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The Voice 18 ● Finale Pt. 1 ● Discussion

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toneisha COOK these sausages up, queen!!

Kelly seems drunk. 

There's your winner...whether he actually wins or not, he's the winner this season.

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Thunderstorm did alright. It’s a good song but his performance  seems to be missing something. I guess the lack of audience made this a boring finale.


1. Todd original

2. Toneisha cover

3. Thunderstorm cover
4. Toneisha original

5. Micah cover

6. Micah original

7. Thunderstorm original

8. Todd cover

9. Camm original 

10. Camm cover

Based on placement scores above,  my Finale results would be - 


1. Toneisha - 6

2. Todd - 9

3. Thunderstorm - 10

4. Micah - 11

5. Camm - 19


But Toneisha will like finish 3rd and a toss-up between Todd and Thunderstorm for the win.

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Wasn't a fan of most people in this finale. Camm went from one of my favs in the finale to dropping into the middle of the pack. Voted for Thunderstorm and Toneisha.

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How I hope it's gonna play out tomorrow:

  1. Thunderstorm
  2. Toneisha/Todd
  3. Todd/Toneisha 
  4. CammWess
  5. Micah

Thunderstorm has been consistently spectacular (even with his KO hiccup). I like Todd more than Toneisha but she's been stronger the last couple weeks than he has, and Micah flopped hard tonight - Camm struggled too but Prince is hard for just about everyone and he didn't sound 100% karaoke like Micah did.



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2 hours ago, kclarkson1323 said:

Yeah its over just crown him tonight

Todd is probably going to win, unfortunately.  But Thunderstorm really deserves to.☹

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tbh the only thing clear is that the top 3 is Todd, Toneisha, and Thunderstorm (a top 3 I'm very satisfied with).


It wasn't Todd's strongest night while Toneisha and Thunderstorm gave two strong performances. I'd argue it's very close.


Personally still rooting for Todd, but a Thunderstorm win wouldn't be disappointing. A Toneisha win would be a pleasant/welcome surprise - although it's the least likely of all.

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16 hours ago, VintageVoice said:

All hail MJ's magical predictive powers. Either that or he works on production for the show and hasn't said a peep.

He reacted to that with a laugh, however, that wasnt a haha laugh, it was a nervous laugh.

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Well, at the end of it all, I was thrilled, excited, blown away or 🤞 for a particular individual.  Not another Season I recall where at this point in the game nothing sparked, at least, some interest.  Although, certainly, still curious to know the final outcome.

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