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Survivor Rankdown 2.0 (Winner Reveal Page 225)

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Wow why does JC hate men, he ranked Sean so low???

Remove my vote out of sheer disgust that Natalie has been eliminated.   You can all say goodbye to any remotely hot guy from now on. Those are now my targets and will be until further notice

Natalie Anderson deserves better than this. 🙂 

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Andrea Boehlke

Andrea was a contestant on Survivor Redemption Island, Survivor Caramoan and Survivor Game Changers. I’m still wondering how she lasted this long considering she’s beyond bland and basic. I think I’d prefer Natalie Tenerelli to make it further at this point. Anyway, she obviously has fans.. mainly Alex, since he saved her every time I nominated her thinking she was an easy target. I will say that Andrea has a good social game and found herself nearly always in a majority alliance. She obviously does something well to get deep in to the game but I just find her to be very meh compared to other players who have made more of an impact. It makes sense that the pretty, blonde girl with no blood on her hands is a fan favourite though. I just fail to see how she compares to the likes of other players like Natalie and Parvati to keep her around in this rankdown. I just have very neutral feelings for her and those feelings are more towards the boring side so I’m happy to eliminate her here instead of the other big names.




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Ethan Zohn


Ethan is one of the nicest, most likable and rootable Survivors ever. We're down to the nitty gritty and I really only stan one of his three Survivor seasons though so I feel most comfortable cutting him here out of the nominees. Ethan's first season was Africa. Honestly, it doesn't age well for me. No one involved in bullying Clarence over the beans has aged well for me and that includes Ethan, who's supposed to be the nicest guy in the world. He was my favorite of the Boran Boys easily though. I hated Lex and Tom so if one of them had to win, I'm glad it was Ethan in the end. His All-Stars appearance is where he really shines. Ethan becomes a sassy underdog who is pretty much fed up with the game the entire time. He #dragged the awful people in power, made fun of Jenna, and was just generally a hilarious and rootable presence. He was the last winner standing and lasted all the way to 11th place which is pretty impressive since he had a target on his back since day one. Unfortuantely, Ethan gets diagnosed with cancer after the season and this becomes a really scary time for him. I didn't think we'd ever see him again, but he returned for Winners At War! I was really thrilled and excited to see him again! Sadly the OGs got majorly disrespected on the season and Ethan was an early boot. He was really likable and rootable for his story time in the game though and I enjoyed his scenes overcoming adversity on the Edge. Plus he voted for Queen Natalie to win :wub:. Overall, I do like Ethan, but he's not an ultimate fave of mine.


Save Sandra

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Ciera ~*Big Moves*~ Eastin



Guys, I don't know if you know this, but Ciera voted out her own mother!!! Yes, that's right, you heard me. On her first Survivor season, Blood vs. Water, Ciera cast a vote against her mother, Laura Morrett. Now I'm sure you're wondering HOW. HOW COULD ANYONE DO SUCH A THING? It's almost like... she knew that the rest of the tribe was going to do it anyway so whether she voted against her or not, she still would have gone home. Almost like that. I'm cutting Ciera because I don't actually think she's that good of a player. With every season she returned, my opinion of her fell. During BvW she placed fifth after aligning with the power alliance of Tyson, Monica and Gervase and despite EVERYONE trying to tell her that she was clearly fourth in that alliance, she still aligned with them and voted out everyone until it was just her and Tina (who returned from Redemption Island) left. At the Top 5, the three of them voted her out. In the end, she voted for Tyson to win.


Ciera would then return four seasons later for Survivor: Second Chances as one of the 20 contestants to receive the most votes from the public. I'll admit, I voted for her because her run in BvW was compelling enough that I wanted to see what she was capable of. She was fortunate enough to spend the first two weeks on the Bayon tribe and the next three weeks on the Ta Keo tribe and be immune for the first five weeks of the competition. At Week 6, she campaigned to blindside Woo and got her way. The next week, the tribes merged and the real power struggle began. In the first week, Ciera lost her close ally, Kass, but managed to regain power the following week through the help of Kelly Wentworth's idol, which allowed them to get rid of Andrew Savage. Then, in Week 11, she teamed up with Jeremy, Spencer and Fishbach to vote out Kelly Wiglesworth. Everything seemed to be going her way until she suggested to blindside Fishbach to flush out his advantage. At the Top 10 tribal, she was in the majority alliance, but Jeremy successful played an idol for Stephen, negating all the votes against him and sending Ciera home with only 3 votes. It was a surprising finish for someone with a lot of promise and in the end, she voted for Jeremy to win.


In her third run on the show, Ciera returned for the hot pile of garbage that was Game Changers, only to be voted out first by the Mana tribe. After losing immunity, the tribe perceived her as the weakest physically and a bit of a strategic threat after she tried to turn the vote on Michaela and so, she met an early fate. 


All in all, I don't hate Ciera, but I also think she's WAY overhyped by production just for casting a vote against her mom one time. She's also a raging Republican so I have no qualms in getting rid of her now, before she makes the Top 20.


Save: Lillian Morris for my husband.

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Greg Buis




Sorry to any Greg fans, but I had to make a decision quickly to ensure Chaos Kass survived this round. Greg is a castaway from the first-ever season, Survivor: Borneo, where he finished in 9th place. He was placed on the Pagong tribe, and he along with the rest of the Pagongs were systematically picked off by the Tagis on by one. He was the first-ever individual immunity winner as well as the first-ever juror, so that’s interesting. He voted for Richard to win, which gave him the win in a 4-3 vote over Kelly.


Greg had some fun moments, most notably his coconut phone. Here’s a video of his antics:



Anyway, Greg is nice, but I think this is a solid spot for him to finish.


SAVING: Kass McQuillen

Edited by *Amanda
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Yau-Man Chan

SURVIVOR FA VII: INDONESIA - Season Finale (p.102) Reunion and Preview for  NEXT SEASON! (p.104) - Page 82 - Fantasy Games Central


Yau-Man Chan is a two-time player, competing during Survivor Fiji and Micronesia. Initially, during Fiji, Yau-Man was placed on the ill-fated Ravu tribe, but was kept safe due to joining an alliance with Earl and Michelle, and Mookie (among others) deciding to boot the rest of the women. Once the tribe swap happened, Yau-Man was granted safety as he was moved to the Moto tribe. Arguably Yau-Man's most well known moment occurred when he won the car challenge. He decided to make a deal with Dreamz that if Dreamz won the final four challenge, he would give Yau-Man immunity in return for Yau-Man giving Dreamz the car. Dreamz accepted the deal, but later reneged and did not give Yau-Man immunity after winning on day 38, resulting in Yau-Man finishing in 4th.


Yau-Man's stay during Micronesia was a lot shorter than his first season. Yau-Man was unfortunately in the minority alliance (alongside Penner, Ami, and Eliza), due to Cirie opting to vote with the couples alliance, and thus, Yau-Man was voted out 3rd this season. Since Survivor, Yau-Man has been asked to return to play a couple more times (HvV and BvW), but had to decline on both occasions. I certainly wouldn't mind seeing Yau-Man return again someday, but I'm not sure if that will happen at this point, since he's nearing 70 years old right now (not that that stopped Rudy, but the token oldies nowadays are like 40, so idk)


Saving J'Tia

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10 minutes ago, Zoey said:

I’m still wondering how she lasted this long considering she’s beyond bland and basic. I think I’d prefer Natalie Tenerelli to make it further at this point.


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Aurora McCreary competed on Survivor: Edge of Extinction. She was placed on the Kama tribe, and she immediately was on the outs since she was the only newbie willing to align with returning players Joe and Aubry. However, Kama won the first several immunity challenges, so she didn’t have to worry about getting voted out in the early stage of the game. She also survived a tribe swap and made it to the merge, and she sided with Joe in targeting Rick and sending him back to the Edge of Extinction. However, Joe was blindsided by his former Kama tribe members for being an immunity threat. Aurora was further on the outs, but she managed to save herself with a couple of immunity challenge wins. Aurora was continuously an option for elimination, but she kept surviving too. However, she was finally voted out on Day 34. The following day was the second Edge of Extinction challenge, but it was Chris who won his way back into the game (and he went on to win the whole game too). Aurora was the only Kama tribe member to vote for Gavin to win as well. Anyway, I don’t remember much about Aurora’s time on the show. I believe she wasn’t featured much in the edit, but kudos to her on being able to make it so far in the game despite being on the outs. And it’s surprising she made it this far in this rankdown too.


And I’m saving Michaela.


Edited by Steven_
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Jaime Dugan was the 10th place finalist on Survivor: China, which is my favorite season of all. I'm thrilled that she made it this far lmao and of course I could have saved her and pushed her even farther but she is not a top 40 contestant of all time...so even though she's always been a random favorite of mine, I think this is a great showing for her in the game. Jaime started out on the Zhan Hu tribe which did not fare all that well in the pre-merge. I remember she was kidnapped by the other team and taken back to their camp and witnessed some juicy tea going on in that tribe, but it didn't really amount to much. A few main things about Jaime's game stick out to me. The first is her and Peih-Gee iconically throwing a pre-merge immunity challenge to take out Aaron after he switched to the minority on their tribe. It was the most obvious challenge throw ever lmfao, with Jaime taking puzzle pieces and just throwing them on the ground instead of trying to solve the puzzle lol LEGENDS ONLY. The other thing I remember about her is her super adorable showmance with season hottie Erik. The whole "I'm a virgin" conversation is amazing haha, and Jaime and Erik are still married to this day and are an adorable couple. The other thing I remember about Jaime is her making the merge and clearly being on the outs. Then she stumbles upon what ends up being a fake idol and tries playing it at the merge TC. Obviously it was fake, and the members of Fei Long kinda relished in her blindside (James being the typical $^^@*(! that he is laughing at her, smh). Jaime was the first member of the jury and correctly voted for Todd at the end to win the game. Overall, Jaime is a really fun and overlooked character who went through this game unscathed until the last couple of rounds. I advanced her a few rounds ago because she's always been a random favorite of mine and I didn't think anyone else would advance her. But this is a great spot for her to peace so out she goes!


saving: Kim

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27 minutes ago, *Amanda said:

Andrea being loved by the fans even though she was on 3 of the worst seasons. ❤️ 

It helps that she was one of the few people who had any sense of strategy in Redempsh*t Island and was trying to blindside Cochran in Caramoan. :dead:


Francesca is the real winner from those seasons because she got two free vacations while those hot messes were ongoing. :giggle:

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36 minutes ago, Solaris said:

@JC has Ami vs Rob C.  


Ami Cusack




She was on two seasons yet I barely remember her. I was honestly shocked she was on two seasons because I did not remember that. I do remember her face at least from one season. But she does not strike me as an all-star so I was shocked she was brought back. Anyways, she was on Vanuatu and Micronesia and was pretty much for girl power so usually found herself in female alliances. She finished 6th and 11th respectively but was honestly not someone I cared about so I am pretty surprised she made it this far. Perhaps she was somewhat interesting though since she was brought back as a favorite. I honestly have not seen her seasons in a very long time so perhaps I am forgetting some of her more redeeming qualities.



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