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Survivor Rankdown 2.0 (Winner Reveal Page 225)

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Wow why does JC hate men, he ranked Sean so low???

Remove my vote out of sheer disgust that Natalie has been eliminated.   You can all say goodbye to any remotely hot guy from now on. Those are now my targets and will be until further notice

Natalie Anderson deserves better than this. 🙂 

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Alexis Jones




Alexis Jones was on Survivor Micronesia and was the only member of the Black Widow brigade to be voted out before a male. She finished 6th out of 20 and proved to be a strong physical and social player. This was probably why she was seen as a threat and forced Amanda and Parvati to slice her out before a man. She also had a close relationship with Natalie Bolton so that did not help her case. Amanda used a HII to blindside Alexis so she was cut off from the female alliance. She just could not compare, as she should have gone against Amanda and Parvati sooner. In this game it is all about anticipating other people's moves and cutting their head off before they cut yours. Parvati and Amanda left Alexis headless and she remains headless in this rankdown.


Save JP Hilsabeck for the fans ❤️ 

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James Clement

I’m cutting James here because he just isn’t a good player and hasn’t brought us any good moments. James has appeared on three seasons of Survivor and is viewed as one of the most popular players but I fail to see why. James wasn’t entertaining, he didn’t play the game well and the only thing he was decent at was helping win immunities. Is that a good enough reason to keep him around? Absolutely not. I probably enjoyed him more in China but there were others I enjoyed a hell of a lot more. He’s just another fodder cast member.


Saving Nick.

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I don't really have any strong feelings on either of these contestants, but I love Palau and hated Gabon, so that was the deciding factor. So like I just mentioned, Matty Whitmore was a castaway from Survivor: Gabon who made it all the way to fourth despite being on all iterations of Fang - a tribe so terrible that even Jeff Probst shaded them in his challenge commentary. Despite all that, Matty had a pretty solid social game and was the obvious winner threat of the F4. Despite not really caring that much, I would've much preferred him winning over Bob or Susie. Imagine Susie as a Survivor winner... a mess. But I digress. He was ultimately voted out 2-2 and then lost in firemaking to Bob. He hasn't played since, and I don't know if he's been contacted to return.


SAVE: Bobby Jon

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Sorry! I've been really busy over the weekend finishing assignments for my online classes. They end Tuesday, so I will be more present in this game after that.

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Immune for Andy's Round:

Twila Tanner

Tony Vlachos

Chrissy Hofbeck

Ruper Boneham

Ramona Gray

Kelly Goldsmith

Shane Powers

Courtney Merit

Yul Kwon

Dean Kowalski

Alicia Calaway

Spencer Bledsoe

Leann Slaby

JP Hilsabeck

Bobby Jon Drinkard

Nick Wilson


@#jeah may now post his 16 nominations!

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1 hour ago, *Amanda said:

Sorry! I've been really busy over the weekend finishing assignments for my online classes. They end Tuesday, so I will be more present in this game after that.

I hope you do well with those assignments! :hug: 

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Rodger Bingham (Outback)

Frank Garrison (Africa)

Jan Gentry (Thailand)

Angie Jakusz (Palau)

Stephannie Favor (Cook Islands)

Boo Bernis (Fiji)

Frosti Zernow (China)

Mick Trimming (Samoa)

Jane Bright (Nicaragua)

Stacey Powell (South Pacific)

Pete Yurkowski (Philippines)

Joe Del Campo (Kaoh Rong)

Desi Williams (HHH)

Chelsea Townsend (Ghost Island)

Bradley Kleihege (Ghost Island)

Tommy Sheehan (IOTI)

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Tommy Sheehan


I think Tommy's probably the least interesting winner the show's ever seen. Like there's a few winners I actively disliked or had problems with and rooted against. I don't have the energy to root against Tommy because he's so damn boring. Survivor's edited the personality out of plenty of winners, some of whom I like. Danni, Earl, Kim, Chris...none of these players have the most winsome personalities. But either their gameplay impressed me enough, or they forced themselves to have moments, or they had a funny line here or there. With Tommy there is absolutely nothing. For 39 days, Tommy did not say a single interesting thing or make an interesting move.

I was very high on Tommy's win at the finale I will admit. After suffering through the Chris Undewood mess with Gavin's robbage, I was not prepared for Dean to swoop in at the last second to make #BigMovez and win the game when someone played a great social game that earned their way to the final three. Tommy's win gave me hope that the social game is still a winnable game! Winners don't need to rely on scavenger hunts and unnecessary resumes to win the game! Though I will defend Tommy's win to the day I did, that still doesn't make him someone I like.

Whenever Tommy was shown though, I found him to be cringe or vaguely smug. His entire post-swap predicament was pretty much him whining about being in a bad position and he looked like an ass when Jason got blindsided. Then there was the whole "Teaching Time with Tommy" which is just a whole other thing that I never want to hear again. Also his final three plans seemed to include D*n Sp*lo so while the producers should've never left him in the game to let anyone drag him to the final three, it's certainly not a rootable game move. He's also rubbed me the wrong way on social media post-show. He's suuuuuuper defensive of his win in a really arrogant and condescending way and it's not a good look. He tries to make himself out to be like a top 10 winner when he's like barely cracking the top 30. So overall, not a lot of positives with Tommy and he's easily one of my least faves left in the game making him an easy cut for me here.


Save Jan Gentry

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Mick Trimming


I honestly don't know how Mick's escaped my nominations this long I don't remember a damn thing about him. I remember his constantly blurred pubes as his bathing suit was falling down and the censor editors were quick to the trigger immediately following the Marcus in Gabon incident. I also remember him sailing through the pre-merge even though his tribe kept going to tribal council because of that awful leaders twist that I'm glad we've never seen again (which I'm surprised we haven't because it's an excuse for an alpha male to skate by to the jury by doing literally nothing). But his time on the show? I've got nothing. He was friends with Natalie and bombed FTC so hard that the jury flipped from him winning to her winning so thanks for that! Actually his FTC performance was funny! Not necessarily because of him though. Shambo calling him entitled, Erik calling him delusional, Brett asking him on a date, etc. All good moments! But none of those were Mick moments lol.


Save Pete Yurkowski (#RIPPetechele)

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Rodger Bingham

Round 2-3: Greg vs. Rodger


Rodger Bingham was a part of the second season ever, Survivor: The Australian Outback and is most well remembered for his father-like relationship with Elisabeth Filarski-Hasselbeck. This close relationship eventually led to Rodger asking to be voted out instead of Elisabeth when the final five arrived. As I've not gotten to see The Australian Outback at this time, I have no real memories of Rodger (which is why I cut him instead of anyone else), but it seems like he was a nice guy and well liked? Apparently Rodger was considered for both Survivor All Stars and Survivor Guatemala, which could've potentially changed up the game quite a bit! I imagine he wasn't picked due to Elisabeth not choosing to return. Sorry to any fans Rodger may have, but like I mentioned, he's the easiest cut for me to make imo.

Saving Chelsea Townsend

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4 minutes ago, Elliott said:

Tommy goes and yet Chelsea Townsend gets saved????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


unimpressed viola davis GIFunimpressed viola davis GIFunimpressed viola davis GIFunimpressed viola davis GIF


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