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Survivor Rankdown 2.0 (Winner Reveal Page 225)

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Jaclyn Schultz




Sorry to the Jaclyn fans, but she’s an obvious cut out of this AWFUL group of nominations. This won’t be the best write-up because I only have a few minutes to do it, but I needed to save Queen Cirie. Jaclyn was a castaway on San Juan Del Sur, the second blood vs. water season, and her loved one is Jon Misch. She & Jon were in an alliance with Natalie, Missy & Baylor. Natalie used her immunity idol on Jaclyn at final 5 to split up the Baylor & Missy duo. Jaclyn ended up placing 2nd, receiving 2 votes to win - Jon’s because he’s her loved one and Reed’s because he wanted Missy to place 3rd. Post-show, Jon & Jaclyn married. I do like Jaclyn, but so many icons are nominated this round that she’s an easy cut to make.


SAVING: Queen Cirie Fields

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Wow why does JC hate men, he ranked Sean so low???

Remove my vote out of sheer disgust that Natalie has been eliminated.   You can all say goodbye to any remotely hot guy from now on. Those are now my targets and will be until further notice

Natalie Anderson deserves better than this. 🙂 

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1 minute ago, JC said:

It’s already been happening all game, there’s not many men left

Yeah well there was no need to target me when I’ve never targeted your faves and cut plenty of women all game


Except the time I nominated JP :haha: 

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Just now, #jeah said:

Yeah well there was no need to target me when I’ve never targeted your faves and cut plenty of women all game

I honestly was not targeting you, I completely forgot you liked Chrissy until this comment but no one has talked to me about keeping anyone safe except a couple people so I put up 6 people where I could get rid of some females I don’t care for but are overrated imo. But I was not targeting anyone, these are just females that I wanted gone. If you don’t want me to nominate your favorites, please at least talk to me before you get mad at me. Otherwise I am not psychic I don’t know or remember everyone’s faves! Or if I really want to get rid of someone perhaps we can work out a deal but so far only two people have kept in touch with me so I have kept their female faves out of nominations!

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Don't know what JC has against me but I'm over this game tbh. Natalie Bolton made it to 4th place on Survivor: Micronesia and is one of my favorite one-time players to ever play the game. She started out extremely under the radar and was purpled by the editors for like 75% of the game. She was on the Fans side and honestly I don't remember much about her game early on, but iirc she and Alexis were swapped onto Parvati's tribe and Parv pulled them into her Black Widow alliance. She also flossed with Erik's jugular which is iconic.


Save Kim

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4 hours ago, Elliott said:

Natalie Bolton and Jaclyn cut when Eliza and Chrissy are right there?


unimpressed viola davis GIF


35 minutes ago, Steven_ said:

I know, right? I completely disagree that she was an obvious cut from these nominations. 😭

I mean, I gave both Eliza and Chrissy immunity at some point in this game, so did you really think I would cut them? :dead: 


I like Jaclyn, but she was up against some of my all-time favorites so she was an easy cut for me. :ph34rwave:

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Eliza Orlins competed on Survivor: Vanuatu and Survivor: Micronesia. I believe fans like her for how snarky she can be and her over-the-top reactions. She can be a mean girl too, but I think fans like that about her since she owns it and doesn't try to pretend to be nice. Anyway, Eliza was deemed too talkative and annoying by her tribe members back on Vanuatu and regularly seemed to be on the chopping block. Nonetheless, she managed to make it all the way to Final 4 after flipping on her Yasur alliance and joining Chris, Scout, and Twila. However, she was betrayed by Chris and finished in fourth place. She aired her grievances at final tribal council before voting for Chris to win the game. She returned for Micronesia and was part of the Favorites tribe. Once again, she was on the outs and watched all of her alliance members get taken out one after the other. Her boot episode is quite memorable due to her "It's a f*cking stick!" moment. She managed to befriend Jason from the Fans tribe, and he offered her what he thought was an immunity idol to help her out. However, Eliza pointed out to Jason it was a stick, which Jason stupidly believed was a real immunity idol. Eliza played the fake stick idol at tribal council to expose the fact that Ozzy had the real immunity idol. She was voted out, and she entertained viewers with her exaggerated reactions to tribal council events from the jury bench (such as the Ozzy blindside and when Erik gave his idol to Natalie). Eliza seemed to be torn on how to vote between Parvati and Amanda, but she ended up voting for Parvati to win the game. Years later, CBS viewers would see Eliza again when she competed alongside Corinne on The Amazing Race. Even though they never played Survivor together, they became friends prior to racing. The pair of them ended up finishing in ninth place. Anyway, sorry to Eliza and any fans, but out she goes from the rankdown.


And I'll save Chrissy.


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On 7/27/2020 at 2:56 PM, #jeah said:

CHRIS NOBLE (Ghost Island)




Chris Noble is incredibly overrated imo. He was slightly comedic relief on his season, but Ghost Island was so bad that even the smallest laugh seemed like comedy gold. Sure, he was a delusional model who said some really hilarious things (the most notable being him using the word "beneficiarary" in all complete seriousness), but idk he really truly sucked at the game and wasn't even my favorite castaway from that season. Plus, he was the top placing Ghost Island person in the last Survivor rankdown, so it's time to let someone else have that honor. Chris Noble was from the Florida Keys (as a Floridian, trust me he is the perfect representation of someone from that place) but lives in NYC at the time of filming. He's a male model (omg shocker) who placed 13th after getting into a famous rivalry with Dom and clearly losing that rivalry. Anyways, out he goes. Sorry to any fans.


Saving: Mike


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Edna Ma competed on Survivor: South Pacific. She was placed on the Upolu tribe and formed an early bond with Coach. Since she was the first one to be nice to Coach, she became someone Coach wanted to keep around. Coach did end up forming an alliance without her, but he still wanted Edna around as an extra vote. Throughout the entire pre-merge, Edna would be on the chopping block to get voted out. Some castaways thought she was weak in challenges and sneaky around camp. However, she always survived despite receiving votes at every tribal council Upolu attended. After the merge, Edna managed to avoid being targeted after the Savaii alliance members were taken out one after the other. Eventually she was a target again, but she tried to get the votes against Brandon. Her efforts didn't work, and Coach even turned his back on her. Edna was voted out on Day 32 and lost the Redemption Island duel against Ozzy the following day. At final tribal council, Edna reminded everyone that manipulation is inevitable on Survivor, and she told the Final 3 to own up to any manipulation they were responsible for. Edna ended up voting for Coach to win, but the majority of the jury voted for Sophie. Sorry to Edna, but kudos to her on lasting this long in the rankdown.


And I'm saving Jon.


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