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Survivor Rankdown 2.0 (Winner Reveal Page 225)

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On 7/20/2020 at 5:21 PM, *Amanda said:

Eddie Fox


I’ll make this pretty later since I’m on my phone at the moment, but this is an easy decision, and I’m cutting Eddie. Yeah, he’s good looking, but like...what did he contribute to the season? Erik is far more memorable IMO. Eddie was on the Fans tribe in Caramoan and was a member of the ill-fated “Cool Kids” alliance with Hope, Allie & Reynold. After the two girls were picked off, Eddie & Reynold found themselves in the minority for the rest of the season. They would end up forming the “Three Amigos” alliance with Malcolm, which was also unsuccessful. Eddie placed 5th but I am struggling to remember what he did because Caramoan is such a boring and unmemorable season. So yeah, this makes my decision easy. Sorry to all of you who are saving based on how “hot” a castaway is, but Eddie is not an exciting Survivor player to me.

Saving Danielle

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Wow why does JC hate men, he ranked Sean so low???

Remove my vote out of sheer disgust that Natalie has been eliminated.   You can all say goodbye to any remotely hot guy from now on. Those are now my targets and will be until further notice

Natalie Anderson deserves better than this. 🙂 

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I take Ramona off my nominations and the thanks I get is Hayden nominating a bunch of my favourites. 💔 Matthew Von Ertfelda, he who always made sure the machete was sharp and ready to kill his tribe mates, was the runner-up to Jenna Morasca in Survivor: The Amazon. He was allies with Rob Cesterino for most of the game, learning from the super fan how to actually play the game. I can’t remember a single strategic thing he did and I don’t remember him having much of a social game either. In the end, with Jenna and Rob recognizing each other as their biggest threat, Matthew was able to slide into the finale after Jenna took Rob out. He earned one vote, at least?


SAVE: Mike Holloway

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Nick Wilson



Sorry Elliott, I like Nick but not enough to save him here. Nick first appeared on David vs. Goliath, which he won. And look, he was fine as a castaway, but there were much more interesting characters like Natalie Cole and Angelina Keeley that were much more interesting that season IMO. He didn't receive any elimination votes throughout the season and crushed Mike and Angelina in a 7-3-0 vote at the Final Tribal Council, so clearly he did something right with both his social and strategic game. I just never truly got invested in him this season, so. He returned for Winners At War, where I was once again more invested in other castaways than him. This time around, he finished in 7th place. He found himself as a swing vote in the middle of two alliances, and while the flip-flopping between the two worked for a while, it was eventually his demise on Winners At War. I'm probably not the best person to give Nick a write-up because I don't care about him enough to delve into specifics, but I think I hit the 100 word mark here so I'm good. :dead: 


SAVING: Albert Destrade

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Idk if I have to wait for Sola but figured I’d post noms before I go to bed if I can


Sean Kenniff

Greg Buis

Tom Westman

Stephenie LaGrossa

Yul Kwon

Stephen Fishbach

Sierra Reed

Christina Cha

Sarah Lacina

Kelley Wentworth

Mike Holloway

Adam Klein

Davie Rickenbacker

Janet Carbin

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Janet Carbin is a castaway from the 39th season of Survivor, who made it all the way to fifth place. An early fan favourite, Janet was seen as the mother figure of the tribe she was on and it was impossible not to enjoy her presence. In a season marred with gross circumstances, Janet was one of the few beacons of bright lights. The tribal council after Kellee’s disgusting blindside where Elizabeth and Missy were gaslighting Janet was high key one of the most uncomfortable things to watch on this show. Anyway, Janet was in a good position in the endgame and was seen as a huge threat to win. So naturally the show introduced an overpowered advantage too late in the game and - owing to the overdue removal of Gropey McGroper - she had a 0% chance of surviving that tribal council. 🙄 At least she got that Sia money!  Anyway, Janet seems nice and lovely and if anyone from that season has to return, I’d be fine if it was her... but I also think she wouldn’t fare nearly as well in a second season.


SAVE: Mike Holloway

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Sorry to the Sarah fans, but I’m typing on my phone now and won’t be giving her a write-up that does her Survivor journey justice. We first met Sarah on Survivor: Cagayan. She was on the Brawn tribe and formed an early alliance with Tony called Cops-R-Us after he revealed he was a cop like her (a fact he was keeping hidden from the other castaways). However, this alliance fell apart after a tribe swap. After Tony cheered “Top 5!” after his new tribe won a challenge, Sarah felt like she was no longer important to Tony. She decided to play the middle at the merge and relished in being the swing vote. She thought she was calling the shots, but Trish managed to get Kass to flip after saying they would vote for whomever Kass wanted out. Sarah was Chaos Kass’s target, so she was blindsided after a memorable tribal council that included two hidden immunity idols being played incorrectly. Sarah returned for Survivor: Game Changers, which she ended up winning. Her threat level was low due to being in a cast with bigger names, but she played an aggressive and cutthroat game and hunted for advantages whenever possible. She even swiped an advantage intended for Michaela when she noticed it under the sit-out bench. The majority of the jury respected her game play and voted for her to win. Sarah returned again for Survivor: Winners at War. Sarah and Tony were on opposite tribes in Game Changers and he was voted out early, so they didn’t get a chance to play together then. They officially reunited and put their differences aside after Tony voted her out back in Cagayan. They worked together until they were swapped to different tribes. They reunited again at the merge and we’re still loyal to one another. Sarah managed to build a bond with Sophie, but Tony put an end to that pairing. He blindsided Sophie out of the game, and Sarah was shocked too. Sarah was livid, telling Tony “You just sunk my game!” However, she managed to let it go and continued working with Tony all the way to the end of the game. They faced off against each other in the fire-making challenge. Both were threats to win the game, but it was Tony who went on to the Final 3 and claimed his second victory. Nonetheless, despite several castaways wanting Sarah gone based on pre-season interviews, she still managed to make it very far and almost won the game again. And with Tony winning twice and Sarah winning once, Cops-R-Us can be considered the most successful Survivor alliance ever. Anyway, Sarah is a good game player, but she isn’t one of my favorites. Sorry to any fans, but out she goes from the rankdown.


And I’m saving Yul.



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I just realized that Kim wins One World if I cut Christina, so I definitely jumped on that. Christina Cha is the 4th place finalist of One World who did a really impressive job coackroaching her way to the end, because she never really had any strong allies or strategic weight throughout the competition haha. Christina's kind of iconic in that she just found a way to rock the fact that she was a perceived goat. She didn't really need alliances and was just kind of really nice to everyone. Unfortunately, one of the most memorable aspects of Christina's game is when she was ridiculed by Colton and Alicia after they left her on the outside of a vote in the pre-merge. They were ridiculously nasty and racist towards her but she handled it with grace iirc and just remained incredibly likable the whole season. That's why she lasted so long in this game tbh, she's just really likable and no one wanted to target her. Top 100 is a great place for her to go out though.


Saving: Wentworth

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Davie Rickenbacker



Welp I actually like Davie, but I like the two girls left more and I think Elliott likes Mike so I let him slide and I am actually a fan of pretty much everyone on this list so this was difficult unfortunately. Davie is handsome and I always giggled when he chewed grass or something during the tribal council and looked like some kind of Godfather. Davie was on Survivor David vs Goliath and he started on the Davids and was a key member. Davie was very intelligent and despite having to play from the bottom multiple times, he was able to wiggle himself out of danger due to a great social game and great perception on his tribe members. He was eventually eliminated due to his threat level, which is always tricky since he was playing a great game but that meant no one wanted to sit next to him in the end and ultimately led to his elimination.

Save Greg

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