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Survivor Rankdown 2.0 (Winner Reveal Page 225)

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Wow why does JC hate men, he ranked Sean so low???

Remove my vote out of sheer disgust that Natalie has been eliminated.   You can all say goodbye to any remotely hot guy from now on. Those are now my targets and will be until further notice

Natalie Anderson deserves better than this. 🙂 

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Public Nominations:

Ciera Eastin**

Deena Bennett

Greg Buis

Hannah Shapiro**

J'Tia Taylor**

Jaime Dugan**

Kass McQuillen**

Ken McNickle**

Lillian Morris

Lisa Welchel**

Michele FitzGerald**

Mike Holloway**

Stacey Kimball**

Stephen Fischbach

Twila Tanner**

Victoria Baamonde**


current cut/saves

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Twila Tanner

Twila Tanner is the runner-up from Survivor Vanuatu and the reason why the female alliance was annihilated. That in itself is reason to eliminate her here but I would’ve done it rounds ago if I had the opportunity. Not only did she turn on her alliance but she also treated most of them like absolute crap. Mostly Eliza, who did nothing to warrant the treatment she received from obnoxious Twila. She also swore on her sons life and it came to light she was lying. Such a nice woman and role model for her son and the kids watching. She’s just a vile human being and I don’t find her entertaining in the slightest. Not even with a villain edit.. she was just nasty. Goodbye!


Saving Ciera.

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1 minute ago, Alex95 said:

What a disgusting and gross writeup about someone just playing the game. Her son didn't even give a sh*t.

Seriously. I thought her son was the one telling her it was okay to do it before she even left.


/says the guy who still hasn't really seen Vanuatu but somehow knows that trivia

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Victoria Baamonde was a castaway who participated in IDF's favourite season, Edge of Extinction. I thought she showed promise as a player, including when she hatched the plan to blindside Aubry Bracco. (I can't remember exactly if it was her initial plan or not, but I'm remembering it was). Given the show's preference for returnees over newbies, it wound up being beneficial to her alliance - particularly since Aubry had an Idol and was the only one on that swapped tribe not a part of the alliance from what I remember. Afterward, Victoria continued being a solid player, forming the necessary bonds and making small, subtle moves that would help her. I don't know if I think she was as clear a winner as Reddit and some people at IDF made her out to be - particularly with that jury 🙄 - but I think she had a solid case compared to Rick's lack of agency in the game that was set to be rewarded just because Jeff Probst had a hard-on for him 🤮. But after Chris returned with the insane advantage of literally knowing what the jury's thoughts were on every remaining castaway, he convinced Gavin to turn on Victoria and she was voted out uneventfully in sixth place. She said Gavin had her vote in an attempt to make him seem like a target, and ultimately sided with most of the jury in awarding the title to someone who was voted out already. This write-up doesn't mention Victoria that much, you say? Sorry, I was just taking inspiration from the real show which paid her dust in almost every episode despite being a solid player from what I've gathered. I suppose I'd like to see Victoria come back and play again because she showed potential, but - and I say this as a Chris fan - I'm still bitter over the end result, so meh. If there's anything necessary to add to this, lemme know since she wasn't ever one of my main favourites from that season.


SAVE: Mike Holloway

Edited by Elliott
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Stacy Kimball

Clubs That Suck -> Chuckie Ranks All Survivors (Interactively)


Stacy Kimball competed during Survivor Fiji, and ultimately placed 6th out of 19. Early on in the game, Stacy was on the dominant Moto tribe, and even beyond that, in the dominant alliance of herself, Alex Angarita, Edgardo Rivera, Lisi Linares, and Boo Bernis. Stacy managed to stay safe through to the merge, only going to Tribal Council once, where her alliance snuffed Liliana's torch. Stacy saw herself in a bit of trouble once the merge hit as she was the alternate target the night that Michelle was voted out and Stacy was destroyed by her tribemates the following reward challenge being labeled as wasting the opportunity and a person that no one wanted to see after the game. Stacy did join Earl's alliance soon afterwards and was the spearhead behind Edgardo's blindside, which began the dismantling of the Four Horseman. Stacy seemed to be secure after this, but her plan to blindside Yau-Man at the final 6 was leaked and despite having the majority, Yau-Man played his HII and eliminated Stacy with his and Earl's votes. Overall, Stacy isn't someone that I'm particularly fond of (I've not seen Fiji and Stacy hasn't returned since), but I'm not upset with her placing this high since she seemed like a really smart player.


Saving Sequester Queen J'Tia

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I like Hannah, and she isn’t my first or second choice to eliminate from these nominations. However, I’ll go ahead and cut her from the game so Ken and Michaela can be the last two standing from Millennials vs. Gen X. Hannah started on the Millennial tribe (obviously), and it took her a while to get her footing in the game. First she was instructed to vote for Mari, and she struggled with the decision at the voting booth. After she went through with the Mari blindside, she had to do damage control with Zeke. Later after a tribe swap, she was aligned with Michaela, but she and her were the only ones out of the loop when Jay orchestrated a move with Will, Sunday, and Brett to blindside Michaela. However, she became included in decisions after the merge. She was in on the plans moving forward, and made moves that benefited her game. And at one point she convinced Adam to use a hidden immunity idol for her, even though it turned out she didn’t really need it. Although she was unsure who to trust at times, she made it to the end of the game with people she trusted: Adam, Ken, and David. Despite being loyal to David when people were pointing out how big of a threat he was, she finally voted him out at Final 4 with Adam and Ken. The three of them made it to the Final 3, and Hannah put up a good argument for herself. However, Adam ended up winning by a unanimous vote. Overall Hannah played a solid game and would be a worthy candidate for another second chance season.


And I’m saving Ken.

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Michele Fitzgerald


Remember when I said Michele was safe until Aubry got screwed? Well this is the other shoe dropping. Yes I know I'm the one that cut Aubry lol, but I was left with no other choice. Anyways, Michele was so underrated for so long she is slowly becoming one of the most overrated Survivor contestants ever. She's a pretty normal girl, a cool chick. But not some sort of Survivor legend.

We met her on Survivor: Koah Rong, one of the strongest casts in recent Survivor history. She was on the Beauty tribe and bonded with the other girls there. She easily made the merge due to always being on the winning tribe. She could've been in some trouble at the swap had they gone to tribal council, but they didn't. The Beauty & Brawn came together, but she decided to turn on the men because they were sexist pigs and work with the women. Her biggest moment was when she had to turn on her closest friend Julia because she was working too closely with the guys. My favorite Michele episode though is when she went to war with Tai at the TC where Jason went home. Michele showed a fire we hadn't really seen from her and it was entertaining to see her fight for her life and come for Tai. She ended up going on a bit of a winning streak and between that, her strong social game, and Aubry making enemies she won the game in a controversial decision.

So when Winners at War happened, Michele was a lock to return. Being on the few female winners that's still young and interested in playing made her an easy pick. I kind of felt the same about her this season as I felt in Kaoh Rong. She was certainly Fine. She wasn't lighting my world on fire and I found myself rooting for her more often than rooting against her. I think Michele's duo with Parvati where they spent their days #dragging Wendell was the height of my Michele fandom. She had trouble ever finding her footing in the game though. She constantly found herself on the wrong side of the vote which was unfortunate to see. She kept trucking along though and cockroaching her way from tribal council to tribal council. Unfortunately, her lack of agency in the game proved to be detrimental in the end though and she failed to receive a jury vote. Maybe it would've been nice to see her get some votes, but Tony dominated the game and won it fair and square.

Nowadays Michele is dating all the single Survivor players in the tristate area and honestly good for her. No slutshaming from me, she's young and hot, you do you gurl. Wendell and Pete were better than Dean, but whatevs hopefully she makes her way onto someone from S41 in a year. This is kind of a petty cut because I know she's a popular player and I did promise I would take her out of this game once Aubry got taken out, but she's also one of my least favorite Survivors left. Not in a bad way, she just doesn't have that fire or wow factor for me.


Save Kass

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