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What is the biggest robbery this season (any round)?


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Arei, Allegra, Megan, Joanna, Mandi C, Jacob Daniel Murphy, Tayler


i'm not saying they lost to people that weren't deserving (Arei was on a stacked team so beating Tstorm and Allegra wasnt an option). I also like Joei and thought she should've moved on but she was 4th on Team Blake 

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Ones I can think of:

  • I do like Micah and am happy he's in the finale but based just on the KO's, Tayler should've had that in the bag.
  • Kailey also didn't deserve to get screwed over in the battles by a generic country flop.
  • Zach also didn't deserve a battle that blatantly catered to Mike.
  • Anaya's KO should've gotten at least a snippet on air rather than ignored completely in the montage.
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Honestly, for me, It's Joanna, Allegra and Megan. oh BTW, someone send this to Joanna, Megan, Allegra and Zan.

<iframe id="ytplayer" type="text/html" width="480" height="270"
frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>


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22 hours ago, Walker359718 said:

I'd say tonight's elimination was a robbery, that's for sure.  IIRC, I don't think an all-girl bloodbath elimination has ever happened on the Voice before; correct me if I'm wrong.


Plus, I think that Samantha was robbed.

I believe S15 was an all girl bloodbath (Kymberli, Sarah, MaKenzie, Reagan)

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Okay, so if I was choosing 1 from each round:


Blinds - Megan Danielle, deserved more than just Kelly to turn.


Battles - Chelle for sure deserved to beat Anaya


Knockouts - Tayler, but I blame John for this. If John had picked Thunderstorm over Castillo, Nick would have stolen Tayler, but she shouldn’t have beat Micah. Also Tate and Levi both deserved to win.


Playoffs - Castillo should have won the instant save over Joanna


Top 9 - Allegra or Megan, either should have best TStorm or Toneisha... Micah deserves to be here over Megan.


Finale - I’m taking a wild guess on Micah here assuming that Todd or Thunderstorm will win

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16 hours ago, TheVoicesuperfan said:

P.S I meant they should have won their Knockouts, not necessarily the whole show  


6 hours ago, FloorWax said:

still an unpopular opinion.

Yes, still unpop.

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Honestly, this season is absent of any big robbery. I could say Kailey, but she was almost as bad as her opponent, so I wasn’t mad about it. Maybe because of the lack of live rounds.

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