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Survivor Rankdown 2.0 (Winner Reveal Page 225)

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10 minutes ago, Steven_ said:

Colton ended up being evacuated from the game, although it didn't seem like his condition was severe enough to have him withdraw. As for Blood vs. Water, Colton did end up quitting the game when things weren't going his way. Jeff was disgusted they gave a second chance to someone who ended up quitting the game twice.

I'm not a Colton fan, but he didn't quit the game the first time. Medical pulled him and Colton didn't get a say in anything. Jeff just said that he quit twice during BvW because he was pissed Colton was quitting, but he said afterward that it wasn't true.

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Wow why does JC hate men, he ranked Sean so low???

Remove my vote out of sheer disgust that Natalie has been eliminated.   You can all say goodbye to any remotely hot guy from now on. Those are now my targets and will be until further notice

Natalie Anderson deserves better than this. 🙂 

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4 minutes ago, Elliott said:

Trying to figure out how Dan wasn't the first cut from this round tbh.


I was going to cut him myself, but I figured it'd be easier to get to 100 words about Colton since he played twice. 


2 minutes ago, Elliott said:

I'm not a Colton fan, but he didn't quit the game the first time. Medical pulled him and Colton didn't get a say in anything. Jeff just said that he quit twice during BvW because he was pissed Colton was quitting, but he said afterward that it wasn't true.


Oh, I see. I didn't know Jeff said that.

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Phillip Shepphard



The perfect gif to use to represent his exit from this rankdown. :giggle: Phillip is one of the most obnoxious and annoying players in Survivor history, and we had to sit through not just one, but TWO seasons of him. He first appeared on the universally-loathed Redemption Island, where he was frequently featured walking around in those gross pink underwear.🤢 He quickly attached himself to Rob and the Stealth R Us alliance, became a loyal Rob minion, rode Rob's coattails to the end, and became one of the biggest final 2 Goats in Survivor history. All while being obnoxious the entire season to the point where EVERYONE was annoyed by his antics. He also memorably mispronounced Francesca's name as "Francesqua" at the first tribal council. He did receive a vote at the final tribal council, so I'm mad that he's not a zero-vote finalist. For some reason, the producers thought that one season of Phillip wasn't enough and brought him back as a "favorite". And honestly, "favorite" is a term I apply loosely to the second Fans vs. Favorites season because the only one I'd consider a true favorite is Malcolm. Phillip created Stealth R Us 2.0, which ended up being fairly successful I guess because it carried him through to the merge.  He annoyed people again this season, resulting in a feud between him and Brandon that culminated with Brandon dumping out the tribe's supply of rice. The alliance eventually had to turn onto each other when all of the Three Amigos had immunity at tribal council, resulting in them choosing to vote out Phillip. Phillip is awful and I am very glad that I get to remove him from this rankdown so early on.


SAVING: Dana Lambert

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Posted (edited)

Brian Heidik (Season 5)




Getting this in before the 30 minutes expires, but I'll be prettying it up soon. Brian was on Season 5 of Thailand, one of two seasons that I have not watched - and for good reason, it seems to be pretty much universally considered one of the worst seasons of all time. I have also heard that Brian played one of the best winning games ever, or at least near the top of the list. It doesn't surprise me as he seems like a psychopath. Brian has gotten into legal trouble since his season, which is the main reason why everyone hates him now. He is most known in my book for shooting and killing a puppy dog, claiming that he thought it was a raccoon or something like that? Good riddance.


Saving Patricia (whomst?)

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Save Ted (even though I have no idea who he is LOL and he's safe for the entire cycle see this is why you can't nominate ALL fodder/degenerates)

Cut Jeff Varner


As a gay man, I cannot defend someone outing someone who is LGBT

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David Murphy


Amber's unimpressed face KILLS me every time I remember this moment :dead:. Anyway David was cast at a time when Probst was obsessed with making every straight white male who used the term resume out to be a strategic mastermind. David marched around Redemption Island acting like his sh*t didn't stick even though everyone on that godawful season was an awful player outside of Rob (and Andrea in subsequent appearances). David was part of the main Zapatera alliance with Steve, Ralph, Julie, Sarita, and Mike. They all threw the immunity challenge to get rid of Russell first. While I'm grateful for that, that was more of a Julie thing so I don't really care about David's contributions there. While they could've easily gotten rid of the rest of the Russell's alliance, David randomly decided that Sarita had to go before Stephanie for no apparent reason. David had such an undeserved arrogance about him and pretty much demanded that his alliance does whatever he said. Luckily, no one gave a sh*t and they ignored David's pleas and voted Steph out instead :wub:. Unfortunately at the next tribal council, David got his way and the alliance turned on Sarita instead of David. David pretended like he was some sort of master at puzzles which is why everyone kept him, but I mean that didn't help them enter the merge with the numbers :wacko:. He made the merge and spent the rest of his time jerking Boston Rob off. After Rob made his move against Matt, David was blown away and was like "WOW HE IS SO GOOD!!!!!!1111!!!!1" as if Rob just pulled off Cirie's 3-2-1 play as opposed to just voting out the person who just returned to the game. He pleaded with Ometepe to make a move against Rob, but no one listened to him and David was eventually Pagong'd. He then delivered one of the WORST FTC speeches where he continued to jerk Boston Rob off even though the entire jury was voting for him anyway so it was just a waste of a moment. Erik Cardona you are not! David's desperation for validation and acceptance continued at the reunion show when he thought anyone would give a single sh*t that he was proposing to the first boot of Survivor: Tocantins, Carolina Eastwood. Amber Mariano didn't care and neither did I. Unsurprisingly the relationship didn't work out because David cheated on her with Alicia Rosa from One World, another noted piece of sh*t. Probst randomly loved David and wanted him back after RI, but he wasn't on the ballot for Cambodia or in the conversation for Game Changers so luckily I think he is long forgotten and we have dodged a major bullet.


Save Kourney

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I actually did see the scene where Jeff outed Zeke so horribly at tribal council. What was most horrible about that scene was Zeke's face. You could tell that he was in absolute shock and so uncomfortable because not was Jeff only outing him in front of his tribe mates and cast mates, he was essentially outing him in front of the whole world. He had no idea what to do, and I would have felt the exact same if someone had done such a thing to me. In addition, Jeff did this because he was trying to save himself and used this as an excuse for why Zeke would lie to everyone else, because he was hiding that he was trans. WHAT THE ACTUAL EFF, it blew my mind that he would say something like that because he is essentially saying that all LGBT people are liars and deceitful if they hide who they are. WELL I WISH WE COULD ALL BE COMPLETELY TRANSPARENT, but unfortunately without straight privilege, we need to think about our safety and the way other people would treat us and react to us. Society has been extremely tough on us in history, and not so long ago, queers would be killed without people batting an eye. Trans people are still being killed, especially people of color. So sorry, Jeff Varner, if we can't all be truthful and wave a rainbow flag everywhere we go because we're afraid of persecution, discrimination, family and friends deserting or shunning us, death, etc. This whole rant has made me more upset at him, but even if he didn't mean it to be malicious, he is still guilty of being an abhorrent person. Oh and on top of that, I forgot that he's gay. WTF JEFF, I still don't understand what he was thinking, he should know better.

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Alright proud of how fast this is going.  @Steven_ is next to nominate.



Immune for Steven's round:


Missy Byrd

Chrissy Hofbeck

Kass McQuillen

Ben Driebergen

Stacey Powell

J.P. Calderon

Tony Vlachos

Christina Cha

Natalie Anderson

Susie Smith

Sabrina Thompson

Reem Daly

NaOnka Mixon

Chelsea Meissner

Nadiya Anderson

Lucy Huang

Nick Stanbury

Dan "The Wardog" DaSilva

Dana Lambert

Patricia Jackson

Kourtney Moon

Ted Rogers, JR

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Ben Browning
Mike Borassi
Wendy DeSmidt-Kohlhoff
Shannon Elkins
Krista Klumpp
Mark "Papa Bear” Caruso
Semhar Tadesse
Matt Quinlan
Zane Knight
Alexandra "Allie" Pohevitz
Rachel Foulger
David Samson
John Rocker
Jennifer Lanzetti

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