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Survivor Rankdown 2.0 (Winner Reveal Page 225)

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Tribe A

Michele Fitzgerald

Cassandra Franklin

Jud "Fabio" Birza

Natalie White

Sabrina Thompson

Eliza Orlins

Natalie Bolton


Tribe B

Sarah Lacina

Amber Brkich

Earl Cole

Tyson Apostol

Jaclyn Schultz

Missy Payne

Noura Salman


Tribe C

Natalie Anderson

Wendell Holland

Denise Stapley

Scout Cloud Lee

Twila Tanner

Andria "Dreamz" Herd

Katie Gallagher

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Wow why does JC hate men, he ranked Sean so low???

Remove my vote out of sheer disgust that Natalie has been eliminated.   You can all say goodbye to any remotely hot guy from now on. Those are now my targets and will be until further notice

Natalie Anderson deserves better than this. 🙂 

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23 minutes ago, Alex95 said:

Predictable :yawn:

If I wasn’t in this rankdown you’d be bored and have no one to put on your edge ❤️ 

awkward you're welcome GIF

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44 minutes ago, Alex95 said:

Predictable :yawn:



(Although I'd probably be raging too - esp. with Natalie Anderson always being up.)


18 minutes ago, JC said:

If I wasn’t in this rankdown you’d be bored and have no one to put on your edge ❤️ 

awkward you're welcome GIF

Oh you. :haha: 


12 minutes ago, Solaris said:



oh, you're lucky then ❤️


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Amber Brkich

I’d be saving Amber if she wasn’t so boring but I genuinely can’t name anything she accomplished during Survivor apart from winning. Which is impressive but it was because she was harmless in the grand scheme of things and the jury were bitter.


Amber has appeared in a few seasons of Survivor. She was originally cast in Survivor Australia and placed sixth which isn’t too shabby at all. She then went on to appear in Survivor All Stars and won. She then appeared on the most recent season of Winners at War and left in twentieth place (given Natalie returned to the game). She has a pretty impressive Survivor resume in that she did really well in two of her seasons but I still couldn’t list anything she’s done successfully during the game. She stuck out Edge of Extinction during Winners at War and I applaud anyone who can stick that island out for more than a couple of days. What impressed me more about Amber is that she did it for her husband as she knew she didn’t stand as much of a chance as he did. Everything she did was to better his game and that takes some balls. That’s probably the most impressive thing I’ve seen her do in three seasons! 

Saving Natalie Anderson

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Denise Stapley is the winner of Survivor: Philippines. She was noted for attending every single tribal council of the season. Despite this fact, she was able to adapt well enough to survive every elimination. She also formed a close bond with Malcolm, whom she voted out right before the final tribal council. She also had a strong dislike for Abi-Maria, which I thought was way too over-the-top. When Jeff asked if it was a cultural issue, Denise denied it and said she’s met people that come from different backgrounds that have been “helpful.” She just didn’t like Abi, but I don’t think Abi deserved that much animosity, to be honest. She won, even though I’d rather have seen Lisa win.  She returned for Winners at War, and I can’t recall anything noteworthy about her game other than voting out Sandra. After that move (which really didn’t benefit her game), she just coasted by. Maybe it was the lack of edit she received, but she didn’t have any agency to play to win or have a say in how the votes would go to put her in a winning position. Did she think the Sandra move was enough? Anyway, Denise has never been one of my favorite players, so I’ll go ahead and cut her now while she’s nominated.


And I’m saving Jaclyn.

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Tyson Apostol


I definitely wouldn't have Tyson leave this early, but the noms are horrible so there's not much I can do. Tyson has somehow played FOUR seasons of Survivor 😮. That's behind Boston Rob and tied with Rupert, Ozzy, Sandra, and Parvati. For someone who was kind of originally seen as a joke, he's really made quite the name for himself as a Survivor legend.

His first season was on Tocantins, definitely my favorite iteration of Tyson. I actually found is attitude really funny. He was essentially a professional troll. His goal was to make Sierra's life as miserable as possible. And though I like Sierra, she is obviously an annoying scrump so who could blame Tyson. His jokes occasionally missed, but I generally found him to be absolutely hilarious. My favorite moments would either by his opening confessional calling Erinn a bitch right after her confessional praised him, or when he told Sierra that she's not smart enough to be a mastermind when she confronted him for turning on her :haha:. Tyson's just very naturally quick-witted and it made him one of my favorites of Tocantins.

He came back for Heroes vs. Villains. He was still an enjoyable presence in the season, but he got easily one of the worst edits of the season. His alliance with Rob, Sandra, and Courtney was GODLY though (I would've loved to see a final three of Tyson, Sandra, and Courtney sitting there trolling the jury together :wub:). Also his conversation with Coach after Sandra clowned him at TC where Tyson told him he's a joke and that he needs to stop acting like a joke is hilar :dead:. Unfortunately production bribes Tyson Russell "manipulates" Tyson into making one of the worst moves ever and he essentially votes himself out of the game in arguably one of the worst moves ever.

A few seasons later though, he comes back for Blood vs. Water assumedly picked because they owed him for throwing away his game for Russell. This was Tyson's most watered-down edit ever. I'm sure he was still funny, but they never showed it. He was in the midst of winners getting the most bland edits ever (right before Tony happened). He was "doing it for Rachel" but no one even knew who Rachel was, thus literally no one cared. His "rustle" vs. "ruffle" fights at the rocks tribal council was supposed to be a "hilarious" moment from Tyson but meh. While he was mainly bland, I still distinctly remember the moment where he told Katie "your seat is over there" when she picked the bad rock and got eliminated. It was a really classless and ugly moment from Tyson and I always disliked him for it. He played a great game and won, but he was also set up with pretty strong pre-game alliances and had a lot of luck on his side.

He most recently came back for Winners At War. Behind the scenes reports are saying he overplayed hard. We saw a bit of that on the season when he prematurely targeted Sandra and go himself voted out pre-swap. Apparently there was even more of that at the merge and he pretty much tanked his own game at the tribal council he went home. Unfortunately we didn't see any of that because that was the same episode where we had to spend half a f*cking hour on the family visit. Despite being his most recent season (and the most recent season of the show) this is the season I remember the least about Tyson. He won the first returnee challenge so that's cool I guess. But there wasn't a personality moment in sight from him I think. Overall every season he comes back my fandom for him diminishes. I would hardly call myself a fan of his anymore despite liking his first season because he's been disappointing ever since.


Save Twila

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F*cking hottie. :wub: Sooooo I've only seen like the first 4 or 5 episodes of Fiji and I couldn't even get through the pre-merge. Thus I don't personally know much about Dreamz's Survivor career, the only season besides half of Thailand and all of Redempsh*t Island that I haven't seen. Having said that, this seems like the easiest cut out of the nominees provided, as Dreamz ended up being a major goat to Earl and I don't know of anyone who's a huge fan of his, here at least. Dreamz is known for betraying his allies throughout his time on the season, and according to his Survivor page, he's probably most likely known for his breaking the "truck deal" with Yau-Man. Basically, Yau won the truck and gave it to Dreamz if he agreed to give him immunity should he need it later in the game. Well at the final 4, Dreamz went back on his word and voted out Yau. That was probably the final nail in his coffin in the game as he received a whopping zero votes alongside Cassandra at the FTC, losing to Earl. Sorry to lose him! Maybe I'll watch the rest of the season because he is fiiiiiiiine.


Saving: Noura ❤️ 

Edited by #jeah
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