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Survivor Rankdown 2.0 (Andy nominates next)

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On 7/20/2020 at 5:21 PM, *Amanda said:

Eddie Fox


I’ll make this pretty later since I’m on my phone at the moment, but this is an easy decision, and I’m cutting Eddie. Yeah, he’s good looking, but like...what did he contribute to the season? Erik is far more memorable IMO. Eddie was on the Fans tribe in Caramoan and was a member of the ill-fated “Cool Kids” alliance with Hope, Allie & Reynold. After the two girls were picked off, Eddie & Reynold found themselves in the minority for the rest of the season. They would end up forming the “Three Amigos” alliance with Malcolm, which was also unsuccessful. Eddie placed 5th but I am struggling to remember what he did because Caramoan is such a boring and unmemorable season. So yeah, this makes my decision easy. Sorry to all of you who are saving based on how “hot” a castaway is, but Eddie is not an exciting Survivor player to me.

Saving Danielle

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