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Australia:     Me reading all the whining from social media:    

Songs for tonight: Siala Robson vs. Despina Savva - Teenage Fantasy (Jorja Smith) Stellar Perry vs. Matt Gresham - Slide Away (Miley Cyrus) Claudia Harrison vs. Maddy Thomas - Dreams (T

Tbh, Jesse is WAY too basic. Sorry not sorry

Posted Images

I really liked all of the battles tonight! Most of my whole top 12 team was up and although some questionable decisions were made tonight, I enjoyed the battles immensely and ultimately think everyone that needed to go through went through.


1. Chris Sebastian (9) vs. Sapphire Tamalemai (9) - The most even battle this season. Everything about this was great from every angle. This is gonna be one of the ones on repeat for the season from me....


2. Janie Gordon (8) vs. Matt Evans (8.5) - It sucks that they were pretty much forced into becoming a duo. Both were great on the song and yes, they sounded great together here - but they're two very different singers overall and I don't see this ending well for either of them. For Lover, I preferred Matt's interpretation just a bit more overall and with Janie, they sounded fantastic, but that's just one song and I don't have much faith that they're going to find many songs that are going to allow them both to shine the way that this song did.


3. Jesse Teinaki (9) vs. Steve Clisby (7.5) - Messy from Steve obviously, but even then - he recovered well. Jesse stayed strong the whole way through and I don't really agree with Guy's criticism here - I side more with George's comments. Jesse was the clear winner and it's nice to see Steve move on as well.


4. Josh Pywell (8.5) vs. Jimi the Kween (8) - The biggest surprise for me tonight was probably Josh kicking butt. I'd written him off as battle fodder and thought this would be a clear win for Jimi, but Josh outshined Jimi vocally for sure. Might just have to add him onto standby...


5. Angela Fabian (8.5) vs. Jonathon Welch (8) - I'm so glad that they didn't stick to the original arrangement. I preferred both of them here to their blind auditions but it's nice to see Angela moving through. 


6. Caleb Jago-Ward (9) vs. Andy Dexterity (6) - A friendly reminder that Caleb can do THAT! Andy's not impressive as a singer. A nice sentiment despite all the drama around Andy, but yeah... this is just a Caleb solo in my mind and it sucks that I'm ranking it lower just because he didn't get paired up with someone near his level vocally.



The members of my top 12 stay intact, except I've finally had to pull from my standby team because of the whole Janie/Matt thing. Welcoming Matt Gresham to my top 12!


1. Jesse Teinaki (Delta, = )

2. Caleb Jago-Ward (George, = )

3. Clarissa Spata (George Delta = )

4. Chris Sebastian (Kelly, up 2 from 6)

5. Sapphire Tamalemai (Kelly; George, up 3 from 8 )

6. Stellar Perry (Delta; down 2 from 4)

7. Wolf Winters (Guy = )

8. Janie Gordon & Matt Evans (Delta; previously 10 and 4 respectively)

9. Steve Clisby (Delta, = )

10. Adam Ludewig (Guy, up 1)

11. Elyse Sene-Lefao (Guy, up 1)

12. Matt Gresham (Delta Guy, NEW to top 12)



13. Johnny Manuel (Guy)

14. Siala Robson (George)

15. Despina Savva (George Kelly)

16. Roxane LeBrasse (George)

17. Angela Fabian (George, up 7 from 25)

18. Lyric McFarland (Kelly)

19. Soma Sutton (Kelly Guy)

20. Josh Pywell (Guy; NEWLY ADDED)

21. Bo'Ness (Kelly)

22. Graeme Isaako (Delta)

23. Virginia Lillye (George)

24. Alex Weybury (Kelly )

25. Stephanie Cole (Guy)

26. Nathan Isaac (George)



None! 🙂

(except Janie and Matt as individuals...)



Hoping Adam and Elyse end in George's last steal tomorrow!

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1 hour ago, searomordep said:

That makes me think, in the playoffs one of the pairings will be Janie&Matt vs Graeme

This is the energy I was hoping to bring in 2020.

Instead we got... 2020.

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Tonight's Battles:

Mark Furze vs. Emma Mylott - You Oughta Know (Alanis Morisette)

Ella Monnery vs. Masha Mnjoyan - Respect (Aretha Franklin)

Sebastian Coe vs. Nathan Isaac - Physical (Olivia Newton-John or Dua Lipa - gotta load it on Spotify to check first tbh)

Timothy Bowen vs. Luke Biscan - It Must Have Been Love (Roxette)

Emmagen Rain vs. Callum Gleeson - Footloose (Kenny Loggins)

Adam Ludewig vs. Elyse Sene-Lefao - Wrecking Ball (Miley Cyrus)

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I personally love Boy Georges battles, and I'm thankful that he put Caleb with Andy dexterity because after hearing the 4 seconds of Andy's singing I knew Caleb would easily beat him. I'm wondering who the last save is going to, however, I do fear it may be Sebastian Coe as he has been spotted in Sydney unless he somehow beat Nathan.

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9 hours ago, searomordep said:

That makes me think, in the playoffs one of the pairings will be Janie&Matt vs Graeme

Exactly what I thought!! And very interesting to see how the playoffs will work - especially because you can see the 'telephone booth' style boxes in the teaser which I presume are for the contestants to sing on due to social distancing. Graeme is much more of a 'dancer' so he would be moving quite a lot. Based on that match-up, surely Janie & Matt would be the winner. Graeme's a great entertainer for sure, but vocally he's not as refined

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8 minutes ago, Rach88 said:

Graeme is much more of a 'dancer' so he would be moving quite a lot. Based on that match-up, surely Janie & Matt would be the winner. Graeme's a great entertainer for sure, but vocally he's not as refined

Watching Graeme's instagram videos I really think he got some great vocals, but I agree that on the show his power has been as a performer. Maybe it's the difficulty of dancing and singing at same time. But I really believe he can surprise us. 

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Listening to the songs on Spotify, I think the last save might be out of Adam and Elyse, Mark and Emma or Luke and Timothy. I'd be happy with any of these outcomes.


Masha and Ella's battle was a scream-a-thon. However, if Masha is eliminated I'm gonna be mad at Kelly lol.

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Hey y'all! I was busy last week preparing for my birthday so I didn't get to do my commentaries, starting to catch up now! Let's start with Battles, Episode 2!


Actual winner from last episode's last battle: Johnny, No save for Bukhu


Correct decision.


Team George - Siala Robson vs. Despina Savva - "Teenage Fantasy" by Jorja Smith




I think this was the fanciest staging out of all the battles so far? Anyway, I really dug Siala here, she showed some really cool vocal moments and I love her flow when she sings. Despina sounds much better here than in her audition, but I still hate how affected her voice is. 


Personal Winner: I think this is a no-brainer. Siala did a great job at showcasing her strength while also proving that she's a great singer too.

Actual Winner: Siala. George and Kelly tried to save Despina.  Despina joins Team Kelly


Kelly kinda wasted her saves IMO. 



Team Delta - Claudia Harrison vs. Maddy Thomas- "Dreams" by The Cranberries




I was really excited for this battle because I thought the song choice was perfect for them. Unfortunately, this fell flat for me. The arrangement was weird and threw me off, and I disliked what they did to the iconic chorus. I agree with the coaches that the nerves were really strong in this performance.


Personal Winner: I think both of them felt like deer in the headlights with this song, so I will go with the person whose tone I prefer, and that is Claudia.

Actual Winner: Claudia, No save for Maddy


Nothing more to say here. Next!


Team Guy - Xy Latu vs. Natalie Gauci vs. Wolf Winters - "Old Town Road" by Lil Nas X & Billy Ray Cyrus




This was a terrible idea, and terrible in execution. I have no idea what Guy was thinking when he made this happen. Did he try to rig this battle in favor of Wolf, so that he can save face after all the controversy surrounding his blind? If that's the case, it didn't work, because Wolf was the weakest singer out of all three for this performance. If I was Xy or Natalie, I'd be pissed.


Personal Winner: Natalie made a valiant effort making the song work for her, but Xy was just much more comfortable and in the zone here. Going for Xy.

Actual Winner: Wolf, No save for Xy or Natalie


Guy continues to torpedo his own team. Are we surprised?


Team George -  Roxane LeBrasse vs. Ricky Muscat - "Queen of the Night" by Whitney Houston


[OZTalent video to be followed]


Poor Ricky. He was doomed from the start with the song choice. I couldn't tell if George rigged this for Roxane, or if he really thought Ricky can rise to the occasion, but Ricky was just so uncomfortable the entire performance. Roxane ate him alive.


Personal Winner: Roxane, without a doubt

Actual Winner: Roxane, No save for Ricky


Open and shut case.


Team Kelly - Bo'Ness vs. Charlie McFarlane- "Circles" by Post Malone


[OZTalent video to be followed]


I actually really enjoyed this one. It's not the most impressive or perfect performance, but I kinda dig how well the song played with the three artists singing here.


Personal Winner: This felt like a pretty even battle for me, but it's pretty clear that one vocalist is better than the other in Bo'Ness. Going for Charlie.

Actual Winner: Bo'Ness, No save for Charlie


Aww, I wouldn't have mind a save for Charlie. Oh well.


Team Delta - Stellar Perry vs. Matt Gresham - "Slide Away" by Miley Cyrus 




Best battle of the season so far for me. Love the fresh song choice, love the back and forth between Stellar and Matt, and loooooooove the vocals here. Definitely a battle that I'll be replaying over and over again. Also, I really appreciated the preperformance package here, loved how Stellar and Matt bonded over their life experiences, and I truly thought it gave their performance so much heart.


Personal Winner: This is truly a tossup, either one will be a great choice for Delta, but Stellar just sounded so beautiful here, so I'll go with her.

Actual Winner: Stellar, Guy saved Matt, Matt joins Team Guy


Ugh I can't believe Guy got another amazing artist to join his team. You better do right by him, Guy!



Green means they won their battle, Red means they lost, Orange means they lost but got saved.

Stellar Perry vs. Alex Weybury

Matt Gresham vs. Timothy James Bowen

Clarissa Spata vs. Claudia Harrison

Mark Furze vs. Jesse Teinaki

Elyse Sene-Lefao vs. Kirby Burgess

Caleb Jago-Ward vs. Johnny Manuel


Gonna cheat a little and not decide on any matchups till the battles are officially over. #RuleBreakingFTW


Episode 3 commentary coming later! Watching it with my mom now!

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Battles 3 commentary


1. Josh vs Jimi: Jimi's blind eventually grew on me after a few rewatches, while I didn't necessarily care for or remember Josh. But then Josh kinda killed it, which really surprised me. I can see what the coaches say now about him having a raw diamond quality. He did sorta miss the timing a bit at the beginning but that can be chalked up to inexperience. Jimi was playing just a tad too safe for me, though I admit I prefer Jimi's tone more. Overall it was quite equal, and I wouldn't mind it if both of them had been kept.


2. Chris vs Sapphire: As overdone as the song and the arrangement was, this was a really nice battle. Sapphire's tone reminds me of Birdy in that it has this heartbreaking quality to it. Chris is undoubtedly a seasoned pro; I'm just not as connected to him emotionally as I am to Sapphire. I'm glad that both got through though.


3. Janie vs Matt: Janie reminds me of Sally Skelton a few seasons back. Her voice is about as pure as it can get. She did have a rocky start with those low notes, but her voice really bloomed later on. Matt also had a few vocal issues as well. Some of his highest notes sounded strained and as if his voice was on the verge of breaking. I still enjoy this battle though, although making them a duo is a choice. Historically, any duo formed mid-show has been promptly eliminated the very next round, usually because they don't really gel together vocally or one is just better than the other (see Luke and Tannah). I'd just have Janie move on by herself. 


4. Angela vs Jonathon: Not sure if the song really showcased the best of their abilities. I was expecting for more dramatic power ballad for them. Jonathon's operatic stylings seemed to be out of place until the final chorus, and Angela pretty much got the win by default here. Both stepped down from their auditions I think, though it's not their fault as much of the song.


5. Caleb vs Andy: I like the message of inclusiveness in their performance. Vocally speaking, Caleb straight up murdered Andy. Now, imagine if Caleb sang this as a solo performance.


6. Jesse vs Steve: I'm just not feeling this battle. Steve messed up obviously and he did recover; I'm not sure if the song fitted him to begin with. It certainly is more in Jesse's wheelhouse, who turned in a decent performance by himself. Delta should have waited to save either Janie or Matt later.

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LMAO Kelly choosing Ella over Masha. Kelly's team is really the weakest right now. Her saves are a waste. Boy George's got a really really strong team.


I think Adam is going home, because their battle is the last one up and they kept teasing a crowd fav will go home.


EDIT: Lol it was Elyse who went home

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WAIT OMG WHY IS ELYSE SINGING AGAIN ON THE PLAYOFFS? Is there comeback artist or something?


And also, that preview of Masha and Stellar is spot on ❣️


Kelly also told a playoff pairing that she can't both take the artists. Wonder who that is 🤔

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12 minutes ago, anonymouskid_35 said:

Also, for those who are a fan of Stellar Perry. She previously joined on X-Factor Australia, under Ronan's mentoring. Her name there is Amanda Grafanakis. Go check her out, she's really good

did guy recognized her during her audition? 

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The preview for the playoffs looks so chaotic!! I like what they've done with the virtual chairs and audience, but the contestants are having it rough. People forgetting lyrics, saying 'I can't do it', Kelly deciding not to take either of her contestants through, and Elyse possible making a comeback!?!? 


But Stellar sounded absolutely sensational!!! 

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5 minutes ago, Rach88 said:

The preview for the playoffs looks so chaotic!! I like what they've done with the virtual chairs and audience, but the contestants are having it rough. People forgetting lyrics, saying 'I can't do it', Kelly deciding not to take either of her contestants through, and Elyse possible making a comeback!?!? 


But Stellar sounded absolutely sensational!!! 

Got any clue what song Stellar will be singing? I saw that she's up against a guy (gosh please not Jesse)


Masha's singing another diva song which is I Have Nothing. She kinda needs to have a more current song or she'll fall off as a "dated" singer 😬

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7 minutes ago, anonymouskid_35 said:

The one that is battling Stellar is handling a guitar, and Matt.. plays guitar. Maybe it's Stellar vs. Matt & Janie, hope not please!

I can't see the part with Stellar's match-up - but if you saw a guitar it's most likely Stellar vs the duo then. 

Me too, I don't want either of them to leave yet!! I'm so upset that Delta has been matching her best together - Emmagen should definitely be eliminated in the playoffs as she's miles behind compared to the rest of her team.


The match-ups are seriously so crucial - and Kelly deciding not to choose either of her contestants will be a big deal. I wonder if that's the reason why Elyse can be seen in the promo, or if Kelly can bring both artists through in a playoff

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29 minutes ago, Archanium said:

I am starting to think that they don't have rules anymore :lmao:

Agreed!! Haha depending on Kelly's outcome for the play-offs that could set a new precedent - that could have meant Delta didn't take Callum or Emmagen through and entered Janie and Matt as solo artists. I'm thinking one of the contestants is Lyric - when Kelly asks Darren what happens after she refuses to take either of them through, there was a tiny clip of Darren and a lady standing next to him in a blue dress. That could possibly be Lyric (a tiny glimpse at 1:01 )



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