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Survivor Rankdown 2.0 (Winner Reveal Page 225)


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I totally forgot who Nicole Delma was before I went to Google, but now I see she was the first boot of Pearl Islands. This season the castaways were forced to jump off a ship with nothing but the clothes on their backs, which was unfortunate for Nicole since she was only wearing a strapless dress. Nicole was part of the Morgan tribe, and they lost the first immunity challenge. It didn't seem like Nicole was in any danger as Lillian and Ryan S. were the ones on the chopping block. However, Nicole wanted to make a move against Tijuana, and Lillian later ratted out Nicole to Andrew. As a result, Nicole was dubbed too untrustworthy for her scheming and was unanimously voted out first. She had a chance to return with the Outcasts Twist, but Lillian and Burton were the ones to return instead. Anyway, sorry to Nicole, but out she goes from the rankdown.


And I'll save Nadiya.


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LOL at that gif. Anyway, Janet Koth competed on The Amazon. I remember she was accused of sneaking a granola bar into the game, which she repeatedly denied. It was Jeanne who started this rumor, and I still don't know where that granola bar came from. Was it Janet? Was it another castaway? Was it someone from production? Has this ever been answered? I'm curious, so let me see if this was ever answered......According to a Reddit thread, there was another granola bar wrapper on the men's tribe too. Alex Bell apparently talked about this on RHAP. So I guess production planted these wrappers to stir up drama? So it was very shady of Jeanne to do that to Janet. Anyway, Janet was part of the all-female tribe Jabaru. Living in the harsh elements of the Amazon were too much for her, causing her to fall ill in the early days of the game. She was spared from being the first boot of the game thanks to Jabaru winning the first immunity challenge. However, they lost the second immunity challenge, and she was the first boot from her tribe. Anyway, sorry to Janet, but out she goes from the rankdown.  


And I'll save Carolina.


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Allie Pohevitz



Allie was part of one of the worst Survivor seasons, Caramoan. After the success of the first fans vs. favorites season, the show decided to rehash this theme for Season 26. The problem was that the "favorites" hardly qualified as favorites outside of Malcolm and the fans weren't nearly as interesting as the fans from Micronesia. Allie is a forgettable 2nd boot who didn't add anything the season. She was a member of the Cool Kids alliance, a minority alliance in the fans tribe that consisted of Eddie, Reynold, and Hope as well. The tribe voted her out when they perceived her as the smartest member of said alliance. Allie seems like a nice enough person, but she's also a 19th placer from an awful season, so she can go.


SAVING: Andria "Dreamz" Herd

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Sonja Christopher



Appearing on Borneo, the inaugural season of Survivor, Sonja holds the distinction of being the first person ever voted off the show. She caused the Tagi tribe to lose that first immunity challenge because she stumbled numerous times during it. Due to her performance in the challenge, the tribe thought she was the weakest member and she was voted out as a result. There's not much else to say about her, but she does have a spot in Survivor history by being the first person to be voted off the show. Her ukulele solo was fun, though. Sadly, that is not enough to keep her over either of the two Fiji players she was up against.


SAVING: Cassandra Franklin

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@Zoey is next to nominate


Immune for Zoey's Round:

Ben Driebergen

Michael Yerger

Brendan Shapiro

Chris Underwood

Tony Vlachos

Kim Spradlin

Natalie Anderson

Natalie Bolton

Jud "Fabio" Birza

Earl Cole

Sabrina Thompson

Randy Bailey

Angelina Keeley

Marissa Peterson

Nadiya Anderson

Carolina Eastwood

Andria "Dreamz" Herd

Cassandra Franklin

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1 hour ago, Zoey said:

I’ll get on with this later.


I’m dying today.

Hope you feel better girl. Yesterday was Friday before a holiday weekend, so I totes get it.


Drunk Amy Schumer GIF

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Wanda Shirk

Jonathan Libby

Ahn-Tuan "Cao Boi" Bui

Steve "Chicken" Morris

Aaron Reisberger

Dave Cruser

Sandy Burgin

Jerry Sims

Candace Smith

Tyrone Davis

Jimmy Johnson

Wendy DeSmidt-Kohlhoff

Vytas Baskauskas

Laura Boneham

Jefra Bland

Drew Christy

Josh Canfield

Val Collins

Taylor Lee Stocker

Jessica "Figgy" Figueroa

Zeke Smith

Andrea Boehlke

Yve Rojas

Linda Spencer

Jessie Camacho

Chase Rice

Dave Ball

Charlie Herschel

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Chicken was the first boot of Survivor: China. His name is Steve, but he goes by the nickname Chicken since he's a chicken farmer. Imagine wanting to be called Chicken instead of Steven. I can't relate! Anyway, Chicken is probably best remembered for shouting “DAMN!” when he was voted out. Let me go to the Survivor Wiki to see if there’s anything else to say about him...He struggled to fit in socially with his Zhan Hu tribe members. They didn’t like how bossy he was about how to build the shelter. When he learned he was irritating them, he chose to be passive aggressive and refused to offer his opinion on anything else regarding camp life. This bothered his tribe members too. Oh, well. Chicken ended up being the first boot of his tribe, but his reaction at the vote still amuses Survivor fans to this day. Sorry to Chicken, but out he goes from the rankdown.


And I’m saving Chase Rice.


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YVE ROJAS (Survivor: Nicaragua)




Yve is a contestant from Survivor: Nicaragua and I remember literally NOTHING about her. Who is she? What did she contribute to her season? Clearly not much because I couldn't tell you a single thing about her off the top of my head. She was on the Older tribe during a season that divided the players up between Old and Young...kinda sounds like Millenials vs Gen X if you ask me. Yve placed 14th out of 20. Apparently she did not like the younger tribe, which ended up biting her in the ass at the end once a swap happened. She also was not the smartest player, telling NaOnka and Alina that she had a bunch of friends on the other tribe...you never tell people that, even if you think that you have good reasons for doing so. Out she goes from this game!


Saving: Andrea

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I guess people like her ironically, but meh. I didn't care for her in Africa, and I was  Team Mallrats. :giggle: Honestly, the most memorable thing she did to me was try and hug Lindsey after a challenge and just make Lindsey look pissed the entire time. :rofl: During her time on the show, she was aligned with Carl, Frank and T-Bird, and was the second one from their alliance voted out after Carl. She was voted out right before the tribe swap; since Frank and T-Bird made it pretty far into the merge, you have to wonder if the same would have happened to her.


SAVE: Charlie Herschel

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Josh Canfield


For some reason the editors of SJDS decided this man was a compelling narrator. Why they decided that? I will never know. I barely remember anything he did during the entire pre-merge, but I do know he had the biggest edit despite the fact that the cast was filled with so many amazing characters. He formed a secret alliance with Baylor, but was in John Rocker's guys alliance and helped kill off superior women Nadiya and Val. Luckily he did turn on John Rocker when Natalie bullied the entire tribe into doing so (:wub:) and then was on the swapped tribe that won all the immunity tribes. He made the merge easily and was in a majority alliance with Reed, Keith & Wes, Alec, and Jon & Jaclyn, but then Julie quit and Jon & Jaclyn proceeded to save the season and flip :wub:. Josh was then the first boot and I was ecstatic. I don't hate the guy, but he's unfathomably boring and had way too much airtime.


Save Kathy duh

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