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Survivor Rankdown 2.0 (Winner Reveal Page 225)

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Wow why does JC hate men, he ranked Sean so low???

Remove my vote out of sheer disgust that Natalie has been eliminated.   You can all say goodbye to any remotely hot guy from now on. Those are now my targets and will be until further notice

Natalie Anderson deserves better than this. 🙂 

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Gillian Larson



Gillian’s a fun second boot! But come on. She’s the easiest cut ever from these noms lmao. Gillian was on Survivor Gabon. Just minutes into the game, she proposed to her tribe that they eat elephant dung. A woman after my own heart :wub:. Gillian tried to be helpful, but instead just came off as annoying and made everyone hate her :wub:. Whether it was not helping Randy with his injury, snapping at GC for talking late at night, or her awful ability at challenges, Gillian entertained every single second she was on screen. Sadly that happened to be two episodes so I have to cut her here. She runs Hearts of Reality now and does lots for charity so good for her!!


Save Aubry (once she goes so does Michele FYI is this is an important note for anyone)

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Carolyn is one of the better cast members from Season 30, but tbh if she was on a stronger season she'd easily be one of the more forgettable players, probably similar to Sunday from MvGX. But she was a fairly shrewd player, making it all the way to FTC where she received ONE jury vote and couldn't even secure second place from "Dead Fish" Will. I do feel sorta bad for her as there was literally nothing she/the other players could do to stop Mike Holloway from steamrolling his way to victory via being the default most likable player, and winning immunity after immunity.


Anyways, as to Mama C's journey. She started out on the White Collar/Masaya tribe, where she found herself in the majority alliance, and despite being a target early on, made it pretty easily to the merge. *reads briefly through her Wiki description* A lot of boring sh*t happened. Carolyn was a strategic threat, had a Hidden Immunity Idol, and was a challenge competitor so she made it to day 39! Shirin compared her gameplay to a stingray...interesting. Shirin was trying to have an iconic FTC speech, but the only part I truly remember was her calling Will a dead fish...Carolyn was a candidate to come back for Second Chances and unfortunately did not get the votes :(  She seems desperate to play so maybe we'll see her again one day! Bye for now.


Saving: Andrea

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Kathy Vavrick O'Brien

I’m cutting Kathy for two reasons. Elliott will nominate her every round until she goes so now he can choose a new target. The second reason is because I don’t remember her all that much this far down the line. She was on the earlier seasons and we’re now on season forty.  Kathy was selected to play in Survivor Maquesas where she placed third. A pretty good placement for a newbie. She then went on to play in All Stars and placed eighth. From what I remember about All Stars - Kathy didn’t play that well and made some costly moves. I don’t quite know why Elliott dislikes her so much but I’m going to go with some comments she’s made? Elliott, please remind us! I’ve forgotten. She can go here.


Saving Sus.

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Whitney Duncan



Sorry to Whitney’s fans, I’ve never been much of a fan though. Whitney won on Survivor: South Pacific where she got woefully underedited like most people that season that aren’t Coach, Ozzy, Brandon, and Cochran. She was part of the main alliance on Savaii with Jim, Keith, Ozzy, and Elyse. However, she also went along with Jim’s plan to blindside Elyse. She was also spending her days cheating on her husband with Keith, which is one of the reasons she may have been under-edited. She didn’t treat Cochran the best, but also it’s Cochran he must be a chore to live on an island with. So at the merge, he flipped on her took out her showmance Keith. Whitney’s biggest moment was when she blew up on him after tribal council with the iconic “You! Disgust! Me!”. She stayed alive for a little while longer as she watched all her allies get picked off one be one. She was the last one from her alliance standing, but narrowly lost immunity to Sophie and was promptly eliminated. She soon went on to divorce her husband and marry Keith. They did The Amazing Race together and I wasn’t much of a fan of them there either. Overall, Whitney’s just not much of a fave of mine.


Changing my save to Sugar, sorry Queen Reem

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Tracy Hughes-Wolf competed on Survivor: Micronesia. She was part of the Fans tribe, and she was a solid player for her short time in the game. Despite being in the minority alliance, she was able to save herself due to her social skills and presenting herself as a number to take out a bigger target. She swayed Joel to vote out Mikey B. instead of Chet or herself. As well, Cirie saw the value in having Tracy as a number and possible shield in front of her too. However, Tracy’s time on the island came to an end before the merge. The plan to blindside Ozzy fell through, and possible votes on her side backed out and kept Ozzy in the game. Tracy was the last member of her alliance standing in the game. She lasted 20 days and came in 12th place overall. Sorry to Tracy, but out she goes from the rankdown.


And I’m saving Candice.



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Elisabeth Filarski

Flashbeck – Remembering the Good Times of Elisabeth Hasselbeck ...


Elisabeth's "Outback Daddy", Rodger Bingham, was my cut last round so I guess it's fitting that I cut her as well. Elisabeth lasted all the way until 4th place during Survivor's second season. She and Rodger were able to survive a Pagonging due to the dominant alliance deciding that they needed to get rid of Jerri and Amber. Thus, Elisabeth was almost able to reach the end, but ultimately was voted out and casted her vote for Tina, who ended up winning. I believe she was seen as America's Sweetheart back when she was on Survivor, but nowadays Elisabeth (now known as Hasselbeck) is a more controversial figure due to her time on The View (and Fox & Friends?). One more fun fact before I finish up, but Rebecca Borman, of Survivor Cook Islands, was Elisabeth's makeup artist on The View. I've never really kept up with Elisabeth before or after Survivor and I feel more strongly about everyone else that's left so she had to be my cut. Sorry to any fans of hers.


Saving Hannah Shapiro

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Taj Johnson-George




Honestly she is just getting cut because she's the first name I saw that I did not really remember at all. Now that I see her picture, I kind of remember her. I think maybe she is some football player's wife? I am not sure of it exactly, but I think so. Let's see she was on Survivor Tocantins, oh where she finished in 4th place so actually she did pretty well, so not really fodder. Oh well, I already started writing this so sorry Taj. Oh she was blindsided by Stephen Fishbach who convinced JT to vote her out since Stephen was afraid JT would choose her over Stephen. I definitely watched this season, so I think I just forgot her name. But I remember her face, I just did not remember she made it so far. Sorry gurl!


Save Brenda

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Reem Daly



Reem is a castaway from the Edge of Extinction, where she was the first boot and still got to cast a jury vote for sitting on an island the rest of the season. Seriously, the Edge twist is one of the worst so let's hope Winners At War is the last we'll see of it. Anyway, Reem was placed on the Manu tribe and after they lost the first immunity challenge, she was voted off for...moving the tribe's clothes without telling them and generally being a mother figure? :dead: After that, she went to the Edge, where I vaguely remember her having some great moments, but that's not enough for me to keep her around. At the Final Tribal Council, she voted for Chris. Which isn't surprising because she actually spent DAYS getting to know Chris, but we can't say the same about Gavin or Julie because they managed to last 39 days without being sent to the edge. This is where the problem with this twist lies. Like I said, Reem had her moments, but I feel like this is a very good spot for her to go out in.


SAVING: Kellyn Bechtold

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Iconic Reem Daily, 1 spot away from a spot in the Top 200.



Immune for Zoey's Round:

Twila Tanner

Tony Vlachos

Chrissy Hofbeck

Ruper Boneham

Ramona Gray

Kelly Goldsmith

Shane Powers

Courtney Merit

Kim Spradlin

Aubry Bracco

Andrea Boehlke

Susie Smith

Jessica "Sugar" Kiper

Candice Woodcock-Cody

Hannah Shapiro

Brenda Lowe

Kellyn Bechtold



@Zoey finishes this cycle off with her 16 nominations.

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Christy Smith

Chris Daughtery 

Aras Baskauskas 

Erik Reichenbach

Brett Clouser

Malcolm Freberg

Eddie Fox

Laura Boneham

Mike Holloway

Jessica Lewis

JP Hilsabeck

Chris Noble

Amanda Kimmel

Jon Misch

Shirin Oskooi

Ashley Nolan

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JP Hilsabeck


I'm pretty sure any JP stanning is completely ironic so cutting him here is more than fair. I mean he accomplished exactly what I'm guessing the producers wanted him to accomplish on the show. He came on the show, gave some nice bod shots, didn't say anything offensive, and then got blindsided before outlasting anyone they truly cared about. I was a bit pissed about him outlasting some of the Healers I like, but not the end of the world. At the end of the day, whocurr about anyone outsides of Chrissy and Lauren all that much. The best JP moment is in the first episode when Alan was forced him to strip when he was paranoid that JP was hiding on idol. It could've been an uncomfortable moment if JP was against exposing himself, but he seemed to have taken the moment lightly and had fun with it. He then disappeared for the rest of the season just being Chrissy's minion and had an under-the-radar boot episode. He lost any semblance of good will I had towards him when he voted for Ben in the end despite being a Chrissy minion literally all season.


Save Shirin

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Ashley Nolan


I like Ashley and I think she got a really unfortunate edit in HHH! However, I also like most people in this top 200 so Ashley's closer towards the bottom of the list at this point. Ashley seems like a really normal person. The HHH cast was a bit kooky at times so Ashley would kinda just react in shock to Alan making JP strip or whatever Ben's antics were at the time. She was just really chill and went with the flow. She had a bit of showmance with JP early on, which, get it gurl! She voted out like all the women which was #yikes, but that was the strategy of every woman who made the endgame this season :dead:. The correct alliance this season was the one of her, Devon, and Lauren so I'll go easy on here. She went up against fellow meninist queen Chrissy and Chrissy won in the end and got to be the last woman standing :wub:. Ashley got blindsided in 6th place and had a really hilarious Ponderosa video and I realized we got robbed of Ashley content because we had to watch 25 minutes of Ben per episode. In the end Ashley voted for Chrissy to win so I'm proudly ranking her above JP for that reason alone (and many more). I lowkey regret this cut because I do like her and I wanted to cut Mike, but I'm giving Elliott a break lmao.


Save Laura Boneham 🙈

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