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Survivor Rankdown 2.0 (Winner Reveal Page 225)


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 3.  Parvati Shallow

Survivor: Cook Islands 6th Place

Survivor: Micronesia Winner

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Runner-up

Survivor: Winners at War 15th Place


parvati shallow | Tumblr



Average: 6.67



Amanda - 1/20

Andrelliott- 1/20

JC- 1/20

Public- 1/20

Andy - 8/20

Hayden - 9/20

Steven - 9/20

Zoey - 11/20

Alex - 19/20






Queen Parvati! :wub:  I've tried to keep my favorites under wraps since it was fun joining a rankdown where no one knows who your favorites are, and that worked for the most part as 3/5 of my Top 5 made the final ranking. Parvati is easily my favorite castaway from the show. Her appearances on Micronesia and Heroes vs. Villains are amazing. I think she played an amazing game on Micronesia. Her decision to befriend Natalie and Alexis and then bring them into an alliance with Amanda, Cirie, and herself was amazing. The Black Widow Brigade is an amazing alliance and I love seeing all the girls working together. Parvati's close relationships with the girls allowed her to end up winning the season over Amanda, so her ability to form strong connections was a strong point of her season. I was so happy she won that season, as she was my favorite. Due to her part in the notorious Black Widow Brigade, Parvati returned for the iconic Heroes vs. Villains season. Obviously, everyone remembers her double idol play that saw JT get voted out due to his own idol, which is one of the greatest Survivor moments ever. Just a perfect moment all around. The Heroes being so afraid of Parvati running the show on the Villains tribe that they give the idol to Russell, one of her closest allies, only for the plan to blow up in their faces? Perfection. And her reading the letter that JT wrote in the most hilarious fashion was a nice touch. Parvati was just amazing in this whole stretch of episodes. I think Parvati is a great mix of entertainment and strategy, and I genuinely enjoy watching her play. I'm sure Elliott wrote a novel on her, so I'll end this here, but placing her at #1 was an extremely easy decision for me.






Queen. Icon. Legend of the game. Parvati Shallow is my #1 Survivor contestant ever, and I'm glad to see her make it to the endgame once more. I'm expecting her to rank low since everyone will tank her as a threat (as if she even has any chance of winning 🙄), so we're putting her at #1 to try and balance that out somewhat. At least JC will do the right thing.


Parvati first came onto Survivor in Cook Islands, the season that infamously split the tribes by race to promote diversity and almost immediately went off the rails with all the minorities getting picked off once the tribes merged/combined/whatever you call it. Parvati had a solid social game, forming bonds with the necessary castaways and using her charismatic flirtation skills to her advantage. She was eventually voted out in sixth after the Aitu 4 saw her as a jury threat owing to her having the most friends on the jury.


She returned as one of the ten favourites in Micronesia, which was seen as a bit of a wildcard pick to some. As I loved her in Cook Islands, I was excited for this. She formed an early bond with Cirie Fields, queen of giving us nothing Amanda Kimmel, perpetual whiner Ozzy Lusth and James Clement, though some of the favourites did want to target her assuming she'd be an easy first out. Owing to JFP essentially quitting, the target shifted to Yau-Man afterward.  (Though some people still try and maintain Parvati would've been the first boot, I'm not so sure. I think it would've been JFP or Yau-Man, given Parvati's social skills and forming some bonds early on.)


Nonetheless, when a tribe swap occurred, Parvati was sent to the opposing tribe and away from Cirie and Amanda. There, she quickly intertwined herself with the duo of Alexis and Natalie, and the beginnings of the legendary Black Widow Brigade were born. These swap tribes stayed until the merge, at which point Parvati was reunited with Cirie and Amanda. Though Amanda did express some annoyance at Parvati roping her in with the new alliance, she realized it was beneficial and the five girls officially came together as the BWB.


Though Amanda was ultimately left out of the iconic Ozzy blindside, her feelings of betrayal were short lived when the girls set their target on Jason Siska. There isn't much to say about that episode other than Natalie Bolton suddenly going from being invisible to being front and centre in the edit with confessionals about flossing with Jason's jugular. Iconic. Jason was successfully blindsided with his Idol, a mere three days after the same fate hit Ozzy, and the girls had come to realize... these men truly were idiots.


James was the next target, though it was short-lived as he was pulled from the game due to an injury, so the five girls were up against Erik. Erik naturally was the intended target, though his immunity win meant the Black Widow Brigade was going to have to turn on one another. While Parvati and Amanda saw Alexis as the bigger jury threat, the three fans of Erik, Natalie and Alexis were the opposite and thought Amanda was the biggest jury threat. (They, uh, hadn't seen China's FTC yet.) With Cirie not wanting to draw rocks, she sided with the fans and Amanda became the target. But wait a minute! Parvati and Amanda's afternoon of digging paid off and they collectively found the HII for Amanda to use - after giving off a solid acting performance where they both pretended that Amanda didn't have the Idol. (It's insane seeing how well Amanda acted in Micronesia compared to her trying to tell Parvati they were cool in HvV, but we'll get to that...)


With Alexis out, there was some tension among the Black Widow Brigade, but the five ladies still remained united in wanting to get Erik out. He was, naturally, the underdog to the jury and the BWB were villains by this point. Parvati spent the beginning of this cycle at Exile Island, where she wound up finding a Hidden Immunity Idol to pass the time before discarding it as she didn't want it to make her a target. Strategic queen! Upon returning for the challenge, Erik won immunity, which put tension on the BWB since they were a close-knit foursome.


With the four girls lamenting their strategy, Cirie off-handedly suggested the possibility of convincing Erik to give up his immunity to Natalie. Though Natalie balked at the idea, Parvati pointed out their skills at blindsiding the other men in the game, and the plan was hatched. I truly think this entire episode is a masterclass in the power of an alliance working equally, as each remaining member played their part perfectly, with Parvati and Amanda using the tribal council to really lay into Erik in front of the jury as a way of convincing him. It famously worked successfully, leading to the legendary "I'd like to give individual immunity to Natalie" moment that we're still seeing on Survivor all these years later.


It was also around this time that the Black Widow Brigade had deduced we were getting some type of F2 since their days weren't aligning properly. Parvati successfully locked in F2 deals with Natalie, Amanda and Cirie, without even looking like a threat to any of them, putting her in the best spot to make it to the end. Amanda won immunity, and Natalie was unceremoniously voted out - as was expected. When the F3 rolled out, Parvati pulled a Richard Hatch and willingly quit the Immunity challenge. This wound up being beneficial, since she knew Cirie and Amanda would both be taking her and she wouldn't miss out on their jury vote.


From what I've read, Parvati and Amanda were both ultimately criticized for a lacklustre final tribal council amongst a somewhat bitter jury. I don't really remember much about it, because Natalie Bolton stole the show with the best jury question of all time. In the end, Parvati ultimately wound up the sole Survivor by a vote of 5-3.


I know there are some people who feel like her win isn't as impressive as others make it out to be because of how lucky she got in her season. And while it's true that a lot of luck was on Parvati's side, that's true for pretty much every winner. While I think she show itself perhaps puts too much of the credit on Parvati for the Erik vote (it was, after all, truly a team effort by all four ladies) and it's true Cirie likely would've won in that F2 or potentially in that F3 combination, I think Parvati deserves a massive amount of respect for having alternate plans in place. She was, by all accounts, the glue that held the Black Widow Brigade together for the entire season, given that they didn't all fully jive well. She also thought ahead and put plans in place in the event there wasn't going to be a F3 (and - keep in mind - they had only had a F3 for three seasons by this point).


In Heroes vs Villains, Parvati returned with easily the biggest target in the game - particularly when she had to swapped to the villains tribe at the last minute because production realized they'd have all the Micronesia returnees together. Parvati successfully managed to avoid being voted out long enough to get her foot in the door and secure a tight trio alliance with Danielle (who?) and Russ-hole. Once again, luck proved to be on Parvati's side as Tyson somehow got himself voted out, and the heroes were somehow incapable of winning anything.


When the men on the Villains tribe started to be voted out, the Heroes began to ponder if Parvati had successfully managed to recreate the Black Widow Brigade, which led to them giving JT's Idol to Russell to try and take Parvati out. Russell passed this along to Parvati, who secretly already had an Idol of her own, which brings us to THE single greatest tribal council performance ever, where Parvati theoretically managed to secure immunity for four of the five villains.


At the merge, the Heroes and Villains came in with 5 a piece, and it was clear that nobody was planning on flipping just yet. It was clear the vote was going to be a tie, and the heroes wrongfully decided to have Amanda try to gather intel on Parvati, unaware the two of them weren't on speaking terms anymore. Parvati easily saw through Amanda's bullsh*t, and knew the heroes weren't going to vote for her for fear of her having an Idol (and, thus, the fear that Parvati would use it on herself.) At the immunity challenge, Parvati held on until it was just her and Danielle, before she stepped down to allow Danielle to win since she would be more likely to be the target from the Heroes.


With it being clear that Parvati wasn't getting their votes and Danielle having immunity, that left three viable candidates. Russell, obviously, wasn't going to be the heroes target since they thought he was working with them and wouldn't vote for him. Between Sandra and Jerri, Sandra seemed the more obvious candidate to be their target, so Parvati correctly deduced that Jerri was their target, and played her first Idol on Jerri. (I know the edit had Jerri's Idol second, but trust me - everyone who was there said Jerri's Idol was given first). To increase their odds, Parvati also used an Idol on Sandra, which would ultimately prove to be beneficial to their relationship in the game going forward as well.


That meant that, of the five Villains, only one could theoretically even have votes count against them - and it was the villain who the Heroes thought was working with them. Even if the Heroes had voted for Russell, a rock draw would give him immunity and it would've just been the Heroes drawing rocks. Things Parvati Shallow did? THAT.


Unfortunately, Parvati's decision not to share her Idol with Russell (but with Danielle) caused Russell to turn on his alliance, and after two more Heroes were voted out (Candice and Amanda, no1curr), he was the swing vote between Jerri and Danielle - ultimately siding with the opposing vote and eliminating Danielle. This effectively ruined how the jury saw him, and - owing to the fact that she was closely aligned with him - Parvati as well. It also caused a major dent in Parvati's strategy, since she was planning on getting to the end with Russell and Danielle.


Despite everything, Parvati managed to stay in strong and wasn't really much of a target for the remainder of the merge. Colby and Rupert were voted off as expected, and a clutch final immunity by Russell made the final vote come between Sandra and Jerri. Since Parvati and Sandra had already won and Russell was under the impression that he had won Samoa (...lmfao), Jerri became the easy vote-out since the jury would obviously award her the title over other winners.


In the end, Parvati secured 3 of the nine juror votes and placed second to Sandra. While I'm of the mindset that the winner is who deserves it based off the jury's vote, it was still disheartening to see her play such a fantastic game and come up so short. Particularly when you factor in that Amanda wasn't her friend anymore because of out-of-game situations and Candice was living near Sandra at the time, so it seemed like Parvati was going to face that uphill battle no matter what. In the end, I'm just glad she managed to improve her legacy so much and become one of the undisputed greats of Survivor in such a short span of time.


After a decade away from the game, Parvati - now married with a daughter - returned for what will probably be her final time in Winners at War. I was, obviously, thrilled to see the legend herself return, but I knew she was going to be one of the first few boots because - c'mon - it's Parvati. Needless to say, while I don't think her journey in EoE perhaps matches up to Micronesia and HvV, I still enjoyed seeing an older, more mature Parvati. Her deviousness was still there, and her and Controverchele Fitzlegend bonding like they did was an iconic moment in LGBT+ history.





Parvati Shallow - The Queen, forever and always. My #1 Survivor Queen❤️ She is definitely the one that deserves to win and should win, but we will see if many people bus her so that she is robbed. I think Sandra is her main competition, but not sure how many of these rankers do not want this legend to win. Parvati had her debut on Cook Islands where she really did not do anything wrong except be on the team that was not the underdogs that the viewers wanted to root for. And because she was in the majority, she was on basically the Goliath tribe which made me root against her because I wanted the Aitu 4 to go against all odds. However, Parvati was always this sexy, seductive queen and always made me laugh in her confessionals. I loved her aura and her giggles and her mischievous demeanor. She was just hilarious. I loved when she got in the hot tub with Yul and Ozzy and had the plan to try to the manipulate as much as she could LOL. Next Parvati was on Fans vs Faves where she dominated the game and won like the Queen she is. Her third season was on Heroes vs Villains where she again dominated the game and Russell and completely controlled the game. She made iconic moves with idols and was a queen and legend throughout. I was obsessed with her and she was ridiculously robbed when she was not voted the winner. The heroes were unbelievably bitter and rewarded Sandra not for her merit but just because she wanted to get rid of Russell which is so stupid. Anyways, that’s why Sandra cannot rob Parvati again in this rank down and I did all I could with my ranking. Parvati again returned for the last winners season and she was just as flawless as she always is, although I was not into her alliance with Boston Rob because I find him so skeevy and annoying. But she did the best she could, and she was always going to be a big target just due the fact she is the biggest Legend Goddess Queen, and she gots to win this shizz! Looks like she was robbed in the first rank down but let’s hope that this time, she is rewarded for being the best!




Theres not much extra that I can say that wasn't said.  Parvati was the runaway favorite with the public, Was #1 in averages from the first vote to the last.    I obviously ranked her #1.  I amazed she made the Top 3, but I love it!




ARVATI SHALLOW - Obviously the other Queen of Survivor. I thought about tanking her like I thought about with Sandra. I also sorta was going to try to cut her right before the end because I thought she’d be a threat to win but Andrelliott left Kim alone and I didn’t even have a chance to take a swipe at her anyways….now that she’s here I’ll rank her in my top 10 because that’s where she belongs. Micronesia Parv is both an underrated and overrated winner, depending on what aspect you’re looking at. Underrated in the fact that people give her too much sh*t for the whole “Cirie could have won if it was a final 3” argument….overrated in that her winning game was not as good as her game in HvV. Parvati truly shines in HvV where she had some of the most iconic moves in the show’s history, primarily her double idol play at the merge TC. Overall, Parv is a goddess and though some stans in the Survivor world overrate her a tad, I still am a huge fan of hers so I ain’t even mad.




9.) Parvati Shallow

Heh, I’m totally gonna get eviscerated for this. I love Parvati, but I have an even larger attachment to the people that I’ve ranked above her so this is where she’s finishing for me this time around. Parvati is definitely a fan favorite for a reason though, with iconic performances in Micronesia and Heroes vs. Villains (though I will forever maintain that Sandra earned her win, Parvati played very well). I wish that we weren’t robbed of more Parvati during Winners at War, but what can you do?





I'm going to predict the bigger Parvati fans here will give her lengthy write-ups detailing her four seasons, so I'll refrain from giving her a long write-up. I do like Parvati a lot though. Parvati was likable in Cook Islands, but she showed more of her strategic chops in her following seasons. Parvati perfected the flirt strategy and played a masterful social game in Micronesia. She earned her victory that season against Amanda. She returned for Heroes vs. Villains with a huge target on her back, but she managed to make it to the end of the game. Playing two hidden immunity idols for Sandra and Jerri was what allowed the Villains to pick off the Heroes one by one. Plus, Parvati was a force to be reckoned with in the challenges too. Parvati made it to the end yet again, but she lost to Sandra. Parvati returned for Winners at War, and she took control of the tribe at first with Boston Rob, but her reputation was too big. She was sadly voted out before getting to really do much in the game. Parvati is a fantastic player and a terrific personality too. She is always fun to watch on the show. Parvati is awesome and is deservingly recognized as one of the greatest players of all-time. She would be a great winner for this rankdown too.




Parvati Shallow

Parvati's a threat so I'm tanking her. Simple as that. If I was ranking honestly, she would probably be somewhere in the 7-9 range. But there's a lot of people I would rather see win the game over Parvati who would either be a more interesting winner, or I just prefer more. Don't get me wrong, like every Survivor fan with a brain, I do love Parvati. I don't think she's a perfect contestant and her OTT fanbase does annoy me. But she's sooooo charismatic & charming and such a great player. She has earned her place as a Survivor legend and should be remembered as such.

Parvati got her start in Cook Islands, and I find her run here to be really underrated. It's a fun little teaser of what we can expect from the Parvati from the future. Parvati had complete control of the entire premerge section of the game. We saw Parvati as the black widow, pretty much hypnotizing Nate & Adam from the start and having them completely under her spell. I love watching scenes of just Parvati in action, working her magic. She is such a natural and amazing flirt. Truly no one does it better than her. But she's still obviously a feminist warrior and was part of the coalition of women to blindside JP at her first tribal council because he was an arrogant douchebag. Unfortunately, Parvati did make a huge error during the premerge when she voted Jenny out over Jonathan. Jenny would've been much more loyal to the tribe than Jonathan obviously was. Parvati still would've had a difficult road ahead to navigate between Yul's overpowered idol and Ozzy's insane immunity streak, but I like her odds better with Jenny around over Jonathan. Parvati with her back against the wall was really fun to watch though and I enjoyed her in that underedog position. She was hilariously petty and vindictive towards Jonathan. It was a good ol classic Survivor feud where Parvati couldn't stand the sight of Jonathan and dragged him to filth at all times. And her bitching worked as the Aitu 4 allowed her to beat Jonathan! Unfortunately she didn't last long after that, despite a skinny dipping adventure with Ozzy and Yul. If Parvati was only on Cook Islands, obviously she wouldn't be here in the endgame, but I'd still be a fan of hers.

But lucky for everyone, she comes back for Micronesia. A bit of a random pick, but far from the most random returnee we'd ever seen. Honestly I never stanned Parvati in Micronesia. I loved her, and the entire Black Widow Bridgade, like every gay watching Survivor, but I think Micro Parvati was just CI Parvati if she won. She flirted a lot and was a feminist warrior. I think I was too much of a Cirie fan to fully embrace Micro!Parvati lol. Parvati is still just someone who I just enjoy watching playing the game. Even doing the mundane like forming alliances and forming bonds, with a lot of players it could be really gamebotty and boring. But Parvati has such a charm to her. Like when she approached Amanda and was like "Lol whoops I just got us into two alliances 🙊". Or her petty ass blood feud with Eliza where Eliza fumed every time she saw Parvati and Parvati could barely stand breathing the same air as her :wub:. The post-merge of Micro is known for its epic blindsides, and while Parvati was part of all of them, she wasn't the star of any of them. When I think of the Ozzy blindside I think of Cirie. When I think of the Alexis blindside I think of Amanda. When I think of the Erik blindside I think of Natalie. None of these are really Parvati's moments. So that hurts her a bit with my fandom of her. In that final two with Amanda, I totally support Parvati winning and I think she was the deserving winner. And I was happy to see her win, especially after a drought of female winners. But yeah...I can't help but complain a little when Cirie was just so close.

Parvati's return to HvV though...wow. A top-tier character of Survivor. Not only is it my favorite Parvati appearance ever, but it's just one of the best seasons of any Survivor ever. I LOVE Parvati this season. Parvati is playing an amazing, cutthroat game is just having so much fun doing so. She really embraced her inner villain this season and I loved every second of it. Parvati was backed in a corner from the beginning and forced to align with Russell. But she was not gonna let Russell mock and abuse her like he does with all the women in his life. The power struggle between Parvati and Russell was super fascinating to me. Russell thinks he has Parvati wrapped around his finger because he uses the idol on her. Then Parvati finds her own idol and gets Danielle under her thumb, then Russell blows Parvati's game up by destroying Danielle, and then Parvati bffs up with Jerri and Sandra to openly mock Russell. The back and forth dynamic was absolutely fantastic and I was obviously #TeamParvati. And of course...

"You know what Jeff? I think it would be downright depressing to sit and watch green bananas turn yellow without my debaucherous little villains. So, Sandra that's for you...and Jeff, I would just like to increase our odds so Jerri, that one's for you too"

ICONIC! Nowadays we get an idol an episode so moments like this aren't as special. But at the time, there was NOTHING like Parvati using her idol and JT's idol against him to get him voted out. The theatrics! The strategy! The feminism! I'm wet. Parvati's just an absolute legend in HvV and I'm regretting my tanking of her as I'm writing about her lol, but she also has three other seasons where I'm not this passionate about her so it is a fair spot.

Ten years later, Parvati makes her long awaited return to Survivor and...it's slightly disappointing. Like she did the best that she could with the target on her back and the new schoolers intent on making the fanbase miserable. But I would also hardly call it stellar gameplay. Like she played rather poorly during the pre-swap. The Natalie vote was a bad call and she apparently managed Danni terribly as an ally. She's at her best after the swap though. She was 100% swap f*cked and there was literally nothing she could do about it. But at least she dragged Wendell to filth and she had some amazing scenes with Michele talking sh*t about the men. And her bffmance with Natalie at the Edge was very important for me and I'm bitter we didn't get them actually causing havoc in the game together.

So overall, Parvati is an absolute legend. She has earned her title as one of the most influential Survivor players to ever play the game. I am 100% a fan of hers and I don't want to play that down at all. She is EVERYTHING I want in a Survivor contestant and more in Heroes vs. Villains. Then with her other three seasons I just simply love her. Which isn't a bad thing at all! But I love A LOT of people in this endgame so Parvati just isn't someone I'm hoping to see win.



@Alex95 @*Amanda @sublymonal @Elliott @#jeah @hayden98 @JC @Steven_ @Zoey


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1 minute ago, Elliott said:

Me exclusively targeting Sandra next rankdown since she's ranked higher than Parvati in both iterations of the Survivor rankdown:

of doom! cat GIF by Percolate Galactic



at least Parvati got third this time, rather then the embarrassing 18th or whatever she got from all the tanking last time!

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LOL Alex was like "I'm not gonna stand for a Parvati win" and his tanking of her gets her #3. :dead:  


Queen Parvati! :wub: I  think she's honestly too big of an overt fan favorite that she won't ever win these Rankdown.  But  I am glad there is far less tanking this time to bring her up to #3. I still remember how upsetting with nearly everyone tanking her last time that it got her the 18th spot - over two of the biggest fodders of that Top 20. 😐 And thankful she wasn't petty cut either. Everyone said it all perfectly.... Parvati is a Queen, legend, icon, flawless, etc to the world of Survivor. ❤️ 


Well done to Sandra & Courtney making the Top 2. Still standing by that Courtney is winning this.

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13 minutes ago, Elliott said:

Me exclusively targeting Sandra next rankdown since she's ranked higher than Parvati in both iterations of the Survivor rankdown:

of doom! cat GIF by Percolate Galactic

Courtney IS RIGHT THERE too. :dead: Don't forget her. I think she even averages out better than Sandra - as I think Courtney made Top 5/6 last time whereas Sandra was like 14th?


11 minutes ago, Solaris said:



at least Parvati got third this time, rather then the embarrassing 18th or whatever she got from all the tanking last time!

I just commented on this. I remember for a fact she came in 18th beating out Keith and Lydia. 😐 I mean at least she beat those two but yikes.... that was rough.

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5 minutes ago, *Wallace said:

Courtney IS RIGHT THERE too. :dead: Don't forget her. I think she even averages out better than Sandra - as I think Courtney made Top 5/6 last time whereas Sandra was like 14th?

Courtney vs Sandra battle round for the third rankdown :wub:

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