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Top 5 Predictions


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I think the most likely result is that Louis and one of the girls goes home. If it were based on the performances I think Julia just slightly edged out Sam, but Sam will probably be the one lonely girl in the finale because of her overall story and exposure.

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I want to say Louis. He deserved to be gone already and I would've preferred Makayla, Jovin or Sophia over him in the Top7.  I think America hopefully comes to the senses this time around.  The other one is a tougher call...I feel like it might be Just Sam, partially because this was kind of a solid but not spectacular week from her and partially because African Americans have a poor track record of being pushed deep by the public in recent seasons. If it were up to me, I'd cut Francisco and Louis instead, though I did truly like the former for the first time tonight since his audition on his Mother's Day song.  But based on body of work, I still have him a shade lower than the other five.

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6 hours ago, wgm said:

Top 5: 


Tier 1:


1. Julia 

2. Sam

3. Arthur 


Tier 2:

4. Dillion 

5. Louis 




6. Jonny 

7. Fransisco 






There is a 0% chance Johnny goes


And maybe a 10% chance Fransisco goes.

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I think Louis is for sure going home and probably Julia but I also think Jonny is in danger... he gave a twist to a classic with new words which is a no no and I feel like a lot of people feel neutral about him... they don’t rave about him like Julia fans do, me being one. I’m hoping Julia makes it over either Jonny or Sam... because the other 3 are locks. 

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12 minutes ago, holinessss said:


T7 ~12hr Power Ranking (Overall)
Contestant Disney Mother's Day Power
Arthur Gunn 1.00 1.00 1.00
Francisco Martin 2.67 2.67 2.67
Sam Diaz 4.00 4.33 4.17
Dillon James 4.33 4.67 4.50
Louis Knight 4.33 4.67 4.50
Julia Gargano 5.00 5.00 5.00
Jonny West 6.67 5.67 6.17


based on overnight-ish instagram stats; though i'm not really sure how wide the margin of error is, i feel like sam's high enough to prevent an all-male F5...

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Here’s my predictions for the Top 5:


1.  Arthur — he’s been a front runner from the start.

2.  Francisco — this more intimate format is really helping him.

3.  Just Sam — her high ranking on social media and the margin of error that Holinessss noted means that she’ll get in.  Whew.

4.  Dillon — he apparently had his best night yet, so he’s in.

5.  Jonny — he may have done just well enough to move on.


Out in the cold:


1.  Julia — but I would prefer Jonny to be out instead.

2.  Louis — he’s doomed, especially if he forgot the lyrics.

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