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AI S18 On With the Show: Season Finale

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So you mean to tell me my favorite finally won American Idol and all it took was for me not to watch that much and show disinterest in this season.  I finally found the recipe. It took 18 seasons but

I don’t believe it!  Just Sam won!  JUST SAM ACTUALLY WON!   (I do a little happy dance now!)

My votes went to Arthur and Sam. Best final 2 ever, and will be the most successful final 2's. SAM WON, JUST SAM WON. IT'S ABOUT TIME. SHE WILL OUTSELL FANTASIA. And possibly Kelly Clarkson 2. Best wi

I’m disappointed with those results. Two of my faves cut and two people I didn’t even want in the top 20 made it 😢


Ah well, GO JOHNNY!!! 

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