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The Voice 18 ● Finale Pt. 1 ● Discussion

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toneisha COOK these sausages up, queen!!

Kelly seems drunk. 

There's your winner...whether he actually wins or not, he's the winner this season.

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7 minutes ago, mjdolorico said:


Wouldn't it be hilarious if she comes full circle and sings another Journey song? 🙃


When you misidentified a band but still got the artist right 



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3 minutes ago, Ptones2010 said:

Thanks. It seemed like Micah did a good job based on some of the comments though.


Personal taste I guess.  Not my kinda song but listen and tell us what you think.

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10 minutes ago, mercfan3 said:

Thunderstorm really is an outstanding contestant. It's a shame we had such a shortened season - with such a weird aspect too it. (Plus, there are other contestants whose growth I would have enjoyed watching..) 


He really is. A true artist.

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Todd and looking dead behind the eyes today - name a more iconic duo, I'll wait (in all seriousness, I hope the guy gets caught up on sleep and has some time to take care of himself after all this is done, he looks so tired and I'm worried). 

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