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Survivor Rankdown 2.0 (Winner Reveal Page 225)

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Wow why does JC hate men, he ranked Sean so low???

Remove my vote out of sheer disgust that Natalie has been eliminated.   You can all say goodbye to any remotely hot guy from now on. Those are now my targets and will be until further notice

Natalie Anderson deserves better than this. 🙂 

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Artis Silvester

Luigi Ranks SURVIVOR


So, I was going to save Sherea, but I wanted to let Andy have it, so I'll save Morgan instead lol. Anyways, I remember the least about Artis of those who remain so sorry, Artis! Artis was a castaway during Survivor Philippines, where he placed 9th, being the first victim of [name redacted] flipping on his Tandang alliance, which paved the way for Denise's victory. Lmao, reading his page on the wiki and it says that he spent his entire time absolutely hating [redacted] which is pretty understandable. Artis did not attend tribal council until the merge hit, where he attached himself to Abi-Maria and Pete. Things were going well for him the first couple votes as RC and Jeff Kent were sent packing, but afterwards Denise decided that he was the least likely of the trio to have the HII played on him so Artis was blindsided 5-4. It says that Artis has beaten Stage 4 Cancer, which I'm quite happy about and I hope that he continues to stay healthy!


Saving Morgan

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Rory Freeman

Rory was a contestant on Survivor Vanuatu. This season was split in to two tribes of men vs women. I’m still waiting for them to do this again as it was a really good twist. Rory was a member of the Fat Five alliance that consisted of five men. One of which was Chris Daugherty, who I cannot stand so I didn’t particularly care for Rory because of it. I don’t like cocky men and that alliance was full of them. Not for me! I don’t remember much else about his journey so he can leave here as Sherea made much more of an impactx


Saving Sherea

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Alec Merlino competed on Survivor: David vs. Goliath. Initially part of the majority alliance on the Goliath tribe, he flipped on his former allies Kara and Natalia after a tribe swap. He joined Davids Elizabeth and Davie to blindside Natalia from the game. It seemed like a bad move since the Goliaths had the numbers advantage against the two Davids. However, Alec was not interested in a battle between original Davids against original Goliaths. He didn't think that would help him succeed in the game, so he formed a cross-tribal alliance of three people from each original tribe at the merge. This alliance consisted of himself, Alison, and Mike from the Goliath tribe and Christian, Gabby, and Nick from the David tribe. Despite the allies he had in the game, Alec was becoming too big of a threat in the challenges. In a do-or-die challenge, Alec lasted five and a half hours in an immunity challenge before dropping. After this challenge loss, Alec was unanimously voted out of the game. He then went on to vote for Nick to win the game. Alec also was missing from the live reunion show, apparently banned due to breaking the non-disclosure agreement. Anyway, sorry to Alec and any fans, but out he goes from the rankdown.


And I'll save John.


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ZOE ZANIDAKIS (Survivor: Marquesas)


This works for me, Erik was my second choice to save and while I do remember liking Zoe, this is definitely a fair spot for her in the grand scheme of things. Zoe competed on Marquesas and was honestly a bit of a weirdo, but in a mostly entertaining way. She made it to 8th place and was part of the Rotu Four, the alliance that was controlling the game by early merge. When Kathy decided to flip and go with Vecepia, Neleh, Sean and P*schal, Zoe actually ironically sided with them to take out John, the supposed leader of that alliance. Things went to sh*t from there and Zoe was unanimously voted out next when she angered Tammy and Robert - and of course the others were getting rid of the Rotu Four. Besides that, Zoe was super strange. I don’t remember anything in particular that she did *waits for Alex to chime in*

Saving: erik

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Immune for Alex's Round:

Twila Tanner

Tony Vlachos

Chrissy Hofbeck

Ruper Boneham

Ramona Gray

Kelly Goldsmith

Shane Powers

Courtney Merit

John Carroll

Jamie Newton

Ryan Opray

Greg Buis

Morgan McLeod

Sherea Lloyd

Erik Cardona
John Hennigan



@Alex95 may now post his 16 nominations!

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Alicia Calaway

Darrah Johnson

Leann Slaby

Bobby Jon Drinkard

Yul Kwon

Sundra Oakley

James Clement

Alexis Jones

Matty Whitmore

John Fincher

Sash Lenahan

Spencer Bledsoe

Julia Sokolowski

JP Hilsabeck

Nick Wilson

Dean Kowalski

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Sash competed on Survivor: Nicaragua. He was a key player and made an effort to have a say in how the votes went in numerous tribal councils. However, he was very deceptive and had terrible jury management. Although he played the game hard, no one respected him enough to vote for him in the end. As for his game, he had an early alliance with Brenda. The two were close, and others viewed them as the ones running the game. However, when Brenda was the target, Sash just let her go instead of using an idol to save her. Also, he received an idol from Marty by telling him Marty would stay in the game if he handed it over. Marty agreed, and Jill ended up getting voted out instead. However, Sash did not keep his promise of returning the idol to Marty. Sash made it far in the game with allies Chase, Holly, and Jane. Fabio was a target, but he won his way to the end with immunity. Sash and Chase voted out jury threat Holly, and they lost to Fabio at the Final Tribal Council. Anyway, Sash wasn’t the most likable person on his season, and it was clear he wasn’t going to get any votes. After the jurors aired their grievances, he placed third overall. Anyway, sorry to Sash, but out he goes from the rankdown.


And I’ll save Yul.



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Julia Sokolowski


Julia Sokołowski is a castaway from the thirty-second season, Kaoh Rong. She was initially on the Beauty tribe, and formed a tight alliance with Winchele Fitzlegend and Anna Kh*it - an alliance that received a lot of airtime despite never really coming into play. When the tribe swap happened, she drew the red buff and was Exiled for the night, before ultimately joining the tribe that lost immunity. Owing to her previous status as a member of the beauty tribe, Anna wound up being voted off and Julia took her place. At the merge, she was able to reunite with Michele. Most notably, her storyline became that she was the only one in that alliance who cooperated with Scot and Jason, leading to her own alliance to blindside her. She didn't seem to harbor any feelings, and ultimately voted for Michele at the end. For an 18-year-old, I thought she handled herself well on the show, but I don't think she was one of the more memorable people from that season.


SAVE: DKChillin

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Survivor: Pearl Islands is probably my favorite season of the show, but I can’t remember much of Darrah’s individual game. She seemed nice enough, but I don’t think she was featured as much as other cast members. After all, she was on the same season with big characters like Sandra, Rupert, Johnny Fairplay, and Lil. Anyway, Darrah was on the Morgan tribe, which had an early losing streak until Drake lost momentum when they threw a challenge. Darrah made it to the merge, and she managed to survive long without being a target. The most noteworthy aspect of Darrah’s game was her winning streak towards the end of the season. She won three immunity challenges in a row until she was voted out at the Final 4. She went on to vote for Sandra to win the game. Anyway, sorry to Darrah, but she goes from the rankdown.


And I’ll save Alicia.


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John Fincher is best known for marrying one of the Survivor GOATs, Parvati Shallow. Unfortunately, that isn't 100 words so now I have to talk about his time on Survivor. He is a rocket scientist which means he's incredibly smart but also gave off kind of a smarmy dbag vibe iirc. I think I'm due for a Samoa rewatch though. He was part of the Galu tribe that was dominating the game in numbers by the time we reached the merge. Notoriously, the Galu alliance started falling apart and one by one the members were eliminated. Fincher survived three merge votes before going out in 9th place. He was worried about eventually going to rocks so he went to Russell to work with him, who of course threw him under the bus and he was sent packing at that tribal council. He and Shambo voted for Russell to win, but it didn't matter because Natalie got most of the votes. Then he married Parv! That's where he truly wins in life. 


Saving: Spencer

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Sundra Oakley

Survivor: Cook Islands - Sundra's Fire Challenge Elimination Part ...


Sundra Oakley was a member of the Aitu Four alliance from Survivor Cook Islands. Despite being at a major disadvantage during the late premerge due to a mutiny, the Aitu Four were at a disadvantage, but managed to climb their way all the way to the final four, where Sundra is well known for being so bad at the firemaking tiebreaker challenge that she needed matches, and still proceeded to suck at making a fire lol. An interesting thing I'm noticing is that Sundra was actually very close to being the first person voted out, but luckily for her, Stephannie decided to stick with her and Rebecca instead of the guys. Since Survivor, Sundra has appeared in a variety of shows, including Lost, CSI: Miami, and Sex and the City, which is pretty cool even if I've never really watched any of those shows. Anyways, I don't dislike Sundra by any means, but she seemed like the easiest person to write for so out she goes!


Saving Leann Slaby

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