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Survivor Rankdown 2.0 (Winner Reveal Page 225)

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Wow why does JC hate men, he ranked Sean so low???

Remove my vote out of sheer disgust that Natalie has been eliminated.   You can all say goodbye to any remotely hot guy from now on. Those are now my targets and will be until further notice

Natalie Anderson deserves better than this. 🙂 

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Stephenie LaGrossa



In the list of iconic female contestants, Stephenie is among the most memorable. She competed in three iconic seasons and was memorable in two, but for very different reasons. In Survivor Palau, she had the misfortune of being part of the ill-fated Ulong tribe who, as we all know, lost every single pre-merge immunity challenge, leaving them to be picked off one by one until only Stephenie and Bobby Jon were left. Stephenie ultimately beat Bobby Jon in the fire making challenge and joined the Koror tribe. She survived a few more weeks, thanks to Coby being voted out and Janu leaving, but it was clear she was an outsider and seen as a major threat to win, given her ability to outlast all the other Ulong members and so, on Day 30, she was voted out but left the game as one of America's favourite contestants of all time.


She and Bobby Jon returned in the next season, Survivor Guatemala, where Stephenie was part of the Yaxha tribe. Her luck in Guatemala wasn't quite as dismal and her tribe  managed to win the first immunity challenge. This time around, Stephenie played a different game, developing bonds with Rafe and Jamie that would carry her through the tribe swap in Week 4, where they all joined Nakum and convinced Judd to flip on Brooke. In Week 8, the tribes merged and Stephenie's alliance was up in numbers and Stephenie was in control of the game. Despite this, there were still some tough votes for her - sparing Bobby Jon for another week so he could be a part of the jury and then voting her closest ally, Jamie, out the following week because Rafe wanted her to, leaving Danni as the final member of her own alliance, a mistake that would prove to be fatal to her winning the game. In the second half of the game, it was clear Stephenie wasn't always calling the shots and her willingness to do what Rafe wanted instead of what was best for her game tarnished her "hero" image from Palau. At the Top 4, Rafe managed to convince Stephenie to spare Danni, despite recognizing that Danni was the biggest threat to win and, in the end, Danni repaid Rafe by voting him out and taking Stephenie with her. Rafe, still bitter from Danni's lack of loyalty, became the only vote for Stephenie to win that season and Stephenie left the game still well liked, but definitely not as impactful as her first season.


Then Stephenie returned for Survivor's best season, Heroes v Villains, as part of the Heroes tribe. It seemed like a fitting return for her, but her game was cut short when the Heroes tribe got off to a rocky start. Stephenie dislocated her shoulder early in the game and while the medics were able to mend it, Stephenie was perceived as a liability after tanking the puzzle portion of the challenge in Week 2. James even accused her of bringing along the bad luck from Ulong and, in the end, this was enough for the Heroes tribe to send her packing. I suspect they also voted her out because she'd gotten to the final two in Guatemala and so, they knew she was a threat, but it was still sad to see her go out so early since I still liked her.


All that being said, I think Stephenie is iconic, but of these nominations, I'm fine to send her home at this point in the game.


Save: Mike Holloway

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Kelley Wentworth

Kelley was a contestant on Survivor San Juan del Sur and Survivor Cambodia. Kelley was pretty much a non entity during San Juan del Sur so I’m confused as to why she was invited back and voted to play Survivor Cambodia. I didn’t have high hopes for Kelley when it came to playing again but she did really well and was one of the few people I actually stanned for. She had a pretty good storyline throughout the season and was nearly always the underdog. She found a number of hidden immunity idols which started to become tiresome towards the end of the season but at least it kept it exciting. I was more impressed with Kelley’s social game and how she was able to move in and out of alliances without a number of people gunning for her every single time. There seemed to be a pause of the opposing alliance wanting her out once her allies were gone. She nearly slipped in to the top three and would have done if it wasn’t for Spencer. I’m sure we’ll see her again in the future.


Saving Fishbach

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Adam Klein

adam klein | Tumblr


So, originally my plan was to cut Fishbach or Wentworth, but Zoey took both of them so unfortunately Adam's my choice now because I particularly love the EOE iteration of Yul lol. I know Adam's kind of a polarizing figure among the rankers (at least that's my impression), so I'm glad that he managed to make it this far into the rankdown. So, Adam was a player during Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X and returned again for Survivor Winners At War. In MvGX, Adam started the game from an underdog position when one of his big allies was blindsided during their first tribal councils. Luckily for Adam, a tribe switch saw him in a swing vote position where he ended up enacting revenge on a couple of the people who blindsided Mari days earlier.


The really funny thing that I'm noticing reading back on Adam's first season is that he was kind of a messy player even back then (though this was amplified his second season ❤️ ), with him really getting on the nerves of both his enemies and his allies. Luckily, Adam's alliance kept him around and he ended up making it to Final Tribal Council where he received all 10 of the jury votes.


Adam quickly became an underdog again when he returned for WAW, when he (and Denise) were considered to be early boots due to suspicions about them being a pair. Adam then led a campaign against Natalie and Jeremy for being another pair, which resulted in Natalie going to the EOE. Adam's messy gameplay almost came to bite him soon after this, when he revealed his plan to blindside Parvati to one of Parvati's biggest allies... this earned him votes from Parvati, Boston Rob, and Ethan, but his alliance ultimately spared him and booted Ethan instead. Soon afterwards, Adam was swapped onto a tribe with Boston Rob, Ben, Sophie, and Sarah. Adam was convinced by the girls to boot Boston Rob, but became the outcast again when Ben grew closer to the girls. This resulted in Adam coming into the merge, once again, in the position of underdog. He managed to survive Wendell's boot with just a few votes, but his conflict with Ben reached its climax at the following tribal council leading to Adam attempting to use Jeff's podium as the HII in order to save himself. :rofl: 


Unfortunately for Adam, the podium wasn't a HII and he was sent to the EOE, where he failed to return and ended up voting for Tony to win. I've actually loosely followed a decent amount of Adam's post-Survivor exploits. He began a non-profit for cancer research in honor of his mother, who was a Survivor superfan just like him. Adam also participated in a travel series, The Coin Flip Trip, where he journeyed to places like Japan and Switzerland, which was right up my ally since I'm a huge travel nerd (if only I wasn't a poor college student 💔). In addition, Adam also competed in an installment of Survivor Sequester, where he placed 3rd.


Adam's a player that I'm actually really fond of, despite being too much at times. I'm glad that he's managed to make the final 50-60 here in this rankdown, but this feels like a solid spot for him to peace out, especially since I want Yul to last a little bit longer ;) 


Saving Yul

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