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The Voice 18 ● Top 9 Perform ● Discussion

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After that performance from Megan, he'll be a lock for the PV.

1. Micah Iverson 2. Joanna Serenko

Kane Brown next.  NOW it's time for bathroom break.

3 minutes ago, lhdang2000 said:

I don’t get why The Voice fans always talk about the guest artists won’t turn any chair as something they’re proud of.

Kane Brown has a #1 album and Doja Cat just has #1 single, they are the current standard of the music industry. If we want The Voice winners or contestants to have any success, we better hope they perform more like the guest artists: charismatic and full of personalities.


Well, if they are the standard, the music industry is in a sad state currently.  No wonder I can't stand any modern music or artists.

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