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4 hours ago, mjdolorico said:

Well you pretty much nailed my predictions for Team George so I'll go ahead with my Team Guy predictions. 😅


Adam Ludewig vs. Josh Pywell - young strapping men with big voices

Kirby Burgess vs. Jimi the Kween - dramatic theatrical singers with stage presence for days

Stephanie Cole vs. Elyse Sene-Lefao - big-voiced pop girls

Xy Latu vs. Johnny Manuel - 4 chair soul sangers

Timothy Bowen vs. Luke Biscan - introspective singer/songwriters

Natalie Gauci vs. Bukhu Ganburged - the leftovers, tbh! But I can totally see a scenario where this might be a very controversial pairing.

Wow oh wow!! That promo has me excited for the battles!!!


Johnny vs Bukhu!!!!! Who would have thought that??

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Australia:     Me reading all the whining from social media:    

Songs for tonight: Siala Robson vs. Despina Savva - Teenage Fantasy (Jorja Smith) Stellar Perry vs. Matt Gresham - Slide Away (Miley Cyrus) Claudia Harrison vs. Maddy Thomas - Dreams (T

Tbh, Jesse is WAY too basic. Sorry not sorry

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30 minutes ago, anonymouskid_35 said:

Also, looks like Guy vs. Kelly fight is going to be that deep diversion fight they're talking about. There's a point they show where Kelly walked out 

I think it's even worse than Guy vs Kelly - the promo was saying 'Guy vs Everyone'.

Tbh judging from the Sydney Morning Herald article I'm guessing George isn't siding with Kelly as much as stirring the pot!! Kelly and Delta will most likely argue and say what Guy is doing is unfair, though Kelly seems much more pissed off.  I think it's to do with the 3-way battle - possibly he's creating a duo or something (though that seems insignificant to be fighting about seeing as Kelly did that last season). Looks like Guy doesn't want to let go of 2 of his contestants in that 3-way battle

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33 minutes ago, anonymouskid_35 said:


YESSS!!!! They gave a sneak preview of some of the matchups and Bukhu vs Johnny was one of them!! There was also All Star vs All Star and Rock vs Opera (from George's team). Anyone remember the rest of the pairings they showed?

It's not appearing at the end of the episode on 9Now so I'm guessing it was just a promo that aired tonight on TV.

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I know this isn't the point of the show but I'm loving the staging for the battles! It looks incredible - also yay for Delta and Kelly finally serving up some great looks! I was getting very sick of their blinds outfits.

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16 minutes ago, Rach88 said:

I know this isn't the point of the show but I'm loving the staging for the battles! It looks incredible - also yay for Delta and Kelly finally serving up some great looks! I was getting very sick of their blinds outfits.

Yeah Kelly looks really hot and gorgeous on that suit! Slaaay girl

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18 minutes ago, Rach88 said:

Rock vs Opera

Definitely Caleb vs. Virginia lol. And wow Bukhu and Johnny battling each other, I think Bukhu will win and Johnny will be stolen? or saved? I just don't think they will let Bukhu go home that early after their pimping and stuff to him.


Is there any mechanics or flow on how the battles will go? Any power to steal or save or something?

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1 hour ago, anonymouskid_35 said:

Definitely Caleb vs. Virginia lol

Oh no I think it's Virginia vs Clarissa actually (opera singer who was blocked from getting Delta by George). I'm guessing there have to be  steals and saves still - too many good ones who would be lost if they didn't have them

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Episode 10


Steve Clisby - Magic by Coldplay, Turned Delta and Kelly - Team Delta

Lucy Griffins - Do You Really Want To Hurt Me by Culture Club, NO ONE TURNED

Mason Lloyde - Take On Me by A-Ha, Turned Kelly - Team Kelly

Kat Jade - If I Were a Boy by Beyonce - NO ONE TURNED

Wolf Winters - The Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel, Guy turned - Team Guy

Sapphire T - Runnin Lose It All by Beyonce, Kelly Turned - Team Kelly



Team Guy Sebastian 

Adam Ludewig

Josh Pywell

Stephanie Cole

Jimi the Kween

Timothy James Bowen

Luke Biscan

Bukhu Ganburged

Kirby Burgess

Natalie Gauci

Xy Latu

Johnny Manuel

Elyse Seno-Lefao

Wolf Winters


Team Delta - 1 more

Stellar Perry

Janie Gordon

Jesse Teinaki

Emmagen Rain

Matt Gresham 

Matt Evans

Maddy Thomas

Elishia Semaan

Claudia Harrison

Callum Gleeson

Graemo Issako

Steve Clisby


Team Boy George 

Virginia Lillye

Despina Savva

Roxane Lebrasse

Sebastian Coe

Siala Robson

Caleb Jago Ward

Angela Fabian

Andy Dexterity

Jonathon Welch

Ricky Muscat

Nathan Issac

Clarissa Spata


Team Kelly 

Chris Sebastian

Charlie McFarlane 

Ella Monnery

Masha Mnjoyan

Soma Sutton

Alex Weybury

Emma Mylott


Lyric McFarland

Mark Furze

Mason Lloyd

Sapphire T

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Team Guy

Bukhu vs Johnny

Josh vs Adam vs Wolf

Stephanie Cole vs Natalie Gauci

Timothy James Bowen vs Luke Biscan

Kirby Burgess vs Jimi the Kween

Xy Latu vs Elyse Seno-Lefao


Team Delta

Stellar Perry vs Matt Evans

Janie Gordon vs Emmagen Rain

Jesse Teinaki vs Matt Gresham

Maddy Thomas vs Elishia Semaan

Claudia Harrison vs Steve Clisby

Callum Gleeson vs Graemo Issako


Team Boy George

Virginia Lillye vs Clarissa Spata

Despina Savva vs Sebastian Coe

Roxane Lebrasse vs Angela Fabian

Siala Robson vs Andy Dexterity

Caleb Jago Ward vs Jonathon Welch

Ricky Muscat vs Nathan Issac


Team Kelly 

Chris Sebastian vs Emma Mylott 

Charlie McFarlane vs Alex Weybury 

Ella Monnery vs Sapphire T

Bo´Ness vs Soma Sutton 

Mark Furze vs Mason Lloyd

Lyric McFarland vs Masha Mnjoyan 



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Hopping into the prediction bandwagon:


Team Delta

Graeme vs. Elishia (confirmed)

Stellar vs. Steve - powerful and emotional voices, this would be a great battle tbh 

Janie vs. Matt G. - both have distinctive tones and similar styles

Matt E. vs. Callum - frontman vs... entertainer? lmao

Jesse vs.Maddy - they performed songs of a similar style in the blinds, both can have subtle moments but also can hit them high notes

Claudia vs.Emmagen - one is folk and the other country, I can see Delta picking a middle ground song for them


Team George

Virginia vs. Clarissa (confirmed?)

Angela vs Roxane - big voiced ladies!

Despina vs. Sebastian - both occupy the same young pop artist lane on the team

Caleb vs. Nathan - similar dramatic performers with kinda similar voices

Siala vs. Jonathon - maybe George could pull a Denzel vs Henry 2.0? lmao idk

Ricky vs. Andy - it will be interesting to see how Andy will do with his battle and tbh I can see him going against almost anyone


Team Kelly

Masha vs. Emma - Emma and Ella are the only ones on team kelly that can maybe match Masha's voice, and I think Emma's is more in her style

Alex vs. Mason - both have an understated style with softer-storytelling voices 

Chris vs. Ella - I can see them performing a ballad with some big moments

Mark vs. Charlie - Charlie leans more towards pop but he's still the closest thing to rock in this team besides Mark

Sapphire vs. Lyric - these last two pairings are interchangeable amongst them I guess?? and this made more sense than Lyric vs Soma or Bo'Ness

Soma vs. Bo'ness - the reason above


Team Guy

Johnny vs. Bukhu (confirmed)

Stephanie vs. Kirby (confirmed?)

Timothy vs. Luke - Timothy is basically a superior version of Luke tbh

Adam vs. Josh - them guys with rockish voices

Elyse vs. Natalie - both pop girls

Wolf vs. Jimi vs. Xy - idk if it's cofirmed but from the last episode of blinds it seems like Wolf has to be in the 3-way battle? Wolf and Jimi makes sense to me but god only knows how xy fits into this lmao


The teams after blinds for me stand as Delta > George > Guy > Kelly, but I think they're pretty balanced and all have potential to end up as a really strong 3/4 artists.

Edited by dioko
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I'll leave my predictions (and who I think wins each one, italics is a steal/save).

Team Guy

Stephanie Cole vs. Kirby Burgess

Bukhu Ganburged vs. Johnny Manuel

Wolf Winters vs. Xy Latu vs. Natalie Gauci

Adam Ludewig vs. Elyse Sene-Lefao

Timothy James Bowen vs. Luke Biscan

Josh Pywell vs. Jimi the Kween


Team Delta

Stellar Perry vs. Matt Gresham

Jesse Teinaki vs. Steve Clisby

Graeme Isaako vs. Elishia Semaan

Matt Evans vs. Claudia Harrison

Janie Gordon vs. Emmagen Rain

Maddy Thomas vs. Callum Gleeson


Team Kelly

Masha Mnjoyan vs. Ella Monnery

Mark Furze vs. Emma Mylott

Mason Lloyde vs. Bo'Ness

Chris Sebastian vs. Lyric McFarland

Sapphire Tamalemai vs. Soma Sutton

Alex Weybury vs. Charlie McFarlane


Team George

Clarissa Spata vs. Virginia Lillye

Nathan Isaac vs. Sebastian Coe

Angela Fabian vs. Jonathon Welch

Despina Savva vs. Siala Robson

Caleb Jago-Ward vs. Andy Dexterity

Roxane LeBrasse vs. Ricky Muscat


Edited by indii
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GEEZUS this last night was strong. I'm adding all the chair turners to my team or standby for sure.


First of all, Kat Jade and Lucy Griffiths were sooo close to earning a chair turn. As a whole their performances were good (even though there were obvious technical issues) Without those issues and maybe an earlier slot in auditions, I could've seen them getting turns. Penelope Pettigrew was just flat out great and would've gotten a chair turn from probably any other coach that had a spot left...


1. Wolf Winters (9.5/10) - Honestly grateful that they let Guy turn his chair since the whole thing was obviously planned out but that's beside the point because HOLY CRAP this man's voice is unlike any other on the show. Aside from his interesting voice, he performed very well too! 

2. Sapphire Tamalemai (9/10) - I liked this way more than Zeek's audition last season! (Love how S8 opened with someone singing Runnin' and choosing Kelly and S9 ended with someone singing Runnin' and getting chosen by Kelly) She's great for her age and I hope to see her move far! What a feel-good moment to see her get a turn.

3. Steve Clisby (9/10) - Guy described it best when he called it effortless! No fancy tricks or anything, just simple and warm. Not what I was expecting from him and I'm so glad that he got the opportunity to come back for this.

4. Mason Lloyde (8/10) - Very interesting! Wasn't perfect the whole way through, but it was pleasant and kept me intrigued. Should make for an interesting next round!



1. Caleb Jago-Ward (George)

2. Stellar Perry (Delta)

3. Clarissa Spata (George)

4. Wolf Winters (Guy)

5. Janie Gordon (Delta)

6. Matt Evans (Delta)

7. Jesse Teinaki (Delta)

8. Sapphire Tamalemai (Kelly)

9. Xy Latu (Guy)

10. Adam Ludewig (Guy)

11. Chris Sebastian (Kelly)

12. Steve Clisby (Delta)



13.. Lyric McFarland (Kelly)

14. Elyse Sene-Lefao (Guy)

15. Graeme Isaako (Delta)

16. Soma Sutton (Kelly)

17. Matt Gresham (Delta)

18. Mason Lloyde (Kelly)

19. Bo'Ness (Kelly)

20. Johnny Manuel (Guy)

21. Alex Weybury (Kelly)

22. Roxane LeBrasse (George)

23. Masha Mnjoyan (Kelly)

24. Angela Fabian (George)

25. Nathan Isaac (George)


I'll reshuffle my team/on standby before the next round airs, but what a strong way to end the blinds!

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7 hours ago, dioko said:




This one is Kirby vs Stephanie I believe? 

I think you're right with that one!! 

Spoiler alert: Stephanie has been seen with other The Voice contestants in Sydney last week because they filmed the playoffs on the weekend. Confirms what I thought - Kirby being musical theatre was never going to go any further than the battles

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Apparently the 'Guy vs Everyone' storyline is after Bukhu and Johnny's matchup.

My guess is that Guy doesn’t want to get rid of either.
Seeing as coaches have 2 steals/saves, he doesn’t choose a winner and takes them both through which isn’t ‘fair’ to the other coaches as they won’t have the chance to steal the 'loser'.
Or he chooses a winner but announces that he’s going to save the 'loser', before other coaches are given time to decide if they want to steal him.


I think it's interesting that the Aus format allows coaches to save their own artists whereas usually in the US you can only steal from other teams. 

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7 hours ago, dioko said:

From the end of episode promo:


Are you able to post that promo/where were you able to find that?

On 9Now, the promo at the end of last night's episode is diffferent - it's much shorter and isn't showing as many of the matchups. 

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Episode 10 commentary! Let's close this blinds down!


STEVE CLISBY, ALL-STAR, Delta and Kelly turned, Team Delta




Such an interesting song choice from him! He did great, but not enough for me to turn. No chair.






I love how many operatic/classical singers are there this season! I really like the Italian twist that Lucy put on her blind, and how she's just happy to perform for the coaches. I think her voice needs a lot more training for the type of singing she's going for, but she's young, she'll get there. No chair.


MASON LLOYDE, Kelly turned, Team Kelly




I love this song and I love the arrangement that he used, but vocally his voice is just a little bit too affected for me. Interested to hear more though. No chair.






Awww I remember Kat and how adorably quirky she was in Season 3. I appreciate her trying to be more poised and mature now, but there's just way too many singers like her this season. No chair.


WOLF WINTERS, Guy turned, Team Guy




Holy bass voice, Batman! That is the deepest voice I ever heard in any singing show I watched so far! I am really impressed and intrigued! Now I see why Guy was compelled to "break the rules" for him. Does it warrant all the drama? Probably not, but whatever. I find it funny though that the producer said the philisophy of the show was "putting the artists first" and yet the decision to let Wolf stay was upheld if Guy was willing to lose two artists in one fell swoop in the next round. Anyway, with all that said, it's still a no chair from me.





Kelly said she needs a female voice on her team but doesn't turn for this? WTF??? That was terrific! She's definitely the one that got away for me this season. She's out, so she's still a no chair for me, but I would have turned in a heartbeat.



SAPPHIRE TAMALEMAI, Kelly turned, Team Kelly





Sorry, I know Sapphire probably appeals to a lot of you guys, but this is who was chosen over Penelope? It's official, this season solidified my stance of Kelly being the worst coach in all of TVAU. And that's counting will.i.am and Kylie Minogue. No chair.




1. Stellar Perry (4 chairs, Team Delta)

2. Timothy James Bowen (4 chairs, Team Guy)

3. Jesse Teinaki (4 chairs, Team Delta)

4. Kirby Burgess (2 chairs, Team Guy)

5. Matt Gresham (2 chairs, Team Delta)

6. Caleb Jago-Ward (3 chairs, Team George)

7. Alex Weybury (4 chairs, Team Kelly)

8. Claudia Harrison (4 chairs, Team Delta)

9. Johnny Manuel (4 chairs, Team Guy) 

10. Mark Furze (4 chairs, Team Kelly)

11. Elyse Sene- Lefao (3 chairs, Team Guy)

12. Clarissa Spata (2 chairs, Team George)


Well, that's it for my Season 9 team! Not a bad lineup if I do say so myself! Team battle predictions incoming in a bit!

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Here are my probably wrong battle predictions. Only took the spoilers from the previews and articles in consideration and nothing else. I can't believe Bukhu wasn't paired with Wolf, like, WTF????


Team Guy

Kirby Burgess vs. Stephanie Cole

Bukhu Ganburged vs. Johnny Manuel

Wolf Winters vs. Adam Ludewig vs. Josh Pywell

Jimi the Kween vs. Elyse Sene-Lefao

Xy Latu vs. Natalie Gauci

Timothy James Bowen vs. Luke Biscan


Team Delta

Callum Gleeson vs. Steve Clisby

Maddy Thomas vs. Emmagen Rain

Stellar Perry vs. Matt Gresham

Matt Evans vs. Jesse Teinaki

Graeme Isaako vs. Elishia Semaan

Janie Gordon vs. Claudia Harrison


Team Kelly

Masha Mnjoyan vs. Emma Mylott

Alex Weybury vs. Mason Lloyde

Sapphire Tamalemai vs. Soma Sutton

Mark Furze vs. Bo'Ness

Chris Sebastian vs. Lyric McFarland

Charlie McFarlane vs. Ella Monnery


Team George

Clarissa Spata vs. Virginia Lillye

Caleb Jago-Ward vs. Jonathon Welch

Angela Fabian vs. Roxanne LeBrasse

Despina Savva vs. Sebastian Coe

Nathan Isaac vs. Andy Dexterity

Siala Robson vs. Ricky Muscat


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2 hours ago, Rach88 said:

I think it's interesting that the Aus format allows coaches to save their own artists whereas usually in the US you can only steal from other teams. 


Actually, coaches saving their own members has been a thing in TVUS since Season 14. Only it is applied to the KOs and not the battles, except in Season 17. Man, TVUS's format is messy AF.

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12 minutes ago, mjdolorico said:

I can't believe Bukhu wasn't paired with Wolf, like, WTF????

Well if Bukhu was paired with Wolf they would also be competing against another person - I'm pretty sure the conditions were if Guy gets Wolf he has to be put in a 3-way battle, seeing as Wolf was the extra contestant.

(This is why I hate that Guy was able to get another contestant - it's a big disadvantage for Wolf because he'll automatically be put in a 3-way battle when it wasn't his fault that Guy turned after his team was full)

Edited by Rach88
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Have totally fallen behind on my episodic rankings, so I'm just going to rank out everyone we've seen so far. Amazing group!

  1. Stellar Perry
  2. Janie Gordon
  3. Johnny Manuel
  4. Despina Savva
  5. Kirby Burgess
  6. Jesse Teniaki
  7. Elyse Sene-Lefao
  8. Masha Mjoyan
  9. Matt Gresham
  10. Angela Fabian
  11. Sapphire Tamalemai
  12. Chris Sebastian
  13. Roxane LeBrasse
  14. Maddy Thomas
  15. Wolf Winters
  16. Elishia Semaan
  17. Nathan Isaac
  18. Clarissa Spata
  19. Jimi the Kween
  20. Emma Mylott
  21. Siala Robson
  22. Mason Lloyde
  23. Mark Furze
  24. Lyric McFarland
  25. Adam Ludweig
  26. Graeme Isaako
  27. Timothy James Bowen
  28. Ricky Muscat
  29. Bo'Ness
  30. Alex Weybury
  31. Jonathan Welch
  32. Matt Evans
  33. Xy Latu
  34. Caleb Jago-Ward
  35. Luke Biscan
  36. Natalie Gauci
  37. Josh Pywell
  38. Claudia Harrison
  39. Stephanie Cole
  40. Ella Monnery
  41. Emmagen Rain
  42. Steve Clisby
  43. Andy Dexterity
  44. Virginia Lillye
  45. Bukhu Ganburged
  46. Charlie McFarlane
  47. Callum Gleeson
  48. Soma Sutton
  49. Sebastian Coe
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I like Sapphire the most this episode. Her performance was raw and beautiful. 

Wolf Winters, I really like deep voiced male singer than can also show some grits, and he also sang one of my all time favorite songs, but I didn't love his performance, I'm not sure why. I want to hear him sing another song though, so I'll let him complete my team.


My Team (bolded ones are my ultimate favorites)

1. Janie Gordon
2. Timothy Bowen
3. Jesse Teinaki
4. Matt Gresham
5. Caleb Jago Ward
6. Angela Fabian
7. Claudia Harrison
8. Johnny Manuel
9. Mark Furze
10. Clarissa Spata

11. Sapphire Tamalemai

12. Wolf Winters

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