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American Idol Season 18 Top 5 Spoilers

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This is Youtube views from yesterday. Lets see if it matches.




1. Arthur Gunn: 685k
2. Francisco Martin: 281k
3. Jonny West: 184k

4. Just Sam: 176k
5. Dillon James: 149k
6. Julia Gargano: 139k
7. Louis Knight: 111k


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If Arthur wins, Idol deserves to be cancelled. I'm not exaggerating.

Fake list. not going to happen. Let Idol decide, and ruining the results before the finale. 

Arthur is amazing

1 minute ago, CarmenSandiego said:

I’m sure that she will.

yeah of course I dont expect her to make it huge or anything, but would love her to put out albums 

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this is idol so not surprised Julia was elimainted oh well. hope she still puts out albums, dont expect her top top the charts or make it big, just want albums 

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