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Survivor Rankdown 2.0 (Winner Reveal Page 225)

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Wow why does JC hate men, he ranked Sean so low???

Remove my vote out of sheer disgust that Natalie has been eliminated.   You can all say goodbye to any remotely hot guy from now on. Those are now my targets and will be until further notice

Natalie Anderson deserves better than this. 🙂 

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9 minutes ago, Alex95 said:

I saved her sis (I guess I should’ve cut Mike instead of being nice lmao)

This is what I get for logging in first thing in the morning :dead:

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I don’t really have any negative feelings on anyone in Zoey’s nominations, so I just went with who I’d rank lower from the remaining options which means Brett is my choice to cut. Brett is a contestant from Survivor: Samoa, which meant he got about 5 seconds of airtime because CBS was shoved so far up Russell’s ass. He was on the Galu tribe, and seemed to be in a good position because he was a likeable guy; he also had a pre-show friendship with Laura Morrett (they went to the same church) so I’m sure that benefitted him as well. After the Galus started flopping after the merge, Brett went on an immunity streak and made it all the way to fourth place. As the jury was mostly Galus and he was likeable, he was naturally the highest jury threat and was voted out 3-1. At Final Tribal Council, he used his friendship with Natalie to give her a chance to shine on his question. Mick and Russell naturally flopped, but Natalie knew what he was asking and then revealed everything she knew about the jurors to show she had actually bonded with them. Queen sh*t. Anyway, I liked Brett a lot - mostly ironically given his lack of edit - but he was cute and inoffensive during Samoa.


SAVE: Mike Holloway

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Christy Smith competed on Survivor: The Amazon. She is also the first deaf contestant to compete on the show. In the early days of the game, Christy was on the outs. Although she could read lips and communicate with the others, she wasn't able to join in conversations at nighttime. Despite being on the bottom of the tribe, Christy managed to avoid elimination. After the tribe swap, she felt welcomed by the men on her tribe and was grateful they were so accepting. Christy eventually made it to the merge, and she was able to fly under the radar. However, she found herself in the swing vote position after Alex was blindsided. Jenna and Heidi (who both didn't talk to her much all game) approached her about an offer about working together. Christy was intrigued by the offer, but she was torn on what to do since she liked the men better. When Rob talked to Christy and learned she was unsure what to do, he appealed to Jenna and Heidi about voting out Christy since he was scared not knowing what Christy would end up doing. Jenna and Heidi (despite feeling betrayed by Rob) jumped aboard since it would save them both. Christy ended up getting voted out, and she said in her final words how she will make sure neither Jenna or Heidi wins the game. At the final tribal council, Christy called out Jenna for Jenna saying her beauty was a handicap. Jenna apologized for her choice of words and explained how people perceived her as weak. And despite Christy's apparent dislike for Jenna, she voted for her to win over Matthew. Anyway, sorry to Christy, but out she goes from the rankdown now.


And I'm saving Chris Noble.


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Chris Daugherty



I hesitated to cut Chris at first, with him being a winner and all, but looking all the remaining nominees, I realized that he's genuinely the person that I felt least connected with so he seemed to be the natural cut based on that. So, like I said, Chris is the winner of Survivor Vanuatu, and I will say that despite almost being the first person voted out of that season due to messing up on the challenge, Chris pulled off an impressive run come the merge. Part of it may be due to the girls truly imploding in on each other, but Chris did everything he could with that and I am kinda impressed that he managed to slide all the way to the end, where he proceeded to annihilate Twila due to him basically giving the jury what they wanted. While Twila fought back against the jury, Chris shmoozed them. I don't think Chris will ever be a major favorite of mine, but I can't deny that I'm impressed with his journey.


Saving Jon Misch

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I like Jessica well enough, but this is a really fair spot for her in the grand scheme of things. She was someone that was easy to root for but wasn't all that entertaining or memorable as a character. Jessica has the distinction of being one of only three (I think?) players to be eliminated from Survivor via a rock draw. She is the most recent and the one who left during the TC with the highest amount of contestants (10). Jessica started on the Gen-X tribe and was a target relatively early on after she led a blindisde of Paul. Chris & co didn't like that so they planned to blindside her. Fortunately, David played his idol on Jessica and they were able to regain a bit of control. Fastforward to the final 10 and things end up in a deadlock, with 5 votes going to Zeke and 5 votes going to Hannah. The two became immune and the remaining 8 (minus the immunity winner, so 7) drew rocks. Jessica drew the fateful rock that ultimately sent her home. It was incredibly sad to watch because Jessica seemed like the person who was least willing to go to rocks. How poetic.


Saving: The Amanda Kimmel of China, Micronesia, and Heroes Vs Villains Fame

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Malcolm Freberg




I know he's a fan favorite or whatever, but I never really liked him. To preface I do not really want to cut any of these guys, but looking at the list, Malcolm is definitely the bottom. It might be somewhat superficial, but I think his abominable hair is a main factor for why I never connected with this guy. I think if he got a clean cut haircut I would like him a lot more. Anyways, this guy always seemed to get voted off mid-jury. I believe one time it was a major blow for him because a misplayed idol got him eliminated. Actually let me check, oh never mind, actually he got voted out because of a well played idol. Ugh that is always the worst, I feel for him because it is so random. Although he is a big target so he needs to be more careful. That was always the issue with his game, he is the main target to go after. You want to stay under the radar in the middle. You do not want to be viewed as #1 or #2 in your alliance. But anyways, bye girl!


Save Aras

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14 minutes ago, hayden98 said:

If Amanda is feeling conflicted in any way, can I recommend saving Erik? :teeheewave:

But Eddie :(❤️ 



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Eddie Fox


I’ll make this pretty later since I’m on my phone at the moment, but this is an easy decision, and I’m cutting Eddie. Yeah, he’s good looking, but like...what did he contribute to the season? Erik is far more memorable IMO. Eddie was on the Fans tribe in Caramoan and was a member of the ill-fated “Cool Kids” alliance with Hope, Allie & Reynold. After the two girls were picked off, Eddie & Reynold found themselves in the minority for the rest of the season. They would end up forming the “Three Amigos” alliance with Malcolm, which was also unsuccessful. Eddie placed 5th but I am struggling to remember what he did because Caramoan is such a boring and unmemorable season. So yeah, this makes my decision easy. Sorry to all of you who are saving based on how “hot” a castaway is, but Eddie is not an exciting Survivor player to me.


SAVING: Erik Reichenbach

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