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Survivor Rankdown 2.0 (Winner Reveal Page 225)

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Wow why does JC hate men, he ranked Sean so low???

Remove my vote out of sheer disgust that Natalie has been eliminated.   You can all say goodbye to any remotely hot guy from now on. Those are now my targets and will be until further notice

Natalie Anderson deserves better than this. 🙂 

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Courtney Marit



Ugh this is a hard decision and I get the sense that neither her nor Jenna will last much longer because they've both been nominated in the past, but I'm just feeling a Jenna save is the way to go so Courtney is getting cut. Courtney was on Survivor: Panama, which is definitely a top-tier survivor season. She started out onto the Bayonetta tribe, which consisted of the young females, as this was the season that started out divided by both gender and age. She was then swapped onto the Casaya tribe. The Casayas would become one of the most iconic and dysfunctional tribes in Survivor history. Courtney, for her part, annoyed Bruce by practicing yoga on his zen garden and got in numerous nonsensical and petty fights with Shane. :dead: I also vaguely remember her randomly singing during Bruce's medevac because who knows why? TBH. :dead: She was eventually voted off in 6th place after Cirie orchestrated her blindside. I like Courtney and think she brought a lot of entertainment to the season, but I like Jenna more so I'm saving her.


SAVING: Jenna Lewis

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Albert DeStrade (South Pacific)

Aras Baskaukas (Panama)

Burton Roberts (Pearl Islands)

Danielle DiLorenzo (Panama)

Eddie Fox (Caramoan)

Gabby Pascuzzi (David vs. Goliath)

Jon Misch (San Juan del Sur)

Matthew von Ertfelda (Amazon)

Deena Bennett (Amazon)

Mike Holloway (Worlds Apart)

Morgan McLeod (Cagayan)

Nick Wilson (David vs. Goliath)

Spencer Bledsoe (Cagayan)

Todd Herzog (China)

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Spencer Bledsoe


Easily my least favorite player left, I was worried I'd never be able to take him out. Glad I'm stopping him from making top 100 here. Spencer's an unlikable douchebag in Cagayan who got gifted with an underdog storyline. He was smug, he was dour, he seemed miserable the whole time he was out there, and he was highkey sexist. If Spencer made the comment about Kass going wherever her estrogen takes her now, he'd rightfully get raked over the coals. Spencer had no agency over his game in Cagayan. Tasha was kind enough to save him pre-swap after she blindsided him with the Garrett vote. Then Spencer was in a power position at the swap due to numbers, but it was still really Tasha calling the shots there. Then Kass flipped on him at merge, he made a douchey comment about how she had a 0% chance at winning the game, then he skated by due to Tony having other fish to fry and a few immunity wins, only to get slain at the final four when he lost a puzzle to Kass :wub:. One of the most satisfying immunity wins ever is Kass beating Spencer there. Due to his perpetual underdog status though he became a fan favorite. I'm not gonna lie, I bought into the hype a bit during Cagayan, but I'm glad I have since seen the error in my ways because he was truly awful out there.

Spencer came back for Cambodia with a very undeserved arrogance. He thought his sh*t don't stink despite the fact that he didn't do anything remotely impressive in Cagayan. He was merely a pawn in Tony's game and I guess never realized that. His storyline in Cambodia was about how much he's ~grown~ as a person and how he can relate to other human beings now. Frankly, I wasn't buying it. Spencer attempting to bond with people just looked force. I mean I don't want to be mean, I'm sure he's a fine guy with great friends in real life. But he never came across as someone who was able to be social with people. He acted like a grand chessmaster and everyone else were just pawns in his game. He made a few better strategic moves this season than he ever made in Cagayan (though I never forgave him for turning on Kass literally a day after she saved his game). But his social game was still sh*t. Fishbach trusted him fully and he managed that relationship terribly and orchestrated his blindside for no reason. He was a complete and utter dick in the final four tribal council where he threatened to poison the jury if Jeremy & Tasha kept Kelley. The way he acted was super ugly and watching Savage, Kimmi, and the others #drag him to filth in the FTC for the way he behaved was music to my ears. Spencer and Tasha, the heroes of Cagayan, getting their asses kicked at FTC 10-0-0 is so unexpected, but I loved it.

Having said all this, I wouldn't mind to see Spencer a third time 🙈. I never thought I would see the day where I felt that way! But from what I've seen of him on social media, he's grown and changed up a lot. He's very much into self-love, spirituality, yoga, and all that jazz. A completely different Spencer than from what we saw on the show and I'd be interested to see how he plays the game. Maybe he turns into the old Spencer again and I'd regret ever saying I wouldn't mind him returning! But I think we might get something interesting. Idk if he's interested though since he's in a completely different space in his life lol.


Save Deena

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Gabby Pascuzzi competed on Survivor: David vs. Goliath. She was on the David tribe, and she formed an early alliance with Christian. This pairing was a big part of her Survivor storyline. She showed her strategic prowess when she helped orchestrate the blindside against Jessica. After she was blamed for the move, Nick wanted to target Gabby. However, there was a tribe swap. Despite the switch, she was still with her ally Christian. Nonetheless, she struggled to fit in whereas Christian managed to bond with the Brochachos John and Dan. Although Gabby was on the outs, immunity wins managed to keep her out of tribal council. She made it to the merge, where the Davids were outnumbered by the Goliaths. However, they managed to survive after pooling together various advantages they collected throughout the game. Eventually, Gabby realized how people viewed her partnership with Christian. The perception was Christian was the one calling the shots and a threat to win, so she was ready to make a move against him. Blindsiding her closest ally would be a big move, but the plan failed after Christian played his hidden immunity idol. Due to the splitting of votes, Gabby ended up getting voted out instead. However, she took her elimination in stride. At the final tribal council, Gabby voted for Nick to win the game. Sorry to Gabby and any fans, but she is one of the only people nominated that I’m willing to cut. But kudos to her for making it this far in the rankdown.


And I’m saving Jon Misch.



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Morgan McLeod




This girl is gorge which is probably why she is still in the competition after being nominated 2093802909840908 times. I do not think I have nominated her, but seems like lots of people think she is fodder enough to leave. Morgan is from Survivor Cagayan and was part of the whole Beauty vs Brains vs Brawn twist which was interesting and an idea that I thought of a decade earlier than Survivor did it so LOL. Anyways, not hard to guess which tribe Morgan was on by just looking at her and she was on the tribe that you would expect. Morgan had pride in her own attractiveness and was not shy about it. Morgan worked her way into a majority alliance, but then ended up getting screwed over by Chaos!Kass blindsiding Sarah Lacina putting her in the minority and ending in her elimination shortly thereafter. Anyways, sorry Morgan but out you go now!


Save Aras

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Burton is from the iconic Pearl Islands season which is one that I love but find a tad overrated (aka I watched it in a rush and liked it but didn’t love it enough to watch again). He was voted out pre-merge and then was part of the controversial Outcast twist where he and Lill came back. Burton came back and was a strong player iirc but ultimately came back and kind of became a threat, lasting all the way to 5th place. I hope this is 100 words and I will edit later. I liked Burton but I think this is a fair spot for him! The Queen Stays Queen


saving: Todd 

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