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Todd Tilghman's genre???


Todd Tilghman's genre?  

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  1. 1. Todd Tilghman's genre? (Feel Free To Select Multiple If You Think More Than One Applies

    • Coutntry
    • Classic Rock
    • Country Rock
    • Other (If choosing this, I'd prefer you to write which genre(s) you think he is)

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First off, note that this is not a genre/contestant/coach dislike/hate topic.   I enjoy nearly every genre, and while he's not my cup of tea, Todd is a great technical vocalists who has quite good taste in music. I am curious, however, what his genre is.  According to most of his performances (which we know he might not have much say over, especially in battles) and according to IDF, he's a country singer. Other song choices and some of his performances seem to have more of a "rock" vibe. He kind of reminds me of Ricky Duran or an older, male version of Chloe Kohanski.  Another thing that confuses me about his genre  is that he seems to not get much IDF hate compared to the usual country males on The Voice (then again, during this season, for some strange reason, IDF seems to dislike the two token indie males (Michael and Micah) of the top 20, when IDF usually adores indie males (ex. Britton, Noah Mac)). What genre do you think he is? Maybe he's multiple genres.

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Just now, VintageVoice said:

Southern rock/soul/country - all three pretty clearly influence how he performs, and if you add a bit of contemporary Christian music (because, ya know, the pastor thing) then that's about as accurate as you'll get.


I second this.

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