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Survivor Rankdown 2.0 (Winner Reveal Page 225)


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Jerry Sims


Me doing a fodder cut so I can get my part of the round over with :wub:. Jerry Sims seems like a nice guy, but he was booted super early in Tocantins and didn't have much of an edit. Everyone on his trainwreck of a tribe seemed to like him and he probably should've been a lock for the merge. However, he ended up having stomach problems and he was struggling with camp life and the challenges. Luckily for us, Erinn was supposed to be booted in his place, but she got spared by his illness and they booted him instead. I might've liked him if he lasted longer and had an edit, but as it is, he's a fair cut here. Thanks again for sparing Erinn!


Save Laura Boneham

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Elliotts use of the private immunity was successful and Vytas is safe for the first of the cycle



Remaining Nominee's:

Wanda Shirk

Jonathan Libby

Ahn-Tuan "Cao Boi" Bui

Aaron Reisberger

Dave Cruser

Sandy Burgin

Candace Smith

Tyrone Davis

Jimmy Johnson

Wendy DeSmidt-Kohlhoff

Jefra Bland

Drew Christy

Val Collins

Taylor Lee Stocker

Jessica "Figgy" Figueroa

Zeke Smith

Jessie Camacho

Dave Ball


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CAO BOI BUI (Cook Islands)




Not really a fan of this guy. I get it, he's different and he's fun and he's a character, but it didn't really translate all that well to Survivor entertainment. One thing I will give credit to Cao Boi for is basically inventing the split vote strategy that is now basically used in every other Tribal Council. Besides that, he didn't do a whole lot to leave any lasting impression on his season. He was disliked by his other tribe members for his odd behavior and off-color jokes (many would deem as insensitive). When he switched tribes, he still managed to annoy everyone but formed an alliance that ultimately crumbled when it came time to vote. Flicka was sent home, and the next time his team went to TC, Cao Boi followed her out of the game. He has never returned since and now we say goodbye to him in this rankdown.


Saving: Tyrone

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Dave Ball competed on Survivor: Samoa. He was part of the ill-fated Galu tribe, which ended up getting decimated at the merge despite having a numbers advantage against the Foah Foah Four. As for Dave himself, I'm struggling to remember anything about his individual game. Although, the same could be said for many castaways this season since this was pretty much the Russell Hantz Show. I'm reading his Survivor Wiki page, and I'm struggling to find anything worth including in this write-up. He seemed to be close allies with Brett Clouser, and he would've voted for Brett to win the game had he made it to the end (like the rest of the Galu members would have done). There's also a moment that amused people that was made into gifs here:





At the Final Tribal Council, he just asked what Natalie, Mick, and Russell thought their chances were at winning the game. He then voted for Natalie to win the game, like the majority of the jury. Anyway, sorry to any fans of Dave Ball, but out he goes from the rankdown.


And I'll save Jefra.


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What is up with her picture? Is she a cow girl or something. Maybe she grew up on a farm, or even worse, the south. Actually I guess she grew up in Puerto Rico and moved to Florida, whatever, I don't care. She was the second boot and I literally do not remember her or anything she did. She clearly did not do it very well since she did not make it very far. The most interesting thing about her bio is probably that she is a deputy sheriff. Cool girl. But I thought cops were supposed to be good at Survivor, so she must not be a very good one. Oh I kind of get the picture now, she's trying to look like a sheriff. Honestly, this photo shoot was terrible, I am glad I eliminated her just because of this picture. Anyways, that should be one hundred words for someone who really does not even deserve one. BYE!


Save: Aaron

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If I was a girl, I would absolutely HATE her for having such a perfect body. I bet that is why she got on everyone's nerves and Coach sent her packing. I like her tattoo too, it looks very tasteful and cute. Anyways, she is a lawyer, which is probably why she was so annoying. Lawyers love to argue and provide counters to everything which is why everyone hates them. Luckily she is not a man, or else I am sure she would come off sleazy and soul less as well. Anyways, she was the second one voted out and probably the first from her tribe, I can not remember. She apparently has moved to Los Angeles to pursue modeling, acting, etc, so she is no longer a lawyer, which is probably why she went on Survivor and was terrible. She probably did not have very good legal skills. Ok, bye girl!


Save: Jonathan Libby

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1 hour ago, Alex95 said:

Time to stan Abi-Maria, Peih-Gee, and J’Tia on Sequester :wub: :wub: 

I have been excited about this all week, you got me obsessed with Sequester

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