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Survivor Rankdown 2.0 (Winner Reveal Page 225)

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Pete Yurkowski

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Pete Yurkowski competed during Survivor Philippines, which I believe is considered to be the best of the early twenties of Survivor. During the season, Pete placed 8th, and was instrumental in breaking up the BFFmance between Abi-Maria and RC. He stayed immune in the game until the merge hit, and then proceeded to receive votes at all but one tribal council that he attended. Unfortunately for Pete, former tribemates Lisa and [redacted] turned on his alliance and he was sent to the jury, where he ended up contributing to Denise's victory. Apparently Pete is currently dating Michele, which is pretty cool, I guess. Other than that, I don't really remember anything about Pete so he's not a big loss to me.


Saving Ramona

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Wow why does JC hate men, he ranked Sean so low???

Remove my vote out of sheer disgust that Natalie has been eliminated.   You can all say goodbye to any remotely hot guy from now on. Those are now my targets and will be until further notice

Natalie Anderson deserves better than this. 🙂 

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13 minutes ago, Alex95 said:

Yeah...I understand based on what he brought to the show he's no top 100 survivor (though he is great). But I just really love him so much off the show and he's probably the player I follow and connect with the closest. I'm addicted to the Purple Pants Podcast. And I think he has an important place in Survivor history as Survivor's only black, gay contestant (until Jeremy Crawford which.........pass)

Yeah, Brice is a fantastic human being 

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Monica Culepper



Monica is the wife of Brad I believe a former NFL football player so she was probably former head cheerleader or something like that. Anyways I know she had decent runs on her multiple? seasons but I feel like she just got on the show for having a famous husband so it is okay for her to leave here. I actually do not mind Monica but then I do not mind a lot of people so meh sorry Monica! Alright I feel like I am short 100 words so let’s see what I can dig up on Wikipedia. Monica was on both survivor one world and survivor blood vs water. Her last name is frakes which sounds a lot like flakes which is a bunch of lolz. So she did terrible on one world and then she was runner up on blood vs water which I completely forgot but that means she played a pretty good game but I remember hating Brad and still do so whatever bye Monica! 


save John


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Sylvia Kwan

Iconic challenge dominator Sylvia Kwan leaves here. Sylvia was a contestant on Survivor Fiji where she placed seventeenth. Sylvia was pretty strong willed from the moment the castaways stepped foot on to their camp and this didn’t go in her favour. She was exiled twice and became the first person to be voted out due to “splitting the vote”. Sylvia dominated the challenges in the two episodes she appeared in. The gif above shows her celebrating winning when she won the immunity challenge single handedly with no help from her tribe. What a queen. :wub: It’d be fun for her to return but she’s probably too old now and the producers like to have young males dominate the challenges nowadays. Sylvia can’t be seen to shown them up.


Saving Sherea

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Very sorry to the Brice fans. I would’ve spared him, but I do like Clarence and don’t want to cut him. Brice Johnson competed on Survivor: Cagayan. He was placed on the Beauty tribe and formed a close bond with Morgan. Their tribe was safe for the first two tribal councils, but they lost the third immunity challenge. Brice and Morgan attempted to get Jeremiah to join them in voting out Alexis, but Jeremiah sided with the others. The votes were split in case Morgan or Brice played an idol, and Brice was voted out after the re-vote. Despite an early exit, Brice is still active in the Survivor community. He hosts the Purple Pants Podcast on RHAP and recently played one of Audrey’s online Sequester games. Sorry again to the fans, but out goes Brice from the rankdown.


And I’m saving Clarence.

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Me getting to cut someone else from Ghost Island? #bless Kelly Bechtold is a castaway from that horrendous season, and was an IDF favourite at one part? I don't really know. I remember finding her really annoying for some reason but I can't remember why. *goes to the Survivor wikia* Oh right she was on Ghost Island early on and did something there that annoyed me and I was in my feelings from how much I hated that season! She also interviewed our very own @#jeah for a job or something like that and never hired him, so I'll just say that's my reason for cutting her. :giggle: Among the people I want to see return from Ghost Island, she's at the bottom (tied with anyone who isn't Chris, Brendaddy or Michael tbh) so yeah, there's that.


SAVE: Jenn Brown

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Kara Kay


Kara isn't really a "wow" contestant and as we're getting closer and closer to the top 100, it's difficult for her to keep skating by. Kara's game really impressed me during David vs. Goliath. Everyone seemed to want to work with her and she was constantly getting invited into plans. Whenever she was on the outs, she always seemed to worm her way back in. From the edit's perspective at least, I thought she had a flawless social game. I think the jury didn't respect her as much as  I thought they would so that's a bit disappointing to hear. Kara didn't rely on big moves, just using her fantastic social graces to work her way up through the game. I struggle to think of Kara's memorable moments or storyline though. While I love a good social game, it's not something that could convince me not to cut her at this point. I enjoyed her relationship with Alec as well, but it seems they have broken up so that's sad. I wouldn't mind seeing Kara again, but she's nowhere near the top of any of my wishlists.


Save Scout

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