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Looking at one of the producer's IG stories today, it seems to confirm that today is the last day of filming so they'll be pre-recording the grand final.

Darren also mentioned he's going to the snow this week/next week, so I'm guessing he'll be holidaying after finishing The Voice and we'll all see who the winner is live in 2 weeks

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Songs for tonight: Siala Robson vs. Despina Savva - Teenage Fantasy (Jorja Smith) Stellar Perry vs. Matt Gresham - Slide Away (Miley Cyrus) Claudia Harrison vs. Maddy Thomas - Dreams (T

Tbh, Jesse is WAY too basic. Sorry not sorry

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Playoffs #1 AND #2 commentary time!


General comments: the staging is really cool as per usual, love the wall of people watching the artists, and George and Kelly's video interface is surprisingly effective. The canned audience noise needs to go though. It ruined some of the performances, which were already radically shortened, so you literally get to hear only 30-40 seconds of clear singing from some of the artists. Also, I liked that the wildcard for each team will be chosen after everyone sang, that makes for a more informed decision.


Bolded are the artists I wanted to go through, underlined are the artists who actually won.


Graeme Isaako vs. Clarissa Spata




Great start to the Playoffs! I'm Kissing You is one of my favorite movie songs of all time, and I did NOT expect Graeme to do well with it, but he did. He really showed a different side to him on this one. Clarissa did not take that lying down though. She was on fire as well, with that red-hot gown and ornate headdress. What I really liked about Clarissa is that she fully embraces the inherent drama in operatic has and imbues it in her performance. I honestly think you can't go wrong with either of these artists, but I'm glad Delta chose Clarissa, it's been a while since a true classical singer went far on The Voice, and I think we really need to see more of Clarissa's drama this season. Graeme should be considered for a WC though. 


Adam Ludewig vs. Josh Pywell




Josh is such a likeable guy, and he's getting better with each performance. He's still stiff as a board, but he sounds surprisingly good on that Weeknd song. He just needs to loosen up and be more comfortable onstage. Adam has similar issues, which is probably why this pairing happened, but for some reason his performance fell flat for me. Adam clearly did not feel this song as much as LALO or Wrecking Ball, and it just came off as competent karaoke. At least Josh compensated for his performance with heaps of confidence, but Adam still has that shy quality about him that made him less compelling to watch. I really thought Josh deserved to move on after that, but Guy clearly has his favorites. 


Alex Weybury vs. Despina Savva




Here's the thing about Alex: he basically repeated the same performance three times in a row, and while I think he sounds great in his niche, I totally get why people are losing interest in him. At least he sang a modern song this time? LOL. Consistency is a double-edged sword in these shows. Despina is probably the biggest surprise tonight for me. Her tone is still not my favorite, but she made it work for this song choice, which is one of my all-time favorite jams. This is a great example of how crucial a song choice can be in determining the outcome of a pairing, because I honestly would have chosen Despina over Alex despite me being still very critical of Despina's affectations and tone. Kelly better save up that WC for her!


Masha Mnjoyan vs. Elyse Sene-Lefao




Such a boring playoff TBH. Not only do we have to hear the same song twice, but it had to be the most basic diva song there is. And what's worse is, neither of these girls were on their A-game tonight. Masha went overboard with all her vocal tricks and runs, and Elyse lacked the fire that made her blind audition so compelling. I picked Masha because she's more vocally consistent in her performance, but she better change her game up in the next round, unless she wants to fade into the background.


Wolf Winters vs. Johnny Manuel




Guy continues his streak of bizarre song choices with this doozy of a pairing. Dance Monkey for Wolf, really??? This isn't Idol, where you have to prove that you can sing anything they can throw at you. Is Guy intentionally setting Wolf up to fail so that the controversies surrounding them two would stop? Well, that doesn't explain his equally bizarre decision to have Johnny sing an overwrought version of Forever Young. This could have worked if Guy made him sing a more stripped, laidback arrangement of the song, but no, he had to encourage Johnny to showboat this song to oblivion. I guess Johnny still trounced Wolf vocally, but Guy needs to stop encouraging his singers to oversing and focus more on authenticity.


Nathan Isaac vs. Siala Robson




Nathan reminds me of Sheldon Riley a lot. They have the same sensibilities and aesthetic, and both are dramatic performers. I want to like Nathan so much, but it's just so plain to see that he needs a few more years to develop his voice, because it's just so weak and cannot project over the music. Siala on the other hand, has a much more dynamic sound and flow, but she needs to take a page from Nathan's book and be more confident and own up her sound. Glad George chose her despite the flub, she's giving me Cody Frost vibes, not because they sound alike, but because I can see a very fruitful coach-artist relationship between her and George. 


Angela Fabian vs. Roxane LeBrasse




The more I see of Angela, the more I adore her. She is such a fun spirit and you can just tell that she's enjoying every minute that she's up there on stage. I am glad she got a fun song that allowed her to let her hair down (figuratively, since she got a new haircut before the Playoffs) and showed her personality. Roxane was honestly just as sassy and fun as Angela on her performance, but vocally, there's just no comparison between the two.


Mark Furze vs. Bo'Ness




I think Mark is the artist that was disserviced the most by this extremely shortened performance format. You can't possibly do Dream On justice in just a minute. But tried he did, and while it was great for the most part, his shriek during the climax of the song sounded a bit unpleasant to me. Despite all of that, there's just no way that Bo'Ness can outsing Mark here, especially since one of them is just obviously better than the other. The laidback song choice didn't help either.


Claudia Harrison vs. Goldi




I think Claudia still has some self-discovery to do regarding her musical identity. I think her performance is a bit confusing, because she keeps flipping between her operatic and singer/songwriter voice throughout the song. She should have stuck with one mode. Goldi was surprising much more comfortable and cohesive in their performance, they clearly did their homework and made sure they showed up as a duo. Kudos to them, considering they are so far apart geographically. 


Timothy James Bowen vs. Matt Gresham




My top favorite singing one of my favorite songs of the past year? Yes please! Again, I felt like Timothy needed more than a minute to develop the song more, but what he did in one minute was great. I just love this guy's voice and vibe so much. Matt though.... he's such a raw but compelling singer, and while I did not love the needle drop in his performance, I did think he emoted better in his song. I would still choose Timothy just for his tone, but Matt was right, he'd better be taken by Guys as a WC, he's just too good.


Elishia Semaan vs. Jimi the Kween


[OZTalent video to be followed]


Iconic pairing, in that it is the first pairing I know of that resulted into neither artist going through the next round. And I can't blame Kelly, both did dreadful in the round, but that's what you get for using your saves incorrectly, LOL. Nothing much to say here, moving on....


Stellar Perry vs. Jesse Teinaki




The second playoff this season where it's truly a tossup between the two artists. Both were emotive, intriguing and memorable. Both had some vocal issues, probably due to how emotional they were onstage. I think this pairing came down to who had the better song choice for me, and Jesse's song just grabbed me more. Very surprised that Delta chose Jesse, I guess she's really saving her save for Stellar, just to give her the push she needs to polish her vocals more. Also, I adored Jesse campaigning for Stellar right after he won, that's very gracious of him!





Stellar Perry vs. Claudia Harrison

Timothy James Bowen vs. Elyse Sene-Lefao

Alex Weybury vs. Matt Gresham

Johnny Manuel vs. Jesse Teinaki


Can't wait to decide these pairings tonight!

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10 minutes ago, ashwinner said:

How's it going so far? I don't have a VPN downloaded so I can't watch.


Internet connection right now using VPN is so baaad. So I can't watch either ugh

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1 minute ago, anonymouskid_35 said:


Internet connection right now using VPN is so baaad. So I can't watch either ugh

Okay, Wikipedia has informed me the first winner, and I don't know who the winner or loser is LMAO 💀

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surprised to see Elyse picked over sapphire, I like sapphire more than Elyse but I dont think that either will make the grande finale so I guess its not an issue :(

honestly I dont really Stan anyone this season too hard (like I did with Allegra in TVUSA S18) cause its hard to do that when watching YouTube videos that are incomplete sometimes and yeah....

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1 minute ago, ule said:

What were people's opinions Daniel Shaw last year,. I'm seeing a little bit of a disdain towards Alex, who I think was similar to Daniel.


I didn't like him, his tone bothered me. 

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2 minutes ago, ule said:

What were people's opinions Daniel Shaw last year,. I'm seeing a little bit of a disdain towards Alex, who I think was similar to Daniel.



Daniel is popular last season. Daniel has more authenticity in his voice than Alex, who's voice is a bit generic. So no wonder why Alex is not loved that much like Daniel. Also, Daniel's doing more creativeness on songs than Alex so yeah


Though if I'm being honest, I don't like either of them, Alex is just too generic, while Daniel can be boring be sometimes.

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5 minutes ago, IAN27TAY said:

Stephanie going through and Soma being eliminated hmmm....


Which is the right thing, Soma's really not ready for this. I don't like her nuances when singing, and while I'm impressed how unique she is, more and more hearing from her is boring me a lot

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