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Survivor Rankdown 2.0 (Winner Reveal Page 225)


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  1. Wendell Holland
  2. Sarita White
  3. Laurel Johnson
  4. Kellyn Bechtold
  5. Erin Collins
  6. Donathan Hurley
  7. Chelsea Townsend
  8. Sabastian Noel
  9. Matt Elrod
  10. Domenick Abbate
  11. Libby Vincek
  12. Stephanie Valencia
  13. Mike Chiesl
  14. Tanya Vance
  15. Stephanie Gonzalez
  16. Missy Byrd
  17. Penny Ramsey
  18. Ken Stafford
  19. Steve Wright
  20. Kristina Kell
  21. Ralph Kiser
  22. Ted Rogers, Jr.
  23. Helen Glover
  24. Stephanie Johnson
  25. Jenna Bowman
  26. Clay Jordan
  27. Jake Billingsley
  28. Morgan Ricke
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Ted Rogers, Jr.


Is there a worse combination than boring and sexually harassing women? I don't think so. Ted was on the godforsaken season also known as Survivor: Thailand. He got into an alliance with Brian, Clay, Helen, and Jan, but he is most well-known for sexually harassing Ghandia in the middle of the night. There's some gray area there, but everyone can 150-200% agree that Ted was in the wrong. He tried gaslighting her by telling people on the tribe that nothing happened even though something definitely happened, intentional or not. Ted happily sat at the bottom of the alliance and refused to make a move, and then was picked off in 5th place when it was his only alliance left and, as I said, he was alone on the bottom. Helen and Jan should've made a move with him, but Ted voted for Jan so clearly he didn't know how to play the game.


Save Missy

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Ralph Kiser

Ralph was annoying. He was also a contestant on Survivor: Redemption Island and lasted far too long. Ralph formed an alliance early on in the game which protected him in to the merge where he became outnumbered. He found an immunity idol on day four before Russell had a chance so that’s what people probably remember him for? That and almost showing Russell the hidden immunity idol after a Duel on Redemption Island. Ralph was full of self importance and this was shown when Sarita had to talk him down. He then decided to say that he didn’t have it? He was an absolute imbecile and quite hairy too. 

Saving Wendell

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MORGAN RICKE (Survivor: Ghost Island)




Ugh, I do feel bad for Morgan as she was kind of shafted during her season. Morgan was one of the more promising cast members from Ghost Island, she seemed likable and had a good head on her shoulders from all of her pre-game content. Morgan's downfall wasn't really anything she did tbh, besides maybe getting in bed with Libby? Ultimately Morgan became one of the casualties of an all too familiar Survivor trope: a male contestant has too much power so everyone's solution is to weaken him by....voting out one of his female allies? Instead of just voting him out? Smh. Oh well, out she goes from this rankdown.


Saving: Kellyn, because even though I don't like her as much as I used to and now have personal beef with her....she was my favorite from GI when it aired so I'd like to see her last a bit longer in this game.



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Matt Elrod


Lol I meant to cut Matt first but accidentally cut Mike. Mike's irrelevant I don't care what happens to him. I'm glad to be able to dispose of Matt though. Early on, I was fine with Matt. He wasn't my kind of contestant, but you do you. He was part of Rob's Zombies, but also Rob's Zombies wasn't really a thing yet (or at least we didn't realize how it would turn out). Rob randomly turned on him super early for no reason though and took him out second for being nice to the other tribe and being too close to Andrea. I felt bad for Matt because I didn't think he deserved that, but also didn't care enough to fret and was happy that Kristina at least survived. He sat around on RI doing nothing since RI is the most boring twist ever till EOE. He talked about Jesus a lot which, not my thing for reality show contestants but you do you I don't care. He returned at the merge and I was hoping to see him make a big move and align with Zapatera to screw Rob over. Andrea expressed interest in doing so, but Matt instead decides to go straight back to Rob, RAT HIS OWN PLAN OUT, and be a loyal zombie. Knowing Matt didn't have a HII though, Rob decided to blindside him instead, with Andrea's help. I don't blame Andrea really for this since Matt ruined her chances at making a move. Matt then sat around RI even longer doing nothing but pray. When Andrea got voted out, Matt then had the gall to bitch her out for turning on him, when he left her with literally no other option. Ugh such a pathetic player. Luckily in the end, Andrea ended up beating him and returning to the game over him lolpwnt. Now he goes by Wyatt Nash and does Riverdale and Lifetime movies. Good for you I guess.


Save Helen

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Erin Collins

Erin Collins | Survivor Wiki | Fandom


Who? Erin Collins was apparently a contestant on Survivor Thailand, eventually placing 9th and earning a spot on the jury, She was placed on the Sook Jai tribe by default and managed to integrate herself into the dominant alliance. Unfortunately, they lost a lot of crucial challenges right before the merge and consequently allowed the opposing tribe to gain the numbers and dominate the rest of the season. Let's see.... she never received any votes until she was voted out. Her luxury item during Thailand was body paint. She voted for Clay Jordan over B***n H****k to win.... so yay for her not voting for a puppy murderer to win? I think that's 100 words. I'm sure Erin's nice, but she contributed little to nothing to Survivor so out she goes.


Saving Purple Chelsea :wub: 

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1 minute ago, Alex95 said:

Erin's vote off is in the running for the most boring episode in Survivor history.

Dee and Andy were warned by me last night that after the next two episodes, we’re going to #struggle.

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CLAY JORDAN (Survivor: Thailand)




I really don't want to talk about Clay. Why did I choose to cut him lmao. Clay made it all the way to second place on a season that I finally started watching last night, and...let me tell you....it is insufferable so far. Clay is definitely not helping the cause either, I find him kind of annoying and he's said a couple of things that have caused me to go hmmmmmmm. According to his Suvivor Wiki page, Clay is the first unofficial "goat" of Survivor, paving the way for all the Laurels and Nat Tens and Alberts to come :wub:  He somehow received three jury votes? That's kind of a lot for an early season? Was he really a goat then? I'm not sure but I'm soooooooooooooooo excited to finish the season and find out what happens with Clay!!!!


Saving: Domenick

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