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Survivor Rankdown 2.0 (Winner Reveal Page 225)

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Wow why does JC hate men, he ranked Sean so low???

Remove my vote out of sheer disgust that Natalie has been eliminated.   You can all say goodbye to any remotely hot guy from now on. Those are now my targets and will be until further notice

Natalie Anderson deserves better than this. 🙂 

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Danni Boatwright


Danni never lit my world on fire. She made the endgame of the original Survivor rankdown and of the CBS rankdown so she may be a bigger threat than any of us imagine. But this isn't a cut because she's a threat, she's just legit my least fave of these noms. Danni was the winner of Survivor: Guatemala. She played a great game, sneaking under-the-radar and hiding her strategy from the producers. She was down in numbers at the merge, but beat a 5-1 deficit and took down the majority alliance and won the game. She doesn't have any big character moments though and I never really warmed to her personality. She was totally the correct winner though. She came back for Winners at War and had a worse experience though. She was with the other old school winners though, but she eventually battle Parvati and they turned on her. Noms obviously suck so like I said, this was an easy cut for me.


Save Chrissy

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Lauren O’Connell competed on Survivor: Edge of Extinction. I don’t remember much of her individual game, but it seemed like she was cast to help Wentworth’s game since she was a big fan of hers. She was loyal to Wentworth throughout the entire game, and she wanted to get revenge after Wardog betrayed Wentworth. In addition, Lauren got played by Chris when he returned to the game. He convinced her to use her immunity idol on him, which was a waste as it only negated one vote. Lauren tried to find another idol afterwards, but she was fooled by a fake idol Rick planted. She mistakenly played it at the following tribal council before being voted out. If she never used her real idol on Chris, then she wouldn’t have been eliminated at that spot. As a juror, Lauren ended up voting for Gavin to win, but Chris earned the majority of the votes to claim the title of Sole Survivor. Anyway, sorry to any fans, but out goes Lauren from the rankdown.


And I’m saving King Tony.


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Francesca Hogi



This is an awful set of nominations, but I'm not surprised because I've come to expect this from JC. 🙂 I had to make a quick decision to ensure Queen Cirie was saved and Francesca was an easier choice to cut from this group. We all know Francesca is iconic for being a two-time first boot. She first appeared on the awful Redemption Island, where her inclusion in the premiere gave us the best episode of the season. Francesca was on the Ometepe tribe with Rob, but unlike the rest of the Ometepes, she was not here for the returning player twist and did not allow herself to blindly follow Rob. She formed a short-lived alliance with Kristina and Phillip, which was short lived because Phillip is Phillip and I don't blame her for being  annoyed by him because I certainly could not handle him 24/7. Francesca was sadly voted out first after Phillip ratted her and Kristina out regarding the immunity idol. Francesca returned for Caramoan, another awful season. She was placed on the favorites tribe and her bad luck would continue when the favorites lost the first immunity challenge and the favorites tribe decided to vote her out first again. Such a savage move, but it cemented her in Survivor history. Francesca brought tons of entertainment to both of her seasons. RI was extremely boring without her presence. While she is iconic for being a two-time first boot, I cannot justify cutting any of the remaining castaways over her simply because she didn't last long enough in either of her seasons. This is a great placement for her though and a testament to how much people like her because she continually escapes being early round fodder unlike the other first boots.


SAVING:  Queen Cirie Fields. 😘 

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Jenn :broken: I don't really have the energy to give her the write up that she deserves, but here goes. Jenn was part of the Koror tribe that steamrolled its way to the merge virtually intact (besides Willard). Jenn then did a really good job laying low and not painting a huge target on her back, despite getting into a bit of a showmance with Gregg. It's been awhile since I watched Palau and tbh Jenn wasn't one of the most memorable contestants that season (imo Tom, Ian, Katie, Stephenie, Caryn, Janu, and Bobby Jon are all more memorable than her), but I do recall that she was extremely likable and was probably a threat to win. She ended up having to make fire against someone in the Final 4 (was it Katie) and is the first contestant ever from Survivor to be voted out at the final four due to losing the fire-making challenge. Now that's unfortunately a season-regular thing. Ugh. Jenn unfortunately passed away from breast cancer in 2010, thus becoming the first former Survivor contestant ever to pass away. Super sad as it seems she was a wonderful person and she left us far too soon. This is a good spot for her in the rankdown though, as she is not one of the most memorable players ever and, well, this is an easy cut out of the nominations provided.


Saving: Kim

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Noura is the obligatory zero-vote getter female that has plagued Survivor for the last few seasons. She had some strategic chops and a decent social game all things considered, but she started off on the bad foot with her tribe from the get-go and unfortunately never seemed to really recover from that. She was on the right side of the Kellee/REDACTED situation, and she won a few immunities when needed. She provided some comic relief in an otherwise uneasy season, which was definitely appreciated. I also lived for her one-sided rivalry with DK Chillin’ that randomly disappeared in the finale when she decided he was hot. Iconic.


SAVE: Natalie White

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Sabrina Thompson

Survivor Rankdown - Cycle 2 // [[Luzon gana Rankdown de tribus ...


If I'm being honest, Sabrina should not be leaving the rankdown yet. Out of the four remaining choices, she's the person I'm least attached to, but she deserved to last a bit longer than this. Sabrina was easily one of the few standouts from Survivor One World. Sabrina more than earned her runner-up placement, and I have to say, I wouldn't have been mad if she had won. So, as far as Sabrina's time in the game goes, she was in a position of power from the beginning, being in an alliance with Kim, Chelsea, Kat, and A*icia. Sabrina did form an early bond with C*lton as the lowest man on the totem pole, giving him the HII (since that was the rule about the HII that season, I believe - that you give it to someone on the other tribe). I believe she did come to see the light though, rapidly becoming annoyed by Colton's nonstop interfering in the women's tribe affairs. Ugh, I'm reading a bit of her info from the wiki and Sabrina was potentially down to rid us of A*icia many weeks earlier, but instead C*lton had to give up immunity and boot Bill instead. Once C*lton left the game and the merge hit, Sabrina played an UTR game, going along with Pagonging the men (sans that vote where Kat was blindsided). I do think it's worth mentioning that Sabrina was the alternate target for the Kat vote because she was a jury threat. Ultimately, Sabrina was praised for being sincere, but her UTR play and lack of immunity wins resulted in her only receiving two votes to win.


Tragically, we were robbed of a second Sabrina season, as the public did not choose to vote Sabrina into Survivor Cambodia 💔 . A few more notes about Sabrina because she deserves it. She is tied with Kristina Kell and Mama C for the second earliest HII find - having found it on day 2 of the game. Sabrina's casting is actually due to a mistake - originally another woman named Sabrina Thompson was cast, but upon reading Sabrina's profile, they chose her to compete on the season instead ❤️. Most recently, I know Sabrina participated in a group call on RHAP, where a bunch of past African-American Survivor Contestants talked about their experiences on the show. At this point, I kinda doubt we'll see Sabrina get her second chance on Survivor, but I do want to say that I quite enjoyed her and wish that I was making this write-up about 20-30 placements from now.

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Tina Wesson

I’m saving Sue because she was the first iconic player to come from the show. She’s one of the reasons why the show is so huge still to this day so it makes sense for me to save her over Tina. Even if I wouldn’t choose to eliminate either of them here.


Tina was a contestant on Survivor The Australian Outback where she won. She then went on to appear on All Stars where she was the first person voted off. She then returned to play Survivor Blood vs Water and placed fourth after being voted out and earning her way back in to the game along the later stages. I don’t remember many iconic Tina moments which is partly why I’ve chosen to save Sue but she is a Survivor legend. She’s one of the nicest people ever to play the game and she never took anything for granted. She‘s just a genuine woman who loves to play the game. I wish she could go on further in to this rankdown but I’ll eliminate some of the nice looking guys to make up for that.


Saving Survivor Royalty: Susan Hawk


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