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Canada's Drag Race

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Tynomi appeared in a SuperBowl's commercial:      

What the f*ck is wrong with these judges? What did Jimbo do to them? I NEED THEM ALL TO F*CK OFF.

Next week’s lip sync song is

9 hours ago, Deeee said:

I really, really thought that Rita had this in the bag. And the edit of the episode really seemed to be pointing towards that...so glad to be wrong! :wub:I

Yeah, when she kept saying “facts are facts” and reminding us that she’d be the first Francophone winner, I thought my suspicions were right. I had thought the producers would want a prominent French Canadian queen to win to encourage more people from Quebec to apply. I’m kind of glad I was wrong even if Rita is fab and deserves only love.

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Lol so I heard there were spoilers going around yesterday and I just gathered Rita won so I ended up reading one of them and carried on with my day.


Woke up this morning to go on social media and....HUH?! :dead: I was SHOOK to see Priyanka won but SOOOOO happy :spaz: Rita and Scarlet both would have been great picks (Scarlet kinda would have seemed random but also had an amazing track record). But Priyanka has been my fave since ep.1 and I’m SO happy she was able to pull it out the bag :wub:

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I am so happy Priyanka won, amazing!  She was my favorite from the start, and really the show highlighted her journey amazingly well.  That said, I think Scarlet actually did the best in the lip sync for the crown.  I am not a huge fam of Rita, would have not liked it if she had won.  But she did perform well throughout the season.  Priyankas final runway was stunning!



Final queen rankings!


1.  Priyanka

2.  Lemon

3.  Jimbo

4.  Scarlet BoBo

5.  Rita Baga

6.  Kiara

7.  Illona Verley

8.  Tynomi Banks

9.  Juice Boxx

10. Anastarzia Anaquay

11.  Kyne

12.  BOA

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I am SHOCKED in the best way. Priyanka has been giving off winner energy but I didn't think she'd be favored by the judges. THAT FINAL RUNWAY LOOK WAS EVERYTHING. I thought for sure she'd be the Adore Delano runner-up but I am so pleased that she pulled it off.

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Yes Priyanka. :wub: She deserved it after the final episode. She had the best verse and that runway! :omg: I’ve found her to be very hit and miss on the runway but she totally saved the best until last. 

Scarlett in that final lip sync though. :omg::heartbounce:She absolutely slayed “You’re a Superstar” and gave such a fantastic performance there. I don’t feel as if the other two even came close to her. 

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Overall rankings:


1. Jimbo

2. Lemon

3. Priyanka

4. Rita Baga

5. Scarlett Bobo

6. BOA

7. Kiara

8. Juice Boxx (iconic first boot)

9. Ilona Verley

10. Anastarzia Anaquay

11. Tynomi Banks

12. Kyne


Great season, lots of talent, lots of organic drama. Probably my favorite season since S10, personally. Priyanka is an excellent winner and slayed the final episode. Rita deserves a lot of love too as she killed it almost all season long.

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I think these are my rankings.

  1. Jimbo
  2. Priyanka
  3. Lemon
  4. Tynomi Banks
  5. Rita Baga
  6. Kiara
  7. Anastarcia Anaqueway
  8. Kyne
  9. Scarlett BoBo
  10. Juice Boxx
  11. Ilona Verley
  12. BOA


1 & 2 are among my all-time faves; really enjoyed 3-7; appreciated the good TV #8 brought. I didn’t really have any strong feelings on Scarlett and her track record was a choice. Juice was alright but I don’t really remember much about them. I wasn’t a fan of 11 & 12 at all.

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Overall ranking - I really like all of them. 


  1. Rita Baga: I know a lot of people on here don't get or understand her, but for me she's easily my favourite - she's the top queen of Montreal for a reason. And the fact she never got rid of her French-Canadian identity - her visibility as a queer french canadian is so important, as I mentioned before that I never had that growing up & always struggled with my two identities. And she was a force throughout the season.
  2. Priyanka - What's her name? WINNER! She's so amazing and potentially can be an international drag superstar which I think is what tipped the scale. I knew of her before CDR and she did not disappoint. 
  3. Jimbo - I really like Jimbo but not as much as some of the other Queens. Future All-Stars? Yes.
  4. Lemon - Amazing drag queen ❤️ 
  5. Kiara - Queen of giving us memorable lines and memorably lipsync. 
  6. Scarlett Bobo - I really enjoyed Scarlett, not my top favourite but was still rooting for her.
  7. Tynomi Banks - Love her as a queen outside of CDR but her journey was a rough one. 
  8. Anastarcia Anaqueway - Another great queen that I love, wish we could have seen more. 
  9. Juice Boxxx - Robbed tbh. Give her a Vanjie redemption please ❤️ 
  10. BOA - Hit of miss, but still a fun personality. 
  11. Kyne - Delusional mathematic queen of Tik Tok. 
  12. Ilona Verley - Her presence was so important, and her final runway look? IT WAS EVERYTHING. But overall, she drained the f out of me and she seems to always be involved in some sort of drama. 
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Just now, Elliott said:

Not my drunk ass just telling Priyanka she wasn’t my favourite 💀 why am I like this


and then Pri was like “I mean Jimbo was my favourite too but thank god he got eliminated after we made out”

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