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The Voice Australia Season 9


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1 minute ago, thevoiceisthetop said:

don´t they do studio recordings


They do, although I'm pretty sure they just took the tracks from their TV performances and processed them to sound nicer. They can be seen on Spotify.

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36 minutes ago, anonymouskid_35 said:

But man, the advertisements are so many, it is irritating 😬


Now you see why I don't watch live anymore. 🤣


I'm already sick of them promoting Adam Ludewig all over social media, can we get new people please??

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OZTalent will be posting the clips it seems!


Also, loooooved Stellar but yikes at how blocks work there. Not fair that George was blocked afterwards. Defeats the whole purpose.


Adam and Stellar did great! Already a strong start with those 2 alone.

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Episode 1

Virginia Lillye - Barracuda by Heart; Turned Boy George, Delta - Picked Team Boy George

Adam Ludewig - Leave the Light On by Tom Walker, Turned everyone - Picked Team Guy Sebastian

Despina Savva - Idon´twannabeyouanymore by Billie Eilish, Turned everyone - Picked Team Boy George

Stellar Perry - Always Remember Us This Way by Lady Gaga, Turned everyone - Picked Team Delta

All Star Jon Wiza - Don´t Stop Believing by Journey, - No chair turns  The Voice Colombia

Josh Pywell - Run to Paradise by by The Choirboys, turned Delta, and Guy - Picked Team Guy Sebastian

Roxane Lebrasse - Best of My Love by The Emotions, Turned everyone - Picked Team Boy George


Team Guy Sebastian

Adam Ludewig

Josh Pywell


Team Delta

Stellar Perry


Team Boy George

Virginia Lillye

Despina Savva

Roxane Lebrasse


Team Kelly 

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And indeed, OzTalent delivered on the goods with their full-length audition uploads. Praying this will continue throughout the season.


I'm gonna do a commentary thing for each episode and try to build my own team for the season.



ADAM LUDEWIG, 4 chair turner, Team Guy
I think I kinda grown to be annoyed at him since the show decided to give him some excessive promo. I think his voice is OK, but I hate his phrasing and vocal choices. NO CHAIR for me.



DESPINA SAVVA, 4 chair turner, Team George

Not my type at all. And she used too much affectation on her voice for her blind. And all 4 turn? Really? Hard pass. NO CHAIR.




ROXANE LEBRASSE, 4 chair turner, Team George

A fun, lively audition, albeit unremarkable. Not sure if she deserves 4 chairs, but she's OK. NO CHAIR for me though.



VIRGINIA LILLYE, Delta and George turn, Team George

Token rocker chick, Aussies love their rockers on this show. Again, nothing really remarkable. NO CHAIR.




First All-Star of the season, he's from La Voz Colombia. Sadly, he wasn't at his A-game here. Very weak performance of a powerful song. NO CHAIR.



JOSH PYWELL, Guy and Delta turned, Team Guy

This is so weird. I actually liked the quality of his voice a lot, and I kinda like his workmanlike personality, but the performance was pure Kraft Mac and Cheese. Familiar and comfortable, but cloying. NO CHAIR.



STELLAR PERRY, 4 chair turn, George BLOCKED, Team Delta

Not a perfect performance by any means, but it's very heart-tugging and emotional. Very intriguing tone. Maybe stay away from GaGa so your vocals don't pale in comparison. But I am interested to see her take on better-fitting, but still resonant, songs. TURN FOR MJ!


1. Stellar Perry (4 chairs, Team Delta)


All-in-all, a decent premiere, nothing mindblowing, and not a good start to the All-Stars and Team Kelly, but I'm sure we'll see more of the classic TVAU drama and cheesiness later this week.


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EPISODE 1 (Rankings (for me)):


1. Stellar Perry (Team Delta)- man, no kidding her voice is full of emotions, which is why I teared up in her performance. Her voice have actually have resemblance to Gaga but hopefully she discovers more her own sound. I am not sure though if I can see her going to Lives, but we'll still see.


2. Roxanne Lebrasse (Team George)- I actually enjoyed this performance, and she's got range for days. But this type of artist and at that age doesn't last long in the competition, but let's see.


3. Josh Pywell (Team Guy)- I love his tone and range so much, very manly. But his song and performance is cheesy, and his stage presence needs a lot of improvement, with Guy's help I can see him improving (hopefully).


4. Adam Ludewig (Team Guy)- he is good but ugh overrated, I mean he's shown in almost all of the social media of TVAUS. I do see him reaching as far as the Lives though, since he's heavily pimped (not sure of the word but heavily shown).


5. Despina Savva (Team George)- meh, she is OK, normal teenage belter but nothing special for me. I can't see her lasting long in the show.


6. Virginia Lillye (Team George)- uhm.. it's kind of.. good? I guess. But her voice is really not appealing to me, she doesn't have that strong voice like past season's rockers. She won't last long I bet.


7. Jon Wizza (No Turns)- man, his voice is really weak, so it's no surprise there's no one turned for him.

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1 minute ago, AngelaKD said:

Their Block is different. You don’t have to decide when you turn, you can wait until you see who else has turned.


Delta blocked George from getting Stellar Perry, but At the end once she was a 4 chair turn.


This is definitely more cutthroat and in line with TVAU's brand of coach antics. Not surprised they also gave two blocks to the coaches this season just to up the ante. 

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16 minutes ago, AngelaKD said:

Their Block is different. You don’t have to decide when you turn, you can wait until you see who else has turned.


Delta blocked George from getting Stellar Perry, but At the end once she was a 4 chair turn.

Oooh I really though Delta blocked George before she turned. Now this Block is totally unfairr aaa

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1 hour ago, Archanium said:

Not impressed with the premiere 👀 but I'll still be watching the next episodes. 

Same though! Last year's premiere episode is way better than this year. I mean Zeek, Daniel, Prinnie, Luke, Tannah, Chynna >>>>> Stellar, Roxanne, Josh, Adam, Despina, Virginia for me lol

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Rankings of the Blinds-

1. Stellar Perry (A): The best by far, sooooooo good

2. Roxanne Lebrasse (A-): I love this song, it got a little one note at the end since she just keep belting, but technically really well done

3. Despina Savva (B+): Unpopular but I really liked Despina. It's probably because I prefer powerful cover of Billie rather than more subtle ones, so I liked the growl, runs, etc..

4. Josh Pywell (B): Really good, just kind of bland. Plus I love this song

5. Adam Ludewig (B-): It was fine, but I thought it was bit underwhelming considering all the pimping. Also please fix that hair.

6. Virginia Lilye (C): I found her voice to be weak and shouty? I see potential and she picked a song with a high degree of difficulty, but meh


Question: Do they show the blinds in the exact order that they come? Because I thought Virginia was a weak lead and the TVAUS usually has lots of 4 chair turns in the beginning and almost none at the end

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