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Survivor Rankdown 2.0 (Winner Reveal Page 225)

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Wow why does JC hate men, he ranked Sean so low???

Remove my vote out of sheer disgust that Natalie has been eliminated.   You can all say goodbye to any remotely hot guy from now on. Those are now my targets and will be until further notice

Natalie Anderson deserves better than this. ūüôā¬†

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Finally. I’ve nominated Shane several times, yet he kept getting saved. Anyway, Shane Powers competed on Survivor: Panama. He was part of the dysfunctional Casaya alliance. Due to nicotine withdrawals, Shane was a very unpleasant person to live with on the island. He had frequent outbursts, especially towards Courtney and Danielle. And an odd moment was when he pretended a piece of wood was a Blackberry. And at one point Shane considered quitting the game too. However, the Casaya alliance sticking together for the numbers helped him make it to the Final 5. He did end up getting blindsided though. At final tribal council, he asked Aras and Danielle to pick a number between 1 and one million for his vote after declaring Terry should’ve been the winner. Aras picked 4; Danielle picked 10. As a result, Shane voted for Danielle, but he was only one of two votes for Danielle. Everyone else voted for Aras. Shane would later be a candidate for the Second Chance season, but the viewers didn’t vote him in. Anyway, sorry to Shane and any fans, but out goes Shane from the rankdown.


And I’m saving Ken.



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2 minutes ago, *Amanda said:



Maybe your group can get him out when JC can't save. :haha: 


6 minutes ago, Elliott said:

Too many. 

Tv Show Rudeness GIF

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Michelle Yi



Since Andrew requested that I save Stacey, I will save her and cut Michelle. Michelle Yi is a castaway from Survivor: Fiji. Definitely one of the more boring seasons with the unnecessary haves and have-nots twist, but that twist doesn't seem SO bad now with the twists we've gotten as of late. :haha: Anyway, Michelle was initially placed on the Ravu tribe which did bad at immunity challenges but she never received votes at tribal council. She made the merge but was screwed over by another unnecessary twist - the "tribe within a tribe" where they were divided into two teams for a reward/immunity challenge. The losing team was immediately sent to tribal council, and Michelle's team lost. At tribal, she was voted out in a 3-2 vote. Michelle is definitely someone who deserves a second chance in the game, as this was a completely ridiculous twist and she definitely could've gone further if it didn't happen because she went into the merge in the majority.


Also, she memorably fell off her platform at one of the challenges:



Anyway, I really like Michelle and it sucks that she went out of the season the way she did. But her time in this rankdown has ended.


SAVING: Stacey Kimball

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On 7/27/2020 at 4:57 PM, Alex95 said:

Dean Kowalski


Sorry to the Dean fans, but his whole fratdouche vibe just isn't for me. I know a lot of people find him funny, but he came a little close to winning for my liking. I think Dean's a dime a dozen and you can find him in any sports bar across America. Dean's whole game was being an idiot for about 35 days and then turning it up at the end. As you can tell by my recent nomination of Chris, I'm not particularly a fan of that strategy. Dean was getting played hard for most of the game. He was on the outs of the girls alliance during the pre-swap (and barely survived over Chelsea due to them wanting to keep a strong guy for challenges around (even though he sucked at all the challenges)). Then on the swap, Kellee made a grandiose move to save him just because she had an idol that was about to expire and she figured why not use it. Dean made it to the merge because of that and then IMMEDIATELY screwed her over. Dean snuck under the radar for a bit, not doing much of anything. He came out of hiding again when he found an idol nullifier and used it to prevent a Janet victory, which was pretty much the only decent outcome from the final seven onward. He went to the end with his bro Tommy and lost to him because Tommy played a better game for about 34 days. I think Dean did make me chuckle occasionally throughout the season, but not enough for him to be an iconic character or anything. Overall, this is a generous spot for him.


Save Rupert


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On 7/27/2020 at 5:24 PM, sublymonal said:

Bobby Jon Drinkard (Palau, Guatemala)


I think this is a more than fair placement for Bobby Jon, considering he placed 10th and 9th respectively on his two seasons. I like him, but I like most of the other nominees more so. Anyway, Bobby Jon's write-up for Palau can be very short. As we all know, he was on the ill-fated Ulong tribe, who lost every single pre-merge immunity. Bobby Jon had the lucky distinction of being one of the last two members of that tribe along with Stephenie, but in the end, she defeated him in a fire maker challenge and went on to join the rest of the Koror members. 


Bobby Jon and Stephenie returned in the next season, Guatemala. He was part of the Nakum tribe, who won the first challenge and got the better of the two camps, but was forced to hike 11 miles to get there. Bobby Jon, like many of his tribemates, was worn out after the hike and they ended up losing the first immunity challenge. They were fortunate enough to win the next two before the tribe switch on Day 12, which put Bobby Jon on Yaxha with Blake, Brandon and Danni Boatwright. They outnumbered the former Yaxha members, but Bobby Jon and Danni turned on Blake and helped vote him out. In the subsequent weeks, Bobby Jon and Danni became quite the pair, voting out Brian and Amy with the help of Gary Hogeboom. They then merged and Bobby Jon's alliance was down in numbers. He was seen as a physical threat at that point, but Stephenie managed to convince the group to spare him so he could make the jury and voted out Brandon instead. Bobby Jon was then voted out the next week and would go on to vote for Danni over Stephenie, which is kind of hilarious in hindsight, but Stephenie was also pretty insufferable that season. Anyway, that's about all there is to say about Bobby Jon. He was an interesting character in the two seasons he played, but never made the right moves to get very far.

Save: Aras B.

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Jon Misch

Endgame - #13 - survivorrankdownIII


So, I like both Greg and Jon, but Greg's too iconic imo so Jon's gotta go. Jon was a player during Natalie Anderson's first season, San Juan del Sur, where he was a member of an alliance that included Natalie, along with some other people. As San Juan del Sur was a Blood vs. Water season, Jon competed alongside his girlfriend, Jaclyn. Early on, Jon played the role of goofball on his tribe, but found himself in trouble after losing the flint.  Fortunately for Jon, Drew Christy had spent the previous however many days digging his own grave before the flint even came into play so Jon was safe when his tribe finally lost a challenge during the fifth episode. After this vote, Jon was swapped onto a tribe with Jaclyn, and became the swing vote, blindsiding both Wentworths.


A little later on, after surviving the Josh and Jeremy votes, Jon was saved by Natalie despite him being on her hit list due to Jeremy's blindside. The following episode was probably the hardest for Jon, as he got into arguments with Jaclyn over him being arrogant despite her (and Natalie) having just saved him and the duo disagreeing on who to vote out. Natalie enacted her plan for vengeance soon afterwards, and brutally blindsiding Jon (who had found a second HII).


Since playing on San Juan del Sur, Jon has began studying to become a dentist and has also married Jaclyn in the meantime. I'm actually kinda shocked that Jon hasn't returned. He was asked to return for the ballot of Cambodia, but missed the call. I'd definitely still love to see Jon return someday. Unfortunately, he's my choice to eliminate because I really love Greg.


Saving Greg Buis

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