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Survivor Rankdown 2.0 (Winner Reveal Page 225)

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Cycle 14:  The Final Cut


We have made it to the last round of the cycle.  The last round is the dreaded final cut.  You each get to the opportunity to make 1 last cut.  These will be the last 8 survivors cut before the final ranking.  The following survivors have moved on to the Top 20 by your immunities.


Advanced to the Top 20:

Courtney Yates

Kim Spradlin

Sophie Clarke

Kass McQuillen

Yul Kwon

Parvati Shallow

Crystal Cox

Sandra Diaz-Twine



12 of the remaining 20 will join them.  You have the next 24 hours to make your final cut.  Below are the 20 eligible survivors to be eliminated from the rankdown.


Susan Hawk

Jerri Manthey

Teresa "T-Bird" Cooper

Vecepia Towery

Sean Rector

Shii Ann Huang

Jenna Morasca

Rob Cesternino

Heidi Strobel

Lillian Morris

Ian Rosenberger

Todd Herzog

Peih-Gee Law

Jessica "Sugar" Kiper

Natalie White

Abi-Maria Gomes

Cydney Gillon

Michaela Bradshaw

Angelina Keeley

Karishma Patel


You have until 12:00 PM CST on Thursday to make your decision.  Good Luck.


@*Amanda @JC @Zoey @sublymonal @Elliott @#jeah @hayden98 @Steven_ @Alex95


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Wow why does JC hate men, he ranked Sean so low???

Remove my vote out of sheer disgust that Natalie has been eliminated.   You can all say goodbye to any remotely hot guy from now on. Those are now my targets and will be until further notice

Natalie Anderson deserves better than this. 🙂 

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Very sorry to Lillian, but there are few remaining castaways I’m willing to cut. I’m not too attached to Lillian despite liking her, so I’ll choose to eliminate her before another ranker claims her for a final cut. Plus, this guarantees that Sandra is the last one standing from Pearl Islands. Anyway, Lillian was placed on the Morgan tribe, and she was perceived to be weak due to her age. When Savage was running the tribe, she was voted out and he didn’t let her know beforehand like she requested. However, she returned via the Outcasts Twist along with Burton and she got her revenge against Savage. Due to finding herself in the swing vote position, she managed to be crucial in how certain votes would go. Since she wasn’t closely aligned with anyone (even though Burton and Lillian promised each other they’d have each other’s backs), she was willing to vote anyone out of the game. She won the final immunity challenge (“they call these squats in aerobics!”), and she decided to sit next to Sandra in the end since she felt Sandra deserved it more than Jonny Fairplay did. Lillian was criticized by the jury for playing deceitfully and lying while wearing her Scout Leader uniform. However, she called them out for how unfair it was for them to hold that against her. She didn’t know she’d be playing wearing her uniform due to the surprise marooning twist at the beginning of the game. Overall, Lillian was a complex character in the game, and it’s understandable why she’s lasted this long in the rankdown. For someone to make it to the Final 2 after being underestimated by her competition is quite an accomplishment. The moment when Jeff was unable to extinguish the flame of her torch at first was an eerie foreshadowing moment. Lillian was part of the dynamic Pearl Islands cast and helped make the season as great as it was. Congrats to her on making it this far in the rankdown.

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Vecepia Towery




I like Vecepia but she is also not one of my favorites, much like everyone else in this group. I feel very indifferent towards most of this group. However, cutting Vecepia means that we have another male season winner! So congrats to Sean WOOHOO! Yay for the peen. He's only the 8th season winner out of 39 so thankfully I was able to bring some male representation to the season winner's table because even that is still a ridiculously terrible percentage, I can't wait until Drag Race rankdown. Anyways Vecepia is a winner, baby! She was on one of the OG seasons, which I watched quite awhile ago, so I do not remember much of it. I think this was the season where they had to go to rocks at final 4, which saw Paschal getting eliminated after receiving no votes which was absolutely ridiculous and heartbreaking for him. But that ultimately led to Vecepia's win so congrats to Vecepia for taking the one million dollar gamble and winning it. Or perhaps she was one of the people voted for at the final 4, I can't remember, anyways sorry Vecepia, but this is a good placing for her.

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Sugar Kiper

Sugar Gabon GIF | Gfycat


Oof, these cuts keep on getting harder and harder 💔. It took me a while to just narrow down who I even felt comfortable cutting, and I almost chose someone besides Sugar twice, but upon starting to search for gifs to represent them I just felt too attached to them so Sugar ended up being the person I felt most comfortable with cutting, but despite that, Sugar is someone that I thoroughly enjoyed watching. Sugar first competed during the hilarious Survivor Gabon, where she was on a crusade to eliminate all the "bad people". Sugar spent many episodes on Exile Island, where despite Corinne's doubts, Sugar quickly found the HII and then proceeded to just relax in her "Sugar Shack" each time she was sent to Exile. Sugar did prove to be a naive player at times, being convinced by Ken to blindside her former #1, Ace. Soon after the merge hit, Sugar's conflicts with Corinne and especially Randy seemed to reach their peak, as seen during the Survivor Auction when #cookiegate happened lmao. Their conflict continued into Tribal Council where Sugar casted the above vote for Randy (and it's not even the most iconic vote of that tribal council :wub:). After Corinne left the following tribal council, Sugar found new "bad people" to target due to Crystal and Kenny arguing with Matty about the latter receiving a vote during Corinne's elimination. Sugar managed to reach Final Tribal Council without receiving a single vote and was probably in a good position going in, seeing all the votes that she orchestrated, but Sugar completely imploded, telling the jury that they didn't have to vote for her if they didn't want to. Sugar's stay during Heroes vs. Villains was much more brief, though she still delivered to an extent, flipping off Queen Sandra after the latter ripped off Sugar's bra during the opening challenge. Sugar's lack of game instincts really showed afterwards, with her being much more interested in flirting with Colby than with doing anything to help out at camp. Sugar ended up being voted out unanimously during the first tribal council that season.


Sugar hit a rough patch following her two stints on Survivor, ending up on Celebrity Rehab soon after competing. Luckily, from what I've gathered, I think Sugar is doing better now; as she's both had a child and gotten married. Sugar is kind of a Survivor anomaly. By all means, she seems like a trainwrecky early boot a la J'Tia, but Sugar ran Gabon pretty smoothly from what I remember. It does pain me to eliminate her from this rankdown, but I just happen to be an even bigger fan of everyone else that remains. Congrats on finishing in the top 26 (?) out of nearly 600 contestants though!

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Awww Sugar, I really loved her on her original season, I thought she was robbed and was rooting hard for her. My love for her has worn down since I haven't seen her season in awhile but I remember stanning her hard because she was great on that season with some interesting characters.

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Todd Herzog


There are truly no easy cuts out of this group. This is the one I feel most comfortable doing though. I really like Todd, but I can't say I love him. And honestly, that's the only justification I have for this cut. China is a season full of stars and I think he got outshined a bit. I mean, you're on a cast with Courtney Yates and Peih-Gee. With those legends around, it's really hard for me to be like "I stan Todd". Todd is one of the best to ever play the game though. I loved watching the gay twink just take over, align with some goddesses, and destroy with alpha males. Typing that all out, I just realized Todd is who I aspire to play as on Survivor. Todd got his tight crew with legends Courtney and Amanda, dragged Denise along for the ride, and smartly disposed of Jean-Robert and James at the exact perfect moments before it was too late. He was daring and not afraid to play with the other side. On top of that, Todd delivers probably the most iconic final tribal council performance of all time. His answer to Jean-Robert's question is obviously iconic and my favorite answer to a jury question in Survivor history. But I also remember having great answers to Jaime and Frosti's questions. He was just amazing at that portion of the game and he truly earned that win (especially up against Amanda's flopping lol).

As a character, Todd was a fun narrator. He was delightfully bitchy and snarky. I just remember the other characters that season a bit more than him. I remember Todd and Courtney spying on Jean-Robert and James being sexist and making fun of them, but that's more of a Courtney moment. I remember Todd sobbing over his sister's miscarriage, but once again more of a Courtney moment. You seeing a pattern here? I never rooted against Todd or found myself bored by him though! He was entertaining enough the whole way through and someone I really saw myself in, thus I was rooting for him. I'm very happy with him as a winner. Unfortunately things took a turn for the worst for him post-show and he had a difficult battle with alcoholism. As far as I can tell now, it seems like he's won the battle and I'm just absolutely thrilled for him. Alcoholism is an extremely serious disease and it was heartbreaking watching him struggle all those years. That clip of him on Dr. Ph*l was so terrifying. I'm really rooting for him to have an amazing rest of his life. This was a difficult cut for me to make, but at the same time it was the cut I felt most comfortable making at this point in the game.

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