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RuPaul's Drag Race - All Stars 5


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6 minutes ago, *Lily said:

Excited to finally see this cast in action! Considering they filmed it almost a year ago and the cast has been out since then, it’s nice that the wait is finally over. :haha:

Apparently they're using the werkroom entrances as the promo for it since they didn't film actual promos for the season.


...Even though it filmed in June of 2019.

...And they had eight months before the stay-at-home orders started going out.

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Loved some of these entrances. Rooting for some more than others but it’s a pretty solid cast.

Pre-show ranking

01. Miz Cracker - I love her and her runways. She was one of the best things about season ten.

02. Jujubee - I’ve always been a huge fan of her and I’m intrigued to see how her drag will stand out amongst some of the other queens.

03. Alexis Mateo - Yessss queeeeen! She can do it all and there isn’t any particular thing that lets her down. I’m excited to see how far she’s come since the olden days.

04. India Ferrah - This is probably a bit too high considering how she did on her original season but I’ve seen her live and she was amazing. I went from not caring to really liking her. It’ll be interesting to see where her drag is now because she’s always been old school. 
05. Blair St. Clair - Shes so cute and her drag is always great. I’m just hoping we get more personality and fight from her this time. Looks as if we might from the entrance. 
06. Mariah Balenciaga - She didn’t really stand out during her season but she’ll be interesting with her

personality. It looks as if her drag has come on too.

07. Shea Coulee - I’m a fan but I’m more excited to see how far some of the queens have come from their original season. I’m finding it hard to imagine how much Shea has come on since she did well the first time. The only reason she isn’t higher.

08. Derrick Barry - That entrance though. 🤣

09. Ongina - I never found her that interesting but her entrance look was killer. She’s one of the only queens I don’t have much of an opinion on. 

10. Mayhem Miller - Has no right to be on an All Stars season. 

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1. Shea Couleé - Crown it.

2. Jujubee - Crown it.

3. Ongina - ugh finally

4. Miz Cracker - I liked her in S10.

5. Blair - She seems more confident.
6. Mayhem Miller - I don’t know her.
7. Alexis Mateo - Well hopefully she doesn’t outstay her welcome in this season.
8. India Ferrah - who?
9. Mariah - Who???????

10. Derrick Barry - ugh

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1. Shea - she’s an icon, she’s a legend and she is the moment. Worth the wait already. :wub:

2. Jujubee - one of my first Drag Race favourites! I’m so excited for her and hope she wins a challenge this time.

3. Blair - I liked her the first time around but I’m excited to see this complete transformation in her drag. She always looks amazing on IG.

4. Mariah - deserves more love! I love her style of drag and, while I’m not sure how well it’ll work on All-Stars, I’ve been waiting for her to reintroduce herself on the show so super excited.

5. Ongina - wow at that entrance look. I always liked her but upon doing the S1 redo remembered how great she was. Excited to see how she adapts to modern Drag Race.

6. Cracker - I liked her for the mostpart on S10 but she kinda lost me nearer the end of the season. However if she can adapt this time, she’ll be perfect for All-Stars.

7. Alexis - I see her having a similar run to Latrice on AS4 honestly and not standing out as much on a newer season. But I hope to be proved wrong, she’s great!

8. Derrick - lol I’m only a fan because of the messiness :wub: Her drunk roast, her Stonewall moment, her truly bizarre entrance..this season’s trainwreck I hope!

9. Mayhem - I thought she showed so much promise on S10 and then was another girl who just got in her head. Post-show I haven’t been a huge fan but I do think she could do well.

10. India - I’m coming round to her casting. Definitely the most random choice we’ve seen on All-Stars, but I liked her entrance look. If she proves expectations wrong and does well, I’d be into it!

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1. Shea Couleé - I mean...Queen sh*t.

2. Jujubee - That b*tch.

3. Ongina - Finally. Put respect on her name! That entrance though!
4. Miz Cracker - Love love love. 

5. Alexis Mateo - BAM. Icon.

6. Mariah Balenciaga - Excited to watch her be shady. Always been a fan.
7. Mayhem Miller - Very talented, but just not exciting enough imo.

8. Blair St. Clair - An All-Star? I don’t think.

9. India Ferrah - A choice. 

10. Derrick Barry - Unfortunate. 

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Hoping this thread stays spoiler freeeeeeeeeeee (even though I also spoiled myself on the cast BUT THAT'S IT)


But yeah. Shea. Yeah. That. 


Also just looking forward to seeing everyone again. I hope everyone does really really well all season and every elimination is super difficult to choose between.

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2 hours ago, FrogLenzen said:

Hoping this thread stays spoiler freeeeeeeeeeee (even though I also spoiled myself on the cast BUT THAT'S IT)

I try not to post spoilers but any I do are behind a cut. :haha: 

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1. Juju duh

2. Ongina took them long enough to bring her back

3. Cracker she was my fave on her season until she started fading behind Aquaria

4. Blair she was adorbz but liking that she's coming back as a boss betch

5. Shea she's alright but overrated #teamsasha

6. Alexis she wasn't a heather so she just whatever

7. Mariah honestly don't remember her much, one of three i don't understand why they would bring back to all stars except for fodder

8. Derrick i remember finding him annoying

9. Mayhem more all stars fodder

10. India why do we need three fodder out of 10, this is ridic, they can't get enough relevant people to come back because they do all stars every damn year

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  1. Jujubee - Legendary queen.
  2. Miz Cracker - I loved her on her season, and I can't wait what she will bring to the season.
  3. Ongina - Finally! Can't wait to see what she has in her bag.
  4. Blair - Intrigued what she will bring, as I liked her on her season
  5. Shea - I like Shea but I either love or like the queens above her more.
  6. Alexis - Bam, here's another icon!
  7. Derrick - Honestly just here because of the hot mess that she will provide.
  8. Mariah - Why are you here? Not surprised considering how often she been featured in WOW contents, since early last year.
  9. India - Never cared for her but liked the look; I somewhat know why she was brought back so looking forward to that.
  10. Mayhem - Interesting choice as she's not really a fan favourite and never stood out; is it like a stand out? 
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