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Survivor Rankdown 2.0 (Winner Reveal Page 225)

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Wow why does JC hate men, he ranked Sean so low???

Remove my vote out of sheer disgust that Natalie has been eliminated.   You can all say goodbye to any remotely hot guy from now on. Those are now my targets and will be until further notice

Natalie Anderson deserves better than this. 🙂 

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Hayden Moss


Everyone discovering his Twitter likes because he was rumored to be on BB All-Stars 2 and it was revealed that he's an alt right QAnon racist, transphobic piece of trash? You ain't sh*t Hayden Moss! Even without all that though, this is a more than generous place for Hayden. Hayden was the winner of BB12 who went on to date Kat Edorsson for some reason and get cast on Survivor BvW. He was part of the guys alliance early on and stayed loyal to Brad Culpepper, even when Caleb and Vytas flipped on him. At the swap, Hayden found himself in a good position with a bunch of singles (after losing Kat on the other tribe) and aligned himself with Tyson, Gervase, Caleb, and Ciera. So at the merge, the singles had the numbers and began turning on the couples. Ciera urged the fellow newbies to keep her mom Laura in, but they didn't listen to her. So when all the couples were split up, the alliance began turning on each other with it being the vets vs. the newbies. Because she felt the newbies didn't have her back during the Laura vote, Ciera worked with the vets. However, Hayden impressively flipped Ciera back to his side and convinced her to go to rocks in Hayden's most crowning moment of the season. Katie lost the rock draw and Hayden was swiftly picked off next. Outside of the impressive move of flipping Ciera, I never cared for Hayden so I'll cut him here. And he's trash in real life.


Save Andrea

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The fact that he’s a two-time Survivor winner makes me ill. Originally from the vastly overrated Cagayan, Tony was a cop (no comment) who was on the Brawn tribe. He played a chaotic game, flipping between alliances and essentially showing us what it’d be like if Russell Hantz actually had a social game. He managed to use Trish to smooth things over for him before turning on her at the final five to benefit himself, and then convinced Woo take to him to the final two. He returned in Game Changers, was a hot mess and left second. He unfortunately returned in Winners at War, tied the record for most confessionals in an episode by a castaway (the previous record was set in a finale, of course), and somehow was never seen as a threat by anyone except Queenchele and Natalie Anderson. A tight alliance when fellow off*cer Sarah Lacina, King Ben Driebergen and Denise Stapely benefited him this time. He had an alright game but I’ve never considered myself a fan and he’s probably my least favourite winner next to the puppy shooter. Let’s hope we never have to suffer through his camera hogging antics anymore.


SAVE: Mike Holloway

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John Carroll competed on Survivor: Marquesas, which aired back in 2002. He was placed on the Rotu tribe, which dominated the immunity challenges early in the game. After a tribe switch, John formed the Rotu Four alliance that consisted of Zoe, Tammy, Robert, and himself. This alliance was successful in taking out Boston Rob. John felt he was in control of the game, but his arrogance made him a target. At a coconut chopping immunity challenge, the Rotu Four's ideal boot order was exposed. Original Rotu tribe members Neleh and Paschal realized that they were on the outs, so they teamed up with the other outsiders to eliminate the Rotu Four. John was the first casualty, and he was blindsided on Day 24. He finished in 9th place overall and voted for Vecepia to win the game. Anyway, sorry to John, but out he goes from the rankdown.


And I'm saving Jaclyn Schultz.


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COLBY DONALDSON (Outback, All-Stars, Heroes Vs Villains)


This dude got too close to winning the last rankdown for my comfort, so I’ll just cut him here while I have the chance, even though I do like him overall. Colby is an iconic Survivor player and one of the all-time greats. I’ll come back and fix this later but I just started work and need to get this in. Colby was on the second season of Survivor where he narrowly lost to Tina Wesson, who became the first female winner. I think she was just a bit more strategically sound than Colby was. He was known for being the Texan, all American sweetheart challenge beast who was adored by the general public. He didn’t fare as well in All Stars, and HvV is actually my favorite iteration of Colby - he was on the heroes tribe and managed to fumble his way all the way to fifth place despite playing pretty terribly throughout the season. I like Colby but am taking the chance to get him out now as he is a threat down the road.


saving: Erinn

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Amanda Kimmel




Two-time runner-up Amanda has had a rough go on survivor, it is hard being the first loser multiple times especially when you basically go through the entire hardship just to end up falling short of the million dollars. I feel bad for her, but also do not mind cutting her from the rankdown. Amanda's first season was China I believe where she was bff of Todd, the eventual winner, but she really needed to cut him before the final vote to win, but did not do so, staying loyal and going to the end with a better player and losing. You would think she would learn from that but of course, she had a similar journey in Micronesia with Parvati where she also went to the end with her bff and lost. However, that was more understandable because they were with Cirie at final 3 and she would have probably won the jury votes if she had made it to the end with a final 3, so I guess Amanda would have had a better chance against Parv, but she really needed to cut them both lose earlier than that. Anyways, bye!


Save Aras

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Chase Rice

kelly shinn | Tumblr


From what I remember, Chase Rice was one of the better castaways from Survivor Nicaragua, and I know a lot of people feel as though he should've won. Going slightly off of the wiki to refresh my memory on Chase, he struggled with keeping his word with people like Brenda and Jane. Chase voted in the majority most, if not every, vote and only received one vote before Final Tribal Council. The big controversy that comes with his loss to Fabio is mostly due to Quitter Legends NaOnka and Purple Kelly voting for Fabio, when if they had been removed from the jury instead, Chase would've won 4-3. I think out of the final 3, Chase is probably who I would've chosen to win. Chase isn't getting cut for anything that he did during his Survivor run, though. I'm completely cutting him for holding a corona-concert a month or two back. I'm nhft reckless decision and can't support it in any way. Maybe Chase has learned something in the time since then, but until I know about that, I'm more than comfortable letting him peace out right now.


Saving Eddie

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Robb Zbacnik



Well, since I have nominated him numerous times in the past, this was an easy decision for me. Robb was on the incredibly boring Survivor: Thailand, which easily ranks among the worst seasons the show has. I'm failing to remember anything about that season other than Shii Ann, so let's refer to the wiki for this. LOL.  He was a member of the Sook Jai tribe and finished in 11th place.  He is most remembered for choking Clay Jordan during a reward challenge. He managed to put himself on the outs with his tribe by choosing to sleep on the beach instead of in the shelter, which eventually culminated in elimination. I see he also voted to eliminate Shii Ann at every given opportunity, so it's safe to say he doesn't like her. :dead:  I think that about covers it, so I'll end it here because I don't want to spend any more time talking about a castaway from such a forgettable season.


Saving: Jon Misch

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Caryn Groedel
Susie Smith
Kelly Goldsmith
Neleh Dennis
Jenna Lewis
Ciera Eastin
Natalie Cole
Eliza Orlins
Chrissy Hofbeck
Laura Morrett
Shane Powers
Scout Cloud Lee
Candice Woodcock
Ramona Gray
Courtney Merit

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