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Rank the Top 7!


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Now that the Top 7 has been revealed, it's time to rank them from least favourite to favourite!


Arthur Gunn

Dillon James

Francisco Martin

Julia Gargano

Jonny West

Just Sam

Louis Knight

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THE WORST THING IN AMERICAN IDOL IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN!!!...5 CHICK MAGNETS are about to dominate the season....


1) Samantha Diaz

2) Julia Gargano

3) Francisco Martin

4) Dillon James

5) Louis Knight

6) Johnny West

7) Arthur Gunn




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Easy peasy! ;)


1. Arthur

2. Jonny

3. Sam

4. Dillon

5. Francisco

6. Louis

7. Julia


Several of them were early faves but now that the FINALE is literally next week I'm only voting for Arthur and Jonny. Wish the best for Sam and hope Idol continues to show her love and support! ❤️ 

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1. Francisco Martin: I feel like each of the Top 7 has disappointed me at least once, but the closest thing we've had to someone who's been good every time is Francisco. So for consistency, he still holds my #1 spot.

2. Dillon James: It seems crazy to me that he's jumped this high this quickly, but it's a short season and HOLY CRAP he just slayed tonight. Top two performances of the night for me. He might also have benefited from the void left by the elimination of Grace Leer.

3. Julia Gargano: This almost feels like my obligatory "always stan a woman". Julia seemed promising in auditions, but I hadn't been terribly impressed with her again until just last week. But she was surprisingly close to Francisco in my rankings for this episode, despite the fact that her inability to convincingly present half of what she sings was on full display this week. I mean, seriously, upping the tempo on "Beauty and the Beast"? Seriously, girl, what are you doing?

4. Just Sam: Another weak week makes me wonder why she's even this high, until I remember who her competition is. She suffered from the same problems as Julia tonight, except she did it on both songs. How can someone so emotive in her speaking give such lifeless performances?

5. Arthur Gunn: Arthur is pleasant to listen to, nothing more. He's what's known as "easy listening". He's not an American Idol.

6. Jonny West: Finally, a little bit of the Jonny West we saw in auditions returns. Beautiful work, though he's still clearly out of his league.

7. Louis Knight: While I can't defend his arrangement of "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?", he sang it beautifully enough that I gave it a decent rating anyway. The judges gave an actual critique, so I figured he's probably toast. Then he goes out and completely justifies being toast, so of course the judges are all over how great it was. They're so useless. Louis seemed like an early favorite after his audition and first Hollywood performance, a regular Sam Smith or Ed Sheeran. And he just hasn't been able to live up to the early promise. 

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1.  Just Sam — she’s still my girl!

2.  Francisco — I wouldn’t mind if he wins.

3.  Julia — I hope that she makes the finale.

4.  Arthur — he’s just okay for me.

5.  Jonny — he’s also just okay for me.

6.  Louis — not my favorite but he’s not country.

7.  Dillon — sorry, Dillon fans, but I just don’t like country.

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