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Survivor Rankdown 2.0 (Winner Reveal Page 225)

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Can't wrap my head around the fact that Natalie Anderson is a two-time nominee while some of these names have never even been nominated :whut: 


I went mostly with people from seasons I hated.


Ken Stafford (Thailand)

John "J.P." Palyok (Vanuatu)

Brook Geraghty (Vanuatu)

Willard Smith (Palau)

Kimberly "Kim" Mullen (Palau)

Jeff Wilson (Palau)

Rebecca Borman (Cook Islands)

Rita Verreos (Fiji)

Liliana Gomez (Fiji)

Gary Stritesky (Fiji)

Erica Durousseau (Fiji)

Elizabeth "Liz" Kim (Samoa)

Ashley Trainer (Samoa)

Kelly Bruno (Nicaragua)

Grant Matthos (Redemption Island)

Julie Wolfe (Redemption Island)

Mike Chiesl (Redemption Island)

Kristina Kell (Redemption Island)

Lindsey Ogle (Cagayan)

Cliff Robinson (Cagayan)

Kelly Remington (Worlds Apart)

Joaquin Souberbielle (Worlds Apart)

Max Dawson (Worlds Apart)

Lindsey Cascaddan (Worlds Apart)

Nina Poersch (Worlds Apart)

Angela Perkins (Ghost Island)

Dan Rengering (David Vs Goliath)

Aaron Meredith (Island of the Idols)

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Wow why does JC hate men, he ranked Sean so low???

Remove my vote out of sheer disgust that Natalie has been eliminated.   You can all say goodbye to any remotely hot guy from now on. Those are now my targets and will be until further notice

Natalie Anderson deserves better than this. 🙂 

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Kristina Kell

Kristina was a perfectly fine cast member for Survivor. She was chosen to play Survivor Redemption Island but was sent home in sixteenth place after losing to Matt on Redemption Island.


Kristina was a decent addition to the cast. She was someone you could root for early on in the season if you dislike Boston Rob like I do. She made quick work or finding a hidden immunity idol but she just didn’t have the numbers when it came to putting a plan together. Phillip was to blame for that and he ultimately cost her, her place in the game. I think she’d make a good addition to a second chances cast and I do hope we see her return in the future.


Saving Grant Mattos

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Who? No, really... who? I just suffered through Thailand again this week and I can't think of who he is. I'm looking him up on the Survivor wiki and I still can't think much of him. He was a police officer who got a standing ovation at the beginning of the season. He called out the tribe for peeing in the cave they were sleeping in. Ew. He made it to the jury phase and was voted out after Erin (WHOMST?). He ultimately voted for Clay to win over Brian, though we know how that turned out for him. Do I have to write more about him? I really don't know what else to say.


SAVE: Dan Rengering

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Willard Smith

Why don’t I remember anything about him apart from what he looks like and what season he appeared in? I just googled him and apparently he has an unpleasant personality which ultimately contributed to him getting voted off on day twelve. 

Willard was nearly eliminated on day two of Survivor Palau when the tribes were chosen using a school yard pick. He became one of the final two males and only just escaped getting sent home without competing. His luck didn’t stop there when he did virtually nothing around camp and sat out most challenges due to his age. His tribe decimated the other so Willard made it though by not doing much at all. There was another twist in the game when on day twelve it was revealed that both tribes would go to tribal council and vote someone out. Willard was the easiest option due to his personality and not pulling his weight in challenges/camp.


Saving Joaquin

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Brook Geraghty


I have no recollection of this man. He was on the man's tribe on Vanuatu and he aligned with the fit, young guys. Unfortunately, like many day one alliances for some reason, they went to the Brad Culpepper School for Math and decided that an alliance of four people on a tribe of nine would be a good idea. They didn't expect all the fat, old guys to align because they thought their challenge strength would not be important. That was not the case though. The fat old guys did align and Brook went first. Why? I have no idea. His other allies were hotter than him though so I was okay with Brook going first. Please let this be 100 words.


Save Angela

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Max Dawson


Max was annoying as hell so I'm cutting him. He wasn't a student of the game, he was a ~teacher of the game~. What does the teacher of the game do? Puts his warty feet in the boiled water. Disgusting. On his original tribe he had a tight alliance with Shirin & Carolyn and, I'm not gonna lie, I stan. But the duo of Max & Shirin were so annoying it caused Carolyn to flip on them. When the three of them swapped together, Carolyn continued to throw Max even further under the bus. Max's tryhard metagame antics were so annoying they booted him before Shirin despite being one of the strongest members of their tribe (and the only man with Will lol). Max quoting "Hold up bro" even caused Probst to cringe! He got booted and tried to keep his 15 minutes of fame going by doing a cringy podcast with Corinne. Glad to cut both members of the team!


Save Lindsey Cascaddan

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I remember watching Fiji very closely so I am surprised I literally did not recognize her at all. I even remembered Rita and I think she was the first voted out lol. Anyways, I figured she should be eliminated if I can not even remember her on a season I know I watched every episode of. She finished 15 out of 19 so she made it through a few eliminations. Looks like she was voted out because her other tribe members felt she had too close ties with the Hispanic members from the other tribes. Liliana is of Mexican descent, and Fiji was one of the seasons were the cast was actually diverse. Anyways, since I do not even recognize her, I do not remember anything she did or did not do, but at least that means she was not annoying to me? Anyways, bye girl!


Save: Jeff Wilson

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Girl, I can not spell your last name, I apologize if I spelled incorrectly, but your parents were terrible making you have a name like that. I would find it so annoying to have to write it out every day at school since not only is it hard to spell, but also so fricking long. And none of your teachers can pronounce it. Anyways, along with Liliana, I also can not remember you very much. I think I kind of remember you being controversial and fighting with people, but I am not even sure that happened. Looks like you were voted out second, so congrats on lasting longer than Liliana this time! And looks like based on Survivor wiki, you had some outbursts, so yay, that means you were entertaining! But I still can not remember you well because you were voted out so early. Sorry girl, bye!


Save Mike Chiesl

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Gary Stritesky

Survivor Rank: Everyone - Page 2 - City Of Angels


I feel somewhat bad for Gary. He was literally the only applicant to be accepted onto Survivor Fiji, and he left pretty early on due to having an allergic reaction to bug bites, resulting in him placing 16th. So, he was apparently known as Papa Smurf during his time on the island, which is pretty cool I guess lol. There's literally no information about this man wow. Umm, he was the oldest castaway during this season and the first person on Survivor to be from Minnesota. Oh, and he's one of six castaways to have never been to Tribal Council. So sad lol. There, I've hit 100 words. Maybe Gary could've made Fiji better had he not left, but he did so we can only dream lol. Congrats for making it this deep into the rankdown, I guess ^_^ 

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Kelly Remington

kelly remington | Tumblr


Poor girl. Kelly Remington made it to 12th place during Survivor Worlds Apart, but received little airtime from what I can remember. The moment above where Kelly sliced her head open is one of two things I remember from her time on the island. The other is Mike having to blatantly throw the challenge because Kelly sucks so much :wub:  Otherwise, I don't remember a single contribution Kelly gave to this season. She did force us to have to watch many more extra weeks of R*dney which is nagl, but whatever. I won't be too bitter. There might be other people who should go before Kelly, but she's one of the few people I remember enough to write about (I exhausted all of my energy looking for information on Gary lmao)


Saving Rebecca Borman because her name is Rebecca Borman

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Kim Mullen competed on Survivor: Palau. She was drafted into the Ulong tribe, and she developed a close bond with Jeff Wilson. Jeff and Kim were kind of a showmance, but I don't remember if they just flirted or if it became more than that. Jeff did lobby on behalf of Kim whenever her name was on the chopping block. And Kim's name was thrown out each time she went to tribal council. The other tribe members viewed her as weak and unhelpful around camp, but she survived the first three tribal councils. However, after Jeff asked the tribe to vote him out at the third tribal council due to an injury, Kim was all alone. Ulong lost immunity again, and she tried to form a female alliance with Stephenie and Angie. However, it was too little, too late. She was voted out unanimously, finishing in 15th place. Anyway, sorry to Kim, but out she goes from the rankdown.


And I'll save Kelly Bruno.

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Lindsey Ogle competed on the fan favorite season Survivor: Cagayan. She was sorted into the Brawn tribe, which won every immunity challenge before a tribe swap. During her time in the game, she and Trish developed a rivalry. The two of them did not get along, and Lindsey even called Trish "Malnutrisha" behind her back. Anyway, after the tribe swap, the original Brawn tribe members had the advantage. There were five former Brawn tribe members with Lindsey, Trish, Tony, Woo, and Cliff and only two former Beauty tribe members Jefra and LJ. However, Trish orchestrated a move against Cliff, so she, Tony, Jefra, and LJ blindsided Cliff out of the game. Following this tribal council, Lindsey and Trish got into a heated exchange, and Lindsey ended up quitting the game as a result. She felt like she was about to physically hurt Trish, and she wanted to take her way out of the situation. As a result, Lindsey withdrew from the game without saying goodbye to her tribe members. Anyway, sorry to Lindsey, but out she goes from the rankdown.


And I'll save Cliff Robinson.


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