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Survivor Rankdown 2.0 (Winner Reveal Page 225)

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Wow why does JC hate men, he ranked Sean so low???

Remove my vote out of sheer disgust that Natalie has been eliminated.   You can all say goodbye to any remotely hot guy from now on. Those are now my targets and will be until further notice

Natalie Anderson deserves better than this. 🙂 

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Katie Hanson (Philippines)

Katie placed 12th on Survivor Philippines. As a former Miss Delaware, she got a reputation as the pretty girl on the Kalabaw tribe, where she joined up with the women’s alliance at first. As we all know, the Matsing tribe lost the first four tribal councils, so Katie was safe on Kalabaw until the tribe absorbed Denise Stapley and lost their first challenge. On Day 12, Katie’s ally Dana quit, then on Day 13, Katie joined the majority in voting out her only remaining ally, Dawson. The following week, Kalabaw lost another immunity challenge and Katie became the target after being perceived as the weakest member of the tribe. She received four votes and was sent packing before the game even really began. This is a plenty high spot for her considering all the bigger names that have gone before her. So long, fodder!


Save: Bradley K. (Ghost Island)

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Erik Cardona


Do I like Erik or do I just stan his amazing jury speech? A conundrum. I believe I like him outside of that amazing moment! But I'd have to rewatch Samoa and that's not gonna happen so I'm afraid that question will just have to remain a mystery. Erik was on Survivor: Samoa and was kind of the defacto leader of his tribe. A lot of people definitely looked up to him, and that made him go mad with power a bit. He was extremely arrogant, but in a funny way. He was annoyed by all the idiots he was living with, specifically Shambo who he could not stand. At the merge, everyone turned against him and his tribe decided to backstab him before disposing of Foa Foa. This proved to be a fatal flaw because Galu got picked off one by one after Erik. In his jury speech, Erik was clearly wasted and used his time to drag Russell to filth and prop Natalie up as the deserving winner of the season. It's easily one of my favorite jury speeches ever and possibly my favorite moment of Survivor Samoa...? So because of that moment, I'd definitely consider myself a fan, but I think I like him outside of it as well. Unfortunately for him, I'm swooping in here to save John, Tyrone's hilarious so I don't want to cut him, and Dawn's one of the most complex characters ever who I really don't feel like doing a writeup for right now. So Erik gets the short end of the stick.


Save John Carroll

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21 minutes ago, Solaris said:

Anyone except Elliott can do this cut!

What Is It Reaction GIF


Meh I don't care now anyway since Alex cut who I would've saved.

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Dawn Meehan




Ooops sorry Elliott, I should've been quicker, I would have possibly saved Erik, although I was leaning towards John anyways so good job Alex. I was super busy with work all day so sorry Sola I know you were probably annoyed that me and Zoey did not cut timely. Anyways, I am cutting now so be happy. I am not sure if this is who Elliott would have cut but sorry if there are Dawn fans. She reminds me of Olivia from the Bachelor on Ben Higgin's season with her huge smile LOL. Perhaps they are related. Obvs she is much older than Olivia. Anyways, I think this woman was annoying and shady for part of the season Cochran won so out she goes. Plus she can not compete with any of the three men she was with sorry gurl out ya go!


Save Tyrone and his abs

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Immune for Alex's Round:

Chrissy Hofbeck

Rupert Boneham

Twila Tanner

Aubry Bracco

Kim Spradlin

Victoria Baamonde

Noura Salmon

Natalie Bolton

Eliza Orlins

Natalie White

Brenda Lowe

Lauren O'Connell

Janu Tornell

Morgan McLeod

Edna Ma

Robert "Robb" Zbacnik

John Carroll

Tyrone Davis

Bradley Kleihege



@Alex95 may now post his 14 nominations!

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Game’s getting tough, I had a lot of trouble here

Richard Hatch
Keith Famie
Alicia Calaway
Kim Powers
Yul Kwon
Frosti Zernow
Hayden Moss
Spencer Bledsoe
Mike Holloway
Adam Klein
Ali Elliott
Nick Wilson
Chris Underwood
Dean Kowalski

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Alicia calaway



I remember her being funny slash a little abrasive? Her season was so long ago gosh all these people must be dinosaurs. Like people in there 20s are prob in their 40/50s now so old!!!! Like Wally. Anyways I do not remember much about her and I think she was pretty useless when it came to gameplay. I am pretty sure she made zero big moves although it was harder back then since you really just needed to get on the side with the numbers. Once you had a majority alliance that was loyal you were pretty set until it got down to just your alliance left. Anyways I’m sorry Alicia I’m not even sure if you are the worst left but there was no guy on the list that I wanted to cut so you were just up against two other useless girls, and you drew the short end of the straw. I hope that is 100 words anyways bye girl!


oh and save yul

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Keith Famie competed on The Australian Outback, and he made it all the way to third place. Colby made a mistake in voting Keith out instead of Tina since Colby would’ve won against him. Keith wasn’t a very popular castaway, and he came across as a know-it-all and was called arrogant by his tribe members. He’s by no means a horrible person compared to castaways that came after him in future seasons, but it’s understandable why he wasn’t well-liked. After the merge came, Tina flipped Colby to join an alliance with them and their trio pretty much got their way for the votes and became the final 3. Anyway, what else is there to say? He proposed to his girlfriend over a web chat on the show and she said yes. Anyway, sorry to Keith, but out he goes from the rankdown.


And I’m saving Hayden Moss.



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Kim Powers (Survivor Africa)

Kim placed 6th on Survivor’s third season, Africa. Some people definitely love her but I never really felt much for her that season. She was part of the Samburu tribe and part of the younger alliance in the tribe along with Brandon Quinton and Lindsey Ritcher. Silas Gather later betrayed the older alliance and joined them, giving them even numbers when they went to tribal the third week and causing a tie vote between Carl and Lindsey, where Carl lost the tiebreaker. The next week, they went to tribal again and the four of them stayed strong and voted out Linda. 

Before the next immunity, there was a tribe swap and Silas, Frank and Teresa joined Boran while Lindsey, Brandon and Kim gained Kelly, Lex and Tom on Samburu. They ended up winning and Boran voted out Silas. The next week, Samburu lost and the ex-Boran members used Lindsey’s past votes to their advantage to break the tie in her favour and send her home.


Kim was then left with only Brandon, but when the tribes merged in Moto Maji at Day 20 it became clear that he wasn’t on her side. Kim managed to stay afloat by sticking with the majority and voting out Clarence, since he was a physical threat. The next week, Brandon’s alliegances became clear and he betrayed his fellow Samburu’s and helped the Boran’s vote out Kelly. It backfired however, because he was then seen as untrustworthy voted out the next week. The following week, Frank was voted out for vocalized his political views. Theresa and Kim were then the only two Samburu’s remaining and despite their best efforts, the Boran’s stayed strong and Kim out. In the end, she voted for Kim to win but, as we know, Ethan triumphed instead. All in all, Kim had an interesting run as an underdog but she didn’t leave much of an impression on me so I’m happy to cut her here.


Save: Mike Holloway

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