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Rank the Top 9


Rank the Top 9  

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  1. 1. Favorite contestant?

    • Allegra Miles
    • CammWess
    • Joanna Serenko
    • Megan Danielle
    • Micah Iverson
    • Thunderstorm Artis
    • Todd Tilghman
    • Toneisha Harris
    • Zan Fiskum

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The King And Queen

1. Zan

2. Thunderstorm



3. Allegra

4. CammWess

5. Joanna

6. Todd

7. Micah

8. Toneisha



9. Megan


As you can see, I like everyone in this Top 9. Numbers 3-8 are honestly pretty interchangeable.




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I'd be happy with any of these contestants winning.

1. Zan

2. Toneisha

3. Joanna

4. Allegra

5. Thunderstorm

6. CammWess

7. Megan

8. Micah


...Except for Todd, and because of the fanbase of this show he'll likely end up winning anyway.

9. Todd

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Really strong top 9 :thumbs:


Obvious winner:



Team Blake quota:




Potential Finalists:





Dark Horses:




Potential season 17 frontrunners. Sadly for them, this is season 18:




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Favorites Wise-

1. Thunderstorm

2. Todd 

3. Zan

4. Micah

5. Camm

6. Megan

7. Toneshia

8. Joana

9. Allegra 

But I freaking love all of them, from top to bottom this is easily one of, if not the best, Semi-Final group (With only S13 coming to mind to beat them, but even then they had Red and Adam who were fine, but not great)

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A very solid top 9! I don't dislike anyone. Zan/Todd/TA/Micah is my ideal top 4 at the moment (and it'd be 1 contestant per coach in the finale if that came true!).



1. Zan Fiskum


2. Todd Tilghman

3. Thunderstorm Artis

4. Micah Iverson


5. Joanna Serenko

6. Toneisha Harris

7. Allegra Miles

8.Megan Danielle


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1. Joanna Serenko

2. Allegra Miles 

3. Megan Danielle

4. Thunderstorm Artis

5. Zan Fiskum

6. Cammwess

7. Micah Iverson

8. Toneisha Harris

9. Todd Tilghman


Really sucks that they are cut so quickly because it's a really good group. I don't even mind Todd.

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This is the first time in the history of my watching the show that I agreed with every single result from the Playoffs. It almost felt odd to not be screaming at the TV, but it's a welcome change. That being said, I'll be pretty happy regardless of how this all shakes out. 

1. Allegra
2. Thunderstorm
3. Micah
4. Todd
5. Megan
6. Joanna
7. CammWess
8. Zan
9. Toneisha

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1. Joanna/Zan/Allegra

2. Zan/Joanna/Allegra

3. Allegra/Joanna/Zan

4. Megan

5. Cammwess

6. TStorm

7. Toneisha

8. Micah

9. Todd

My 3 girls I got to stand by and say they are the most talented along with Megan. Though they are switching every performance. 

Cammwess better be that unique male in the finale if needed. 

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1. Allegra - favorite from even before blinds.
2. Thunderstorm - I didn't really like him until T17.
3. Megan - I enjoyed her even at her blind; she has kept improving.

4. Toneisha - She seemed like she was mediocre at first, but her KO performance demonstrated otherwise.
5. CammWess - His KO says it all.

7. Zan - She's cool and all, but I don't get the IDF hype.

6. Joanna - She's cool, but I felt like she peaked at her blind/battle.

8. Micah - Tayler Green deserved this position IMO; he's cool but I don't need a pop-alt-rock-emu singer tbh.

9. Todd - I don't really like his singing, and it bothers me even more that they keep calling him pastor Todd, and trying to push some church narrative. I also don't get the hype that much, although I prefer him to regular country.


Strongest semifinals group I can remember.


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I'm gutted on how short this season is and the format, having said that these really is a strong top 9 and no one was robbed.  It's pleasant not to have anyone robbed.  However, Mike had his best performance last night, but based on consistancy, Joanna deserved it, that tone man. 

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