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RuPaul's Drag Race - All Stars 5


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I agree with the sentiment that, as a whole, the season wasn’t stellar but Juju and Shea saved it for me. I tuned in every week to see what they would do, which is a testament to how good they are and I think the lack of a truly terrible result (e.g. Manila, Shangela) made it better so if this format is what it takes to achieve that, then so be it.

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I'd like to see the format get another chance in AS6 provided they actually have lip sync assassins. It was hard to really get a gauge on it this season because the cast was largely filler (owing to a lot of the bigger names they contacted allegedly turning it down), but if had a cast of on par with AS2, it'd be exciting. That said, I still think I (mostly) prefer the AS2-AS4 format because I felt like the lip syncs had higher stakes. :haha:


That said, someone give Jujubee and her cat a web series already!

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Super underwhelming season but rightful winner.


I'm so glad that Jujubee showed herself to be just as delightful as she always has been and has been reintroduced to a brand new audience. Her last runway was like jaw dropping gorgeous as well


Cracker did decently, I don't think she will have won over any new fans and I personally don't feel like I know anything new about her, but she didn't do badly in any challenges except the super boring hotel room and non-existant Gaga.


Shea did not have the legendary run I was hoping for based off the near flawless Season 9 run but I still think she had great moments and most certainly deserved the crown. The two episodes she won, she was miles in front the rest. Her love rap, skin runway and Neutron Dance lipsync is like the most dominant showing in a single episode and the same for the Snatch Game episode. And she was clearly the best in the Clapback challenge although the challenge itself was garbage with awful camera work reminiscent of SYTYCD at times.


So yeah All Stars 5 was a bit of a bust and god knows they need to take a break so they can have a better cast for All Stars 6 but at least Shea earned a crown again and actually got to wear it this time.


ALSO: I will never forgive them for bringing back Kennedy as a (rightful) lipsync assassin to that song. 

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Season was super underwhelming - the challenges didn't really feel fresh. The lipsyncs were not that strong, and the song choices were a choice. 


Ranking of the queens:

  1. Jujubee: Jujubee proved why she's one of the best and most beloved queen.
  2. Shea: She walked in as a winner, and got crown as the winner. 
  3. Miz Cracker: Love her, and she did an excellent job esp. when she needed to. 
  4. Alexis Mateo: Legendary! Bam!
  5. Blair St. Clair: She did not do anything spectacular but she did give us some good runway look.
  6. India Ferrah: Not really a fan but she did give us drama.
  7. Mariah: She surprised me but still not a stan.
  8. Derrick Barry: An icon. 
  9. Ongina: This one hurts to put her here but she really wasn't made to compete on all-stars :( 
  10. Mayhem: Meh-hem. Really did not do anything outstanding.

Ranking the AS winners:

  1. Trixie Mattel
  2. Shea Coulee
  3. Trinity The Tuck
  4. Alaska
  5. Chad Michaels
  6. Monet XChange
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Finally watched! Thanks to Dee for giving me a little preview 🙂 (but actually not a very surprising result so not that pressed about it)


Shea is amazing. Season 9 cast was truly that bitch. Well deserved, so nice to see that she earned it and it wasn't just producer nonsense that got her the win.


Love love love love love love love that they all got to do the final runway. 


Ongina's make-up was spectacular, Derrick looked great, Mariah got shafted by the terrible runway lighting.


Underwhelmed by the final challenge. They really need to strip it down a bit, IMO. AS2 and S9 song challenges were lightyears ahead of whatever that was. Too many dancers, bad camerawork, just a lot of visual noise. Focus more on the verses and not Ru's chorus.


Overall I really enjoyed the season (more than some of you guys, it seems). Thank goodness Cracker improved at the end because she was making me worried at the beginning of the season through the Snatch Game. Top 3 was fantastic. I think this season will be remembered more fondly than AS3 and AS4. Time will tell.

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Finished the episode!


Clap Back was great


1.  Shea Coulee - slayed her verse

2.  Jujubee - killed it

3.  Miz Cracker - also did well, just not as well.  hideous bow lol.



Final Runway:

1.  Jujubee - STELLAR, jaw droppingly stunning

2.  Miz Cracker

3.  Shea coulee - only be a small margin, her and Cracker are basically equal



Lip Sync:

1.  Shea Coulee - slay

2.  Jujubee - great

3.  Miz Cracker - also solid



I love that Shea won, so happy for her.  I would have loved it even more if Jujubee had won it.  It would have been an iconic ending.




1.  Jujubee - I love her so much.  She should have had at least more win, and been high every week except last week.  Should have been a Jinkx tragectory.

2.  Shea Coulee - She was my predicted winner going in, unsurprisingly she won.  Wasn't quite the run she had on season 9, but still amazing

3.  Miz Cracker - exceeded every expectation I had for her this season.  Cemented herself as a favorite.  Part of my favorite Top 3 ever!

4.  Blair St. Clair - most improved contestant.  Shes not an icon like the Top 3 though.  

5.  Mariah Paris Balanciaga - some great runways, loved her week 1 talent show.  Biggest jump overall though.

6.  Ongina - Disappointing finish and gave up.  Still love her.

7.  India Ferrah - Bottom ho, but she had some sick runway looks this season! 

8.  Mayhem Miller - also very meh.  Such a boring 2 time contestant.

9. Derrick Berry - meh this time around

10.  Alexis Mateo - I do not like Alexis, sorry not sorry.  She did well on the show and brought drama, but I find her unlikable. 

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Overall ranking:


1. Jujubee

2. Alexis Mateo

3. Shea Coulee

4. Miz Cracker

5. Blair St. Clair

6. Derrick Barry

7. Mariah Paris Balenciaga

8. India Ferrah

9. Ongina

10. Mayhem Miller


-The more I think about it, the more I feel like we were robbed of Derrick drama. One of the more entertaining and messy queens was sent home first, and kind of undeservedly so

-Alexis and Jujubee slayed, I was looking forward to seeing them both back but they exceeded my expectations and cemented their statuses as drag race royalty

-I really fell in love with Shea as a human this season, there was something calculated about her in S9 that made it hard to connect with her but I found her much more enjoyable this season. Her run wasn't perfection or slayage like many were predicting but she makes for a great winner and had some really high highs

-Miz Cracker was a bit of a mixed bag for me this season I feel like some of her runways were amazing and she was an enjoyable presence...but her villain storyline didn't really go anywhere and her Snatch Game was just....ugh. When it's all said and done I may actually prefer her S10 run more but we'll see.

-Meh to everyone else overall. Lots of fodder. Meh to the lipsync assassin concept. It had the potential to be alright but after Yvie's epic turn in week one the assassins were super hit or miss unfortunately.

-Overall a below average season :( 

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1. Jujubee - I was really rooting for both her and Shea throughout the season like everyone else, Jujubee a tad more since she's more of a comic queen.

2. Shea Coulee - She wasn't aways perfect in the challenges and there was an underwhelming runway or two but her slayage every other week made her a very worthy winner. 

3. Blair St. Clair - I actually think she was better in the beginning, but I loved her shadiness and newfound confidence. 

4. Miz Cracker - Great runway looks, but too many self-defeating confessionals in the beginning and middle. 

5. Alexis Mateo - She gave some great runway looks, even if I've never connected that much with her. 

6. India Ferrah - Loved watchig her underdog run and the drama. 

7. Mariah Paris Balenciaga

8. Ongina - I was really rooting for her at first. 

9. Derrick Barry - Eh we had India for the drama, we didn't need him. 

10. Mayhem Miller - Nice enough but ehhh. 


Overall I liked this season more than everyone else seemed to (heck, the library alone would have made it a better season than 12), but I'd rather not see the lipsync assassin format again.

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Loved reading everyone's comments. :clap: Really wish I had a platform to share my thoughts when I first got into Drag Race last year.


A few random thoughts on the season:


- Didn't mind the lip sync assassins as it was fun to see queens from past seasons return, however, one winner per episode was not enough and I was disappointed that we didn't get to see more queens lip sync.

- My least favorite twist was the "if you're not in the top, you're in the bottom" thing. You could tell that it messed everyone up and that was not fun to watch. I enjoy drama but that was lame.

- This has already been said multiple times but some of the challenges this season were just stupid. I feel like there were too many challenges where the only criterion was "just be funny" and I don't think that's fair. You've got so many talented queens, some of whom had been waiting for this opportunity for years, and you are wasting their talents. Make them sing, dance, choreograph, style wigs, dunno, anything that they would most likely be doing in the real world. I personally don't find these improv challenges funny at all and can smell the rigga morris straightaway.


I don't like ranking reality show contestants and I find doing so with Drag Race is more difficult than with any other show I've watched but I'll give it a go:


1. Shea Couleé - I don't have enough words to express how much I love Shea. I know people are saying her run this time was not as good as her original one which, fair enough, but I'm not sure what more she could have done given the challenges. She never let me down and did her best with what she was given. Her glow up was incredible and I didn't expect her to have one since she was already so strong on her original season. I also love how she wasn't afraid to experiment on the runway. I gasped when she would come out pretty much every single week. I'm just so happy for her. :wub: My favorites almost never win so this felt extra special.


2. Jujubee - I love Juju and do feel bad for her but having her and Shea on the same season was just too much for me. Had this been any other AS season, she would've been my favorite, but I was so invested in Shea that I couldn't imagine anyone else winning. Anyway, Juju is iconic and I'm glad she got to come back again. She deserves all the love she's getting. Truly the MVP of the season.


3. Alexis Mateo - Not a stan of Alexis by any means and I didn't expect much from her but she did surprise me. I knew she wasn't gonna win so I could enjoy her without feeling threatened. :haha: Random but her wig lines were so bad lol.


4. Blair St. Clair - I do think Blair was a bit delusional at times but maybe that was just her way of trying not to crack under the pressure. Bitch was doing the most to manifest some confidence and I lived. :dead: I don't think her run was that bad considering most of the challenges were outside of her comfort zone. I'm glad she got to come back and show how much she'd grown since her original season. Also, she makes the most gorgeous wigs. :wub: 


5. India Ferrah - I love a messy bitch. :dead: India was never the loudest person in the room but still managed to stir the pot more than anyone else. I do also think she's a great drag queen. Her looks were always on point and I'm glad she got to show herself off.


6. Derrick Barry - Don't judge me. :ph34rwave: I watch this show to be entertained and Derrick managed to entertain me more in one episode than the queens I ranked below her (him?) did.


7. Mayhem Miller - She cute and obviously a great drag queen. She just doesn't stand out in this format and that's okay. Not everyone will.


8. Miz Cracker - I want to like her but it's honestly so difficult. She did have her moments but most of the time I was just rolling my eyes at her. I feel like she's her own worst enemy which I can relate to but I don't think she'd worked out her issues since her original season even though they tried to make it seem like she had. I'm just not a huge fan but I can't deny that she's talented not at lip syncing though


9. Ongina - Only reason she's not last is because I find her more likable than Mariah.


10. Mariah - Don't find her memorable at all. Maybe I'm missing something here but I feel like so many people had such high expectations for her and I was there like :unsure: 


Now lemme try and rank the winners which should not be as difficult.


1. Shea Couleé

2. Trinity The Tuck

3. Trixie Mattel

4. Monét X Change

5. Chad Michaels

6. Alaska


I guess Trinity and Trixie and Monét and Chad are interchangeable but Shea is definitely first and Alaska is definitely last.


Still a little bit mad at the double crowning in AS4 lol

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Overall rankings:

1. Jujubee - consistently brilliant, hilarious and just an all-around great addition to the cast.

2. Shea - iconic, so happy for her getting the spot in the hall-of-fame

3. Alexis - strong performer, brought the drama, possibly my favourite iteration of her
4. Mariah - wish we saw more of her 💔 

5. Cracker - I liked Villain Cracker at the start :wub: She did well this season, not my favourite but credit where it’s due she stepped up

6. Blair - she was in my top 3 until the last few episodes and then she just dipped for me, some great looks but underwhelming finish

7. Derrick - messy icon, wish we got more of her

8. India - she made her mark on this season, love to see it!

9. Ongina - she didn’t do well but aww it was still nice to see her back

10. Mayhem - I was left underwhelmed by her, and still sad she gave up!


Hall of Fame ranking:

1. Shea
2. Alaska

3. Trinity

4. Monét

5. Chad

6. Trixie


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It’s been no secret that they’re my top 2 of the season and they’ve been neck and neck for me the whole time :giggle:Shea is a very close #2 for now! Juju is just one of my first main faves and she knocked the season out of the park so it’s hard for me to not make her #1. :haha:

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20 minutes ago, *Lily said:

It’s been no secret that they’re my top 2 of the season and they’ve been neck and neck for me the whole time :giggle:Shea is a very close #2 for now! Juju is just one of my first main faves and she knocked the season out of the park so it’s hard for me to not make her #1. :haha:


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1 hour ago, Densu said:

:haha: I like Chad! It's just been so long since he was on the show and I haven't been able to keep up with him the same way I have with the other winners.



I'll just remain Chad's #1 stan at IDF, I guess. :closedeyes:

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