OFF.

Next week’s lip sync song is

This week was such a mess. 🤣 So many didn’t know the lyrics or couldn’t dance. It just shows how fantastic the US queens are because I think the UK queens would’ve been a hot mess also.

This week

01. BOA - I love her. I think she’s funny and her look this week was great.

02. Scarlett Bobo - A great week for her and I hope she continues to go up from here.

03. Priyanka - Didn't love the rap but I loved her runway and personality.

04. Lemon - Couldn't stop watching her throughout the rap battle. One of the few to nail everything. Didn’t love her runway though.

05. Jimbo - She’s just funny. 
06. Ilona - I love her personality and that runway saved her this week. Probably the best runway so far this season.

07. Rita - Faded in to the background this episode.

08. Starzy - Meh.

09. Kiara - I hope she brings something different next week.

10. Tynomi - Terrible performance and runway. Same performance in the lip sync as last week. 


01. BOA - Love.

02. Priyanka - Love.

03. Scarlett - Love.

04. Lemon - Love,

05. Ilona - I want her to bring it so bad.

06. Jimbo - I want her to change up her look but I like what she brings.

07. Rita - She‘a strong but I find myself underwhelmed. 

08. Kiara - Underwhelming.
09. Tynomi - I think she’s been TERRIBLE from start to finish and I’m astounded how she’s so big in Canada based off what she’s showing. I had no opinions on any of them prior to the show but I would’ve sent her home last week and this week. Terrible runways, I don’t see a strong dancer and her performances have been severely lacking. I just see a man in a dress most of the time. She looks cheap.

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Thoughts on this week:


Priyanka was incredible.  Scarlett stood out for the first time for me in a big way.  Lemon, and Rita both solid.  Tynomi, Anastarzia and Kiara are disappointing week in and week out.  But then again so are Ilona and Boa. Boa's runway was :X. I did like that group number overall.



Overall Rankings:

1.  Priyanka - killer, clear front runner for me at this point.

2.  Lemon - kind of whiny, but I've liked everything she's done.

3.  Jimbo

4.  Scarlett BoBo

5.  Rita Baga

6.  Kiara

7.  Illona Verley

8.  Tynomi Banks - i really dislike her personality.

9.  BOA - seriously :X

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Sad that it was Starzy who went. I liked her verse...but she was low-energy in both the challenge and the lip-sync. And I didn’t like the runway.


1. Priyanka - love her :wub: Yay for her getting a win!

2. Jimbo - her runway look was so good! :omg:  Continuing to enjoy her.

3. Lemon - I think she should have won this week (I’d have swapped her and Priyanka’s wins around). Definitely growing on me!
4. Scarlett - she was kinda background for me the first two weeks but I enjoyed her this week!

5. Kiara - not a great week for her, but I didn’t mind her verse.

6. Tynomi - it’s a real shame, I feel like she’s suffering from the Mayhem/Brita/Kennedy etc. situation where she’s an iconic queen outside of the show but struggles to adapt to the format itself. I’ve been underwhelmed these past two weeks but enjoyed her lip-syncs.

7. Rita - she did ok this week! I don’t have strong feelings for her yet.

8. Ilona - I feel like I’m yet to be impressed, unfortunately.

9. BOA - wow she is getting wayyyyyy overhyped this season IMO.

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Once again, I am impressed by the queens especially during the lipsync. However, this week's episode wasn't my favourite - enjoyed the majority of the queen's verse but the performance itself was way too much. But, I love love love Deborah Cox as a guest host - please make her guest host, every episode! 


  1. Priyanka (+1): I go back & forth between her & Rita Baga as my number one. But this episode, Priyanka showed the world that she's a star in the making. 
  2. Rita Baga (-1): Showing why she's one of the top queen in Montreal - unlike Tynomi, she's able to live to the hype. She's super professionals, and her experience comes through in the challenges & the runway looks. 
  3. Lemon (+2): One of my pre-season favourite, and she's showing why - she was decent in the challenge and I also love her runway looks. 
  4. Jimbo (-1): Jimbo did their best in the challenge - it was very Jimbo. However, the look? Amazing! 
  5. Scarlett (+4): She really had a good week, still indifferent on her though. 
  6. Tynomi (=): Want her to do so well - she may have an underdog journey? And she's definitely suffering from the "being praise outside of the show but struggling on the show" syndrom. However, she slayed the LSFYL, once again - it was hard seeing her in the predicament, in front of Deborah. 
  7. Kiara (-3): A bit dissapointed with her, this week. I thought she did decent in the challenge but her past runway looks been basic - this one was basically Kyne's look from Week 1. She clearly wants this so I hope the criticism helps her. 
  8. BOA (+3): I'm surprised that they love how much as they do, but the Scarlet vs. Boa narrative gave me life. 
  9. Anastarzia (-2): She's such a sweetheart but this week was not her week :( 
  10. Ilona Verley (-2): I want them to do so well but they're not stepping it up. Their runway look saved them, this week. 
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Just ranking my Top 3. 


01. Lemon ❤️ 

02. Rita 

03. Jimbo 


I feel bad for Tynomi for the reasons many here have said. She kills it when she's on the verge of going home though. 😞

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Really enjoyed this last episode! A lot! Finally felt like high-quality drag arrived to the competition. BOA vs. Scarlett Bobo gave me life. 


I also seriously do not understand the hatred for BOA in here.


1. Priyanka - Queen. All-around solid. My fave. 🤎

2. Jimbo - We stan Jimbo. So hard. Two iconic runway looks. Iconic performance in the mini-challenge. Hilarious confessionals. UGH. YES.

3. Lemon - Growing on me so much! 

4. BOA - Hilariously obnoxious and is at least making this show unpredictable!

5. Scarlett Bobo - Super cool look, did great in the rap battle, giving drama. Thank you.

6. Rita Baga - Solid, solid drag queen. Very polished, but a bit on the boring side. Still enjoy her a lot though.

7. Kiara - Basic but I really want to like her!

8. Ilona Verley - Easily the weakest contestant remaining imo, but did have a solid runway look.

8. Tynomi Banks - Disappointing to say the least. Just been bad this entire competition. 

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Canadian queens knows how to deliver when it comes to LSFYL - take note future RPDR queens! 

And a Céline inspired runway, next week? SIGN ME UP :wub:

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When Priyanka was positively critiqued for that monstrosity, but Lemon was critiqued for looking like a presentable human being. :dead:


Jimbo being critiqued for turning it tf out. :dead:


The entire Paper Team actually looking cohesive and being dragged through the dirt. :dead:


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Absolute loved this episode - there was drama, drama, drama & we love to see it! And, once again, the Canadian queens are bringing IT especially during the lipsync. 


Overall ranking, taking this week into consideration:

  1. Rita Baga (+1) : She's my absolutely favourite. I love everything about her - giving us confessionals in French, her humour, telling it how it is regarding Toronto Queens, and her professionalism. She's a STAR, and looking what she will deliver for next week's Snatch Game & Night of 1000 Céline ❤️
  2. Priyanka (-1): She's also a star - her look was not the best but I can see why the judges loved it though as she sold it with more confidence than Lemon & other queens. 
  3. Scarlett BoBo (+2): We are finally starting to see more of Scarlett & I am here for it - been following her for a while on Social Media, and I am glad that she's finally bringing it. 
  4. Lemon (-1): I really like her & I thought she did good with the challenge but I wanted more confidence and maybe a different wig? It felt very Cher to me, and she's far from being a Cher. 
  5. Jimbo (-1): Queen of not giving a freak about Ilona & her attitude, and queen convincing her teammates to change their idea. And the outfit was spot on, but I can see where the judges were getting. 
  6. Kiara (+1): I really enjoyed her look but she's fading & I feel that she's a fodder at this point. 
  7. Tynomi (-1): Queen had a good look & I won't hear otherwise - it truly sucks when you are such a high level & you can't perform to same level that you always do then you're criticized; Knowing how Brooke knew her beforehands, this was probably tough on both of them. Anyway, she's a star and she broke down barriers for so many Drag Queens in Canada & she knows how to lipsync the house down - should have been a double shantay.  Also, her professionalism really came through this episode. 
  8. BOA (=): She gives us good television but I am getting a bit over her at this point.
  9. Ilona Verley (+1): Their look was well made but that shitty attitude, I can't. Them almost giving up? I can't. You know what you signed up for 😘 . Anwyay, they delivered a crazy good lipsync & I hope this wake them up. 

Anyway, at this point of the competition, I think Rita & Priyanka are solidifying themselves as the front runners. 

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I felt for Tynomi :( Clearly a legendary queen who just struggled in the competition. She should be proud of herself still though, great lip-syncs and I didn't mind her look last night!


Overall ranking:


1. Priyanka - Still love her although, I didn't get her look and thought it was a little overhyped. I'm happy she's doing well though ❤️

2. Jimbo - I'm glad she put Ilona in her place. I liked her look this week although as Chris said, I can see why the judges were kinda disappointed. Saying that, Jeffrey was too harsh (I'm not enjoying him as a judge at all, side-note).

3. Scarlett - Loved her look! Definitely starting to be a stand-out for me.

4. Lemon - Her look was underwhelming to me last night but still enjoying her.

5. Kiara - Glad she had a good week, I'm hoping she gets a breakthrough at some point!

6. Rita - Very deserving win this week! Excited to see where she goes next.

7. BOA - I can't get into her at all.

8. Ilona - Bad attitude, I wasn't sure on her at the start and I haven't been won over at all since.


I like my top 6 a lot! A good group overall.

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I really liked a bunch of the outfits this week.  Priyanka, BoBo and Rita were my favorite looks.  I liked aspects of everyones concepts though.  I feel like I have seen the concept on Ilona before though.  Maybe it was her intro look?  Her attitude sucks, and her crying confessionals when she had to lip sync made my eye rolls.  Served that lip sync though.  I really like Scarlet now.  Every week shes showing me more and more.  It was Tynomi's time though.  Side note Jeffrey has some sass in him.



Overall Rankings:

1.  Priyanka - The only one I gt truly excited about every week.

2.  Lemon

3.  Scarlett BoBo

4.  Jimbo

5.  Rita Baga

6.  Ilona - only because of her slayed Lip sync this week (owns anything the bottom 2 have done)

7.  Kiara

8.  BOA



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  1. Jimbo - Everything she does entertains me.
  2. Priyanka - Even Priyanka being shocked the judges liked her outfit. Humble queen!
  3. Kiara - I like her.
  4. Lemon - I like her.
  5. Rita Baga - I like her.
  6. Scarlett - I like her.
  7. Boa - Not a fan.
  8. Ilona - Not a fan.


Ready for the Céline Dion runway theme next week ❤️

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1 minute ago, *Chris said:

Also, I saw the rumoured list for Snatch Game & I am here for it - looks like we will have fresh faces and I hope everyone can deliver ❤️ 

Boa's choice is all kind of YIKES though.

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