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Survivor Rankdown 2.0 (Winner Reveal Page 225)

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Wow why does JC hate men, he ranked Sean so low???

Remove my vote out of sheer disgust that Natalie has been eliminated.   You can all say goodbye to any remotely hot guy from now on. Those are now my targets and will be until further notice

Natalie Anderson deserves better than this. 🙂 

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Sean Kenniff

Sean was a contestant on Survifor Borneo. I genuinely remember nothing about Sean other than him voting for people alphabetically? :whut: I guess it was the first season and he didn’t have much to go off. Borneo was a pretty naive season because of that but it still sounds dumb when typing that he voted for people based off their initials lol. Sean eventually placed fifth when Kelly won immunity and his tribe decided to send him home. Sean never returned to play the game and I’d be interested in how he would nowadays. I doubt he’d use that strategy now! 

Saving Fishbach.

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2 minutes ago, Zoey said:

I genuinely remember nothing about Sean other than him voting for people alphabetically? :whut: Borneo was a pretty naive season because of that but it still sounds dumb when typing that he voted for people based off their initials lol.

Granted he may have just said it to look better in retrospect, but in an interview a few years afterward, he said it was a strategy to vote for the Pagong tribe because their names were all alphabetically before Tagi’s.

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Sierra Reed

Clubs That Suck -> 👺 🚣 2016 CTS SURVIVOR RANKDOWN 🚀 🐉


I'm lowkey feeling conflicted about cutting Sierra, because I feel like she'd be something that I'd quite like and root for, but everyone else that's left feels more iconic than her. Sierra had a major underdog story during Survivor Tocantins. Right before starting the game, Sierra became really sick and was consequently voted the weakest member of her tribe during the first impressions vote. Luckily for Sierra, she was given a helicopter ride over to her tribe's campsite, where she ultimately decided to build a shelter for her tribe instead of searching for a HII. Luckily for Sierra, despite her perceived weakness, she proved to be useful in challenges and the two times she attended Tribal Council before the merge she managed to only receive one vote, even joining a cross-team alliance with Taj, Stephen, and Brendan.


Once the merge hit, Sierra and her alliance were safe for the first elimination due to Joe Dowdle being evacuated, but at the first Tribal Council of the merge, Sierra was blindsided hardcore as her number one ally was blindsided, with Tyson telling Sierra she'd be next. We also got the beautiful moment where Tyson tells Sierra that she was too stupid to be the mastermind behind Coach's (failed) blindside, which.... :thumbsdown:. Thankfully, Sierra was able to beat Tyson in the game due to him being blinsided at the next tribal council. The former Timbira members attempted to regroup to Pagong the former Jalapao members, but Sierra refused to work with Coach and Debbie to them voting for her previously. This caused major drama where Debbie got into an argument with her and Coach lied to the Jalapaos that Sierra was the mastermind behind that plot. Ultimately, despite the Jalapaos believing in Sierra over Coach, she was voted out due to causing all the drama.


Dang, it looks like we almost had a second season of Sierra. She was set to be cast as a Hero during Heroes vs. Villains, but had to decline in the end after getting engaged to one of the producers. I am quite curious to see how she would've played and if she would've shifted the outcome in any way. It also says that Sierra has since married (the producer?), had a daughter, and now lives in Victoria, Australia. Especially after reading about Sierra in more depth, I really hope that maybe there's a chance that we'll see her again someday, but given the amount of time since HvV, we might be past the time that she'd really be considered. Kudos to making the top 100, Sierra!


Saving Adam

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6 hours ago, Alex95 said:

No one:

Amanda: Yeah I don't really have an opinion you guys tell me what you want!



This is what happens when I don’t have time to cut and all of the people I care about have been saved. :dead: 

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Tom Westman



Tom Westman is the Sole Survivor of Survivor: Palau, where he was placed on the Koror tribe. The Korors iconically steamrolled the Ulong tribe, winning every immunity challenge and only having to attend tribal council when both tribes were forced to vote somebody off. Tom became the leader of the Korors and his core alliance of Katie, Ian, Jenn and Gregg. He was also great at challenges, winning 5 individual immunities. Tom obviously played a very impressive game both physically with his challenge wins and socially, as he received no elimination votes throughout the season and winning the FTC in a 6-1 vote, only losing Coby's vote. It's easy to see why he was chosen for the epic season that is Heroes vs. Villains and placed on the Heroes tribe, but let's be real, Heroes vs. Villains was all about the Villains doing what they do best. Tom ended up placing 16th this season, a significant drop from his dominant performance on Palau. He was clearly on the outs in the Heroes tribe and was voted out when the heroes decided that an injured James was more valuable to the tribe than him. Tom is a great castaway, but I think that this is a good spot for him to finish in. Congrats to him for making Top 100!


SAVING: Stephenie LaGrossa

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Cycle 9:



Today's cycle will consist of 1 round.  At the end of  this round 14 more contestants will leave the rankdown.  All you have to do is save the individuals you want to advance to the next round.  All 90 survivors are vulnerable, so they only advance with your help.  When it your turn, you will name the number of people allotted to you that are still vulnerable.  All survivors left after the last ranker has gone will be eliminated.



Alex won a reward in the final challenge.  His reward is to pick the save order.  As 76 survivors will be saved, the save order will determine if you get to save 9 or 10 survivors.


Here is a breakdown:


Saver 1 - 9 saves

Saver 2 - 9 saves

Saver 3 - 9 saves

Saver 4 - 9 saves

Saver 5 - 10 saves

Saver 6 - 10 saves

Saver 7 - 10 saves

Saver 8 - 10 saves


However this is how the overall turns will happen:


Saver 1 - 5 saves

Saver 2 - 5 saves

Saver 3 - 5 saves

Saver 4 - 5 saves

Saver 5 - 5 saves

Saver 6 - 5 saves

Saver 7 - 5 saves

Saver 8 - 10 saves

Saver 7 - 5 saves

Saver 6 - 5 saves

Saver 5 - 5 saves

Saver 4 - 4 saves

Saver 3 - 4 saves

Saver 2 - 4 saves

Saver 1 - 4 saves


So that means If you save 1st, you also save last, but you only get 9 saves during the round.  And whoever is given save 8, won't get 2 turns, but rather have to make all of their saves in 1 shot.  


Lastly Alex will decide which of the two of the eight rankers will do only 1 write up.  The other 6 will have to do 2 each.  I will let you decide amongst yourselves who will do who's write up at the time.  After the last ranker has made their saves, there will be a 24 hour window to get all 14 write ups in.  Lastly, so this doesn't take a week to finish, please be ready with your decisions.  Since write ups don't have to be done until the end, if you are online and it is your turn make a post.  With that said Alex may now decide the turn order.  Also either Andrew or Elliott can make the decisions this round as there is no advantage to both of them being here.



@Alex95 @sublymonal @Zoey @Steven_ @*Amanda @Elliott @hayden98 @JC @#jeah


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Thanks Alex!  Thanks Hayden I will post an updated list


Remaining 85 Survivors:

Susan Hawk

Jenna Lewis

Colleen Haskell

Greg Buis

Ramona Gray

Jerri Manthey

Ethan Zohn

Kelly Goldsmith

Clarence Black

Lindsey Richter

Vecepia Towery

Sean Rector

Jan Gentry

Shii Ann Huang

Jenna Morasca

Rob Cesternino

Heidi Strobel

Deena Bennett

Lillian Morris

Rupert Boneham

Twila Tanner

Ami Cusack

Ian Rosenberger

Stephenie LaGrossa

Bobby Jon Drinkard

Aras Baskauskas

Danielle DiLorenzo

Shane Powers

Yul Kwon

Parvati Shallow

Candice Woodcock

Yau-Man Chan

Stacey Kimball

Michelle Yi

Todd Herzog

Peih-Gee Law

Jaime Dugan

Sherea Lloyd

Natalie Bolton

Jessica "Sugar" Kiper

Crystal Cox

Stephen Fishbach

Erinn Lobdell

Tamara "Taj" Johnson-George

Natalie White

Holly Hoffman

Jane Bright

Brenda Lowe

Andrea Boehlke

Sophie Clarke

Albert Destrade

Edna Ma

Dawn Meehan

Kim Spradlin

Lisa Whelchel

Abi-maria Gomes

Ciera Eastin

Katie Collins

Kassandra "Kass" McQuillen

Trish Hegarty

J'Tia Taylor

Jaclyn Schultz

Jon Misch

Kelley Wentworth

Mike Holloway

Jenn Brown

Shirin Oskooi

Michele Fitzgerald

Aubry Bracco

Cydney Gillon

Adam Klein

Ken McNickle

Hannah Shapiro

Michaela Bradshaw

Chrissy Hofbeck

Devon Pinto

Chris Noble

Mike White

Angelina Keeley

Victoria Baamonde

Aurora McCreary

Dean Kowalski

Karishma Patel

Jamal Shipman

Kellee Kim

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