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Survivor Rankdown 2.0 (Winner Reveal Page 225)

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Wow why does JC hate men, he ranked Sean so low???

Remove my vote out of sheer disgust that Natalie has been eliminated.   You can all say goodbye to any remotely hot guy from now on. Those are now my targets and will be until further notice

Natalie Anderson deserves better than this. 🙂 

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ERIK REICHENBACH (Micronesia & Caramoan)




Erik is definitely one of the most iconic and infamous Survivor players ever (or at least of the first 20 seasons). It's not for any normal reason either...he wasn't a nefarious villain, or an entertaining trainwreck...he was just a victim to the single best Survivor moment imo - giving his immunity necklace away at the top 5 and thus voting himself out. Erik's a nice enough guy and had some pretty great moments otherwise during his first season. He was the wide-eyed and bushy tailed "fan," the exact type of player that the producers probably wanted to cast when looking for "Fans" of the show. He drooled when he saw some of his favorite players first hit the beach, but he proved to be a serious threat by the time the merge hit. Erik was never a strategic threat or someone who drove the game, but always managed to hang in there. He was usually aligned with Ozzy's side of the game; all that changed when Ozzy was iconically blindsided. Then it was clear that the women were controlling the game and Erik soon after started going on an immunity run. He won immunity during Jason's vote-out and Alexis' vote-out, and at the top 5 he scored his third consecutive immunity. That's when Cirie, Natalie, Parv and Amanda (mostly the first two) devised a plan to try and trick Erik into giving up his immunity necklace to "prove his loyalty" to Natalie. Everyone knows what comes next. Poor Erik didn't see it coming :haha: 


In Caramoan, honestly I kind of hate everyone's iteration that season besides Andrea, Eddie, Sherri and parts of Dawn/Brenda...Erik made it all the way to the top 5 (again) but was for some reason one of the most underedited players that season...who knows if he would have ended up winning, but he was medically evacuated at the top 5. Such a terrible time to go out in the game tbh, but we didn't really see much of the game through Erik's perspective and he was so invisible that his second appearance is really not all that and a bag of chips imo.


Overall, Erik is a fun character and seems like an incredibly sweet guy. Having said that, I think he is more iconic due to circumstance rather than due to anything he did himself during his two appearances on Survivor. Thus, I'm eliminating him here.


Saving: Robb I guess

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Ken Hoang

Vote for Brian! | 703 ORG Network Wiki | Fandom


I actually quite like Kenny. He was a pretty fun presence during the lulzy Survivor Gabon. Unfortunately for him, I just happened to like all the other nominees better so that left Kenny at the bottom. During the early days of Kenny's stay, he befriended first boot Michelle Chase and was targeted by Gillian (but was spared). After winning a couple challenges, Kenny became allies with Survivor Legend Crystal Cox :wub:. After being swapped onto NuFang with Crystal, GC, Matty, and Kota's Jacquie, Ace, and Kelly, it looked like Kenny was in a power position. After voting out Jacquie, however, Ken was forced to vote out GC and Kelly due to the former's lack of desire to stay and the latter's weakness in challenges. Things began looking rough during the double elimination episode when Ken's target Sugar was saved from elimination. Thanks to him lying to her about Ace's intentions with her, Sugar joined Ken and Crystal in getting rid of Ace. Ken remained in power after this until Crystal was blindsided out of the game at the final 6. Her elimination relegated Kenny to the bottom and he was unable to recover. I will say that Ken is someone who I wouldn't be opposed to seeing again at some point; especially since he was really young when he first competed. It'd be nice to see how his game would evolve. Unfortunately for him, this is as far as he can go for this rankdown though.


Saving Shane Powers

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Save John Carroll Totes forgot about back to back immunity being moot

cut Janu?


also boo at sequester queen Kellyn getting booted :( even though abi obvs should’ve won


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Lydia Morales




Okay, cutting Lydia because Elliott and Alex seem to like Janu and I really do not care. Lydia was on Survivor Guatemala and was a physical liability in challenges, which is what I would expect. However, her social game was on point as everyone loved her and wanted to bring her with them so she was in a majority alliance that brought her all the way to Final 4! So kudos to her for being able to do that when she was such a physical liability at first. Although her physical lack of strength probably helped her after the merge and it became an individual game, most people probably saw her as a non-threat and therefore kept her around to be an easy vote when they wanted to make it. Her likability probably sealed her fate at getting voted out before the final since no one wanted to sit next to her since she was a jury threat due to everyone loving her anyways bye!


Save John Carroll

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2 minutes ago, *Amanda said:

I want to save Janu for Alex & Elliott, but can’t decide who to cut. :dead: 


saving Lacina would be better.  🙂 


I cant at the idea of one of the all time greats getting eliminated over fodder janu.

Edited by Solaris
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Janu Tornell

I like the other people more and Janu didn’t really do an awful lot considering Palau is a pretty solid season.


Janu was a contestant on Survivor Palau and placed eighth after quitting in order to save Stephenie. Which didn’t really help Stephenie as she was always on the chopping block and Janu quitting made no difference whatsoever. She had a cute relationship with Coby, but I’m struggling to remember what else she really brought to the season? She has a lot of challenge wins which goads well for her. Oh and she’s the reason NaOnka and Purpke Kelly were allowed to remain on the jury when they quit. 

Saving Queen Susie.


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Jonny Fairplay




Out of the two remaining, I like Sarah more, so you’re welcome Sola. Fairplay was first on the fantastic season that is Pearl Islands where he finished 3rd. He’s most known for his iconic dead grandfather lie during the loved ones visit. He returned for Micronesia as a favorite and asked to be voted out first because he wanted to return home to (randomly enough, Michelle Deighton from ANTM. When RTV shows collide). I wasn’t too upset with this because it spared Parvarti and allowed to go in and win the season. His vote off got cheers from the fans at the following reward challenge. Johnny is good entertainment and gave us a legendary moment, but I’m just not a huge fan, so.


SAVING: Sarah Lacina

Edited by *Amanda
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Colby Donaldson

John Carroll

Robert "Robb" Zbacnik

Aras Baskauskas

Chase Rice

Eddie Fox

Tony Vlachos

Jon Misch

Mike Holloway

Hayden Moss

Jaclyn Schultz

Andrea Boehlke

Erinn Lobdell

Amanda Kimmell

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